Call Tracking Arrives for iOS and Android Apps

call tracking feature Pipedrive mobile app

Keeping track of those sales calls just got easier with the arrival of Pipedrive’s call tracking mobile app for iOS and Android.

Call tracking allows you to:

  • Log phone calls
  • Take notes after the call
  • Link calls and notes to deals
  • Schedule follow-up activities in Pipedrive

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Call tracking works on outgoing calls only
  2. Calls need to originate from the Pipedrive app
  3. Call logs are saved as activities under the person’s name, organization and deal
  4. If you want to turn the feature off, navigate to More → Preferences and toggle Call Logging off

Here’s how call tracking works:


Logging calls under related activities

Like many sales reps, you probably schedule your calls and then make notes about the conversation, putting details under the relevant deal. For example, if you speak to someone during a previously scheduled call, rather than create a new call-type activity after the call, the new Pipedrive app will ask if you want to put the note in the already-existing activity and mark it as “done.”

The mobile app helps you keep your activities list clean and thereby keeps you more productive.

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Lauri Laineste

Our Product Lead for mobile apps.

  • This is great! The Android app has become my first choice for making calls – which is why I’d love to have the exact same feature in the desktop webbased version of pipedrive. Any chance…?

    • Mark


    • Martin Henk

      Hey Jakob,
      I’m glad to hear you like the feature. Would you like to be able to initiate calls on your Android phone by clicking the phone number in the web app or would you like to make calls directly from the browser using a headset?

      • Good question, Martin. Here are a few interesting scenarios :
        – place calls from the Web browser in voip software – whichever software is set up to handle the callto URI. This can be done now, of course, but without activity logging. It would be great if activity logging would be included, so clicking a number places a call AND creates an activity. I think this is the most flexible solution for you ye clients’ Sales teams.

        – place calls on mobile phone from computer. Don’t really see the point of that now that the app has this feature.

        – place calls from within pipedrive. Would technically work, but is less flexible from a commercial point of view. It also means that your sales people need to know the ins and outs of some voip platform to be able to sell it. I know Base and (and salesforce through integrations) do this, but I think it makes their solutions more complex, and thus complicates the sale.

        Does this help clarify? I’m happy to have a call to explain if needed.

        • Martin Henk

          Thanks! There’s definitely food for thought here. I think for now it’s best to keep using the mobile app and we’ll certainly let everyone know once we have any news in terms of calling from the web app.

          • Thanks, Martin.
            By the way, I just found that the app does let you call using whichever app, but doesn’t switch back to the pipedrive app if you place the outgoing call using the skype app. I’ll proceed to test with other apps as well…

          • Martin Henk

            There’s 2 calling apps that you could use with the web app. and They each have a Pipedrive integration and can automatically log the call as a done activity after the call is ended.

          • Thank you for your suggestion, Martin. Right now it’s easier to just use the pipedrive app with whatever infrastructure we already have in place.

            This way the desktop will be used for configuration and detailed notes – the app for everything else. Spoke to one of the clients I referred to you guys long ago earlier today, and they said the same thing…

      • Pierre Naude

        Hi Martin,
        I am interested to know if you are progressing with integrating phone calls on the web? I have been looking at HubSpot who have a great system in place that allows you to call directly from the web via the website or you phone. I am currently a Pipedrive customer.
        The current mobile call tracking that you have is a great idea. However, in my experience has not worked well. It works only around 10% of the time, which effectively makes it useless.
        I do the majority of my work from my laptop so to have to change my headset to my phone every time I want to make a call is frustrating.

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Pierre,
          Sorry about the delay here.
          We have a number of 3rd party integrations that allow you to make calls on the computer along with automatic logging in Pipedrive. Aircall ( is the easiest to set up, Kixie ( is the most powerful.

          I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the call tracking on the phone. Can you please contact our support through the Help and Feedback section in the mobile app about this issue? This way they get all the necessary details automatically and will be most efficient in helping you. I’m sure we can figure this out for you.

  • Bjorn

    I would like to take notes during calls when I call from the app, is it possible? Sometimes there is lot of information to remember until after the phone call.

  • Raphael Costa

    Hi, is it possible to track calls made from pipedrive on PC?

  • Pipedrive app really should add a option to record calls made through the app!