No More Double Bookings With the New Activity Scheduler

activity scheduler

Just like the hoverboard, the flying car and the self-applying suit, the ability to easily clone yourself never arrived as promised in those ‘80s sci-fi films.

So until you’re physically able to be in two places at once, you need to avoid double-bookings at all costs.

Our new day form in the activity scheduler update makes this easy, as you’ll see very clearly that you have an existing appointment as you’re trying to book the conflicting one in your calendar. A simple change? Yes. But we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a key one.

We’re not the time police though, so if you need to schedule several activities for the same time, you can easily do so, it simply won’t happen without your knowledge anymore.

In addition to this, you get to see team members’ availability as well as your own, which means no more missed meetings for anyone. A bold red line also shows you exactly where you are in your day.

You’ll also notice that we’ve given our entire activity scheduler a makeover, with buttons moved for ease of access and redesigned for clarity and usability.

We’ll be rolling this feature out to all our users soon but if you’re an early adopter simply go to your features tab and enable it.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Simon Adcock

    This is the feature I most wanted to see. We’ve been testing it this week and it’s noticeably improved our workload/scheduling. Great to see Pipedrive’s continual improvements in action.

  • Geir Martinsen

    Really like the new Activity Scheduler. Next step would be to see the whole week I hope 🙂

  • Nice feature! Have you thought on add a field with the user who created the activity? An “assigned from:” field will be awesome!

    • Nitesh Chaudhary

      this is really required. Since it was missing, we are using the Pipedrive API and sending out a notification email that list who assigned the task to that user – but having this visible directly on the system will be helpful.

  • Andy Gould

    Some improvements that would be nice on top of the beta:

    – Turn off or adjust the amount of all-day activities you see.

    – This view doesn’t show up when working from the Activities page?

    – 30/70 or 40/60 split, not 50/50. Don’t need to see that much on the calendar.

    – Not seeing non-working hours. Google calendar allows for the hiding of hours between 12am and 6am for ex. Either import the setting or duplicate it.

    – +1 on Jose’s comment on a ‘created by’ field. Maybe this is part of deals as well… Many companies have an SDR/Closer structure, and Pipedrive doesn’t have any real support for this. For ex: an SDR opens a deal, works it with calls/emails etc, sets up a demonstration and then the account is turned over to the Closer to do the demo and pursue the account. The deal is assigned to the Closer, the activities are made for the Closer. We use a custom field to see who started or was responsible for the deal, but there’s no way to easily see statistics for how many activities a user created if they are not assigned to that original user. Makes seeing the productivity of our SDRs very difficult. If I add an activity, even if it isn’t assigned to me, there should be stats for that. (Also the email feature, but that’s for a different day)

    BTW, We love Pipedrive. Fantastic CRM. Very big fans. We chose it over all the competition and stick by that decision. We’d love to a part of testing ahead of betas. Always seem to find little things that could make features like this 100%. We’d like to contribute.

    • Andy Gould

      For ex, this is the default view as I’m setting an activity right now. I don’t want to see the all-day events, and I don’t want to set this for 3am 🙂

      • Anatoli Naoumov

        hear, hear

    • Anatoli Naoumov

      +1 on setting work hours. for a new activity please set default time to midday – it’s much less scrolling than from midnight

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Andy,
      Thanks for the nice words and the detailed feedback! I’ll pass it on to the product manager and designers working on this. My initial thoughts:

      – We’ll consider adjusting the amount of no-time activities
      – If you’re not seeing the view in your main Activities page you’re part of an account that has been switched back to the old view. We have a small number of companies that requested to be switched back from the new view. You can ask support to enable the new view for you if you’d like to see the scheduler there as well
      – We’re pretty happy with the 50/50 split actually 🙂
      – Setting working hours is surely coming some time soon
      – We’re now tracking creator for both deals and activities. I think you can already filter your deals based on the creator without having to use a custom field. We can surely do more to make this visible in the app. There’s going to be news on that topic next week, btw 😉

      • Karo

        I’m so happy disabling non-working hours is coming soon. I suggested it a few weeks ago and I’m glad you guys took note.

  • Bailey

    Our office really enjoys and gets a lot of use out of pipedrive. It’s a wonderful workplace tool. How about adding a feature of urgent note, activity, or reminder? One that you could assign to another user or yourself, and when they log in initially or go to that particular client/page, they would get a pop up notification. Also one that could determine who in the program finished which activity on the pipeline? For instance when you hover the cursor over a pipeline mark, it would say who marked that it happened.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Bailey,
      Thanks for the feedback. Improving internal communications in Pipedrive is definitely something we’re thinking a lot about. We’ll take your suggestions into account for sure.

  • Mike F

    New Activity feature is much needed. However would be much more user friendly if you could simply click on the calendar time to set the appointment time …rather than still having to scroll through the long list of times to get to your intended appointment time. That will reduce the number of mouse clicks to get it done.

    • Andy Gould

      Very much agree here. As it is, this isn’t much different than switching tabs to view my GCal.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Mike,
      Completely agree. We’ll see what we can do about this in the near future

  • John Cherian

    In the activity calendar can you integrate with Google calendar, as people may block time in the calendar outside Pipedrive?

    • Andy Gould

      Good call, I didn’t catch that. Should definitely pull in existing events from GCal

    • Anatoli Naoumov

      Hear, hear to John. Preview is almost useless without integration with my main calendar

    • Nitesh Chaudhary

      This feature is useless if this does not integrate with Google Calendar. Not enabling this for the company until it integrates.

      • Martin Henk

        Hi Nitesh,
        One option is to sync your Google Calendar to Pipedrive. This way you’ll have all the events there. Seeing booked times from Gcal without pulling them in is an interesting idea, but it’s not planned for the near future I’m afraid.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi John,

      We do have Google Calendar integration available in Pipedrive. So if your calendar is synced you’ll have the events visible in the Scheduler as well.

      Or is it that you’d like the events be visible in the Scheduler directly from your Google calendar without pulling them all into Pipedrive first?

      • John Cherian


        it will be better to see the events directly from Google calendar without pulling them into Pipedrive first.. we have disabled pulling events from Google calendar into Pipedrive to reduce the clutter about Pipedrive activities..

        Another challenge with activities currently is – if 3 of us are doing going for a customer meeting together, then we need to add 3 activities in Pipedrive, one for each person.. A better approach here could be to imitate Google calendar.. when I add an activity, I should be able to invite others to the same activity, and block their times as well.. I should also be able to send the invite to the customer I am going to meet.. Today I create 3 activities in Pipedrive and then send a meeting invite in Google Calendar to my 2 colleagues and the customer separately.. if the meeting gets rescheduled (happens quite frequently), I need to update the 3 activities to the new time, and then reschedule the calendar invite as well.. It will be good if everything could happen by modifying just 1 activity..

        • Martin Henk

          Hi John,
          Thanks for the additional info. We haven’t thought about the Google Calendar integration this way before, but it does make sense. We’ll consider it for the future.

          Adding multiple participants to an activity is a known problem. There are no simple solutions for it, but our product manager and designers are constantly thinking about it. So hopefully we can improve it one day.

          • Petter Haga

            Hi, Martin. What’s the status on this one? Pretty common to have more than one employee in a sales meeting. It should be basic functionality to add a colleague to an activity, like a meeting. ~P

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Petter,
            We’ve created the ability to add multiple participants to an activity. Right now that only includes people though (contacts). Adding multiple users is still under consideration though. We see the use cases, but at the same time it can create a lot of complexity. So we’re moving carefully with this one.

  • Ann Beauchamp
  • Ann Beauchamp

    I use Outlook365 as my primary calendar and have Google and several other calendars all showing in Outlook365, so I would need the scheduler to see all of that to be helpful.

  • Cameron

    Early testing looks great.

    One thing we’d like to see added is the ability to change the “Marked as done time” when marking an activity as complete. Often we update Pipedrive when we get back to the office after time on the road, and it results in incorrect completion dates on the activity, which can then lead to incorrect reports.

    Could you please consider adding this to the new activity scheduler?

    • Cameron

      What do you think @martinhenk:disqus ?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Cameron,
      It’s been a discussion here for a while now. I don’t think we’ll allow changing the marked as done time. However there’s a plan to be able to see the activity statistics based on either the marked as done date or the due date. So as long as the due date is correct you’ll still be able to see the correct stats. This should be coming to the new statistics soon.

      • Cameron

        Thanks Martin. That sounds like a good solution.

  • Nitesh Chaudhary

    Why does the default time start at 12:00 AM? Why can’t we see 8:00 AM as the default time when adding an activity ? It is such a simple, logical fix to do but no one in Pipedrive Team seems to understand.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Nitesh,
      It’s coming soon for sure. We do understand the need for it, it’s just one of the thousand little important things the team needs to accomplish and they’re going one by one.

  • Bill Mueller

    Can anyone tell me if there is a contact duplication feature so if I have a second contact that works at the same store and I just want to change the name I don’t have to retype the whole contact?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Bill,
      If there’s a lot of information in the contact that is the same for all people in the same company we strongly suggest keeping this information at the Organization level instead and delete the custom fields from the People level. This way you type all the company information once and can easily add new people without having to duplicate them.

      The organization info can be seen right there at the person profile and can also be included in the People list view.

      You’ll see the biggest benefit when some information changes at the company level and you only need to update it once instead of doing it for all the people separately.

  • Renee Dragan

    is the day preview working now? I don’t see it in the features. This would be helpful – so I can choose priorities instead of just clicking to see what’s going on in calendar view

  • Richard Hindle

    Does anyone know if we can add another colleague to an activity so it reminds both colleagues of a meeting they will both be attending?