Start Using Predefined Lost Reasons

Previously, the reasons for lost sales were stated only in a free-text format, making standardization and analysis of the root causes difficult.

We now have a new feature that lets you define reasons for lost sales. Salespeople can select the predefined reasons from a drop-down menu when they declare a deal as “lost.”

Sales lost reasons feature in Pipedrive

You can continue citing reasons in free-text format just like before. But using predefined Lost Reasons lets you standardize the documentation for the common causes behind losing deals. Meaningful insight allows you to take action to improve your salespeople’s performance.

To start adding predefined reasons, head over to Company Settings.

The best way for getting an overview of the most common reasons is to filter out lost deals in the List view, including Lost Reasons as one of the columns.

Read this post by Timo Rein to find out why it’s necessary to define the reasons, and how it can help you improve your sales process.

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Ott Ilves

Ott is responsible for looking after the digital marketing efforts here at Pipedrive.

  • Nick Seaman

    A fantastic feature – thanks for adding. Will make my analysis and action building so much easier.

    • Ott Ilves

      Thanks, Nick!

  • Antony Quinn

    been waiting for this since we started using Pipedrive. However, I’ve set up the lost reasons and it doesn’t work. Is this because we are still using the old interface on deals? 🙁 …I *really* don’t want to use the new interface – it is far too spread out and requires lots of scrolling up and down the page to see any info

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Antony,
      Unfortunately it’s true. This only works in the new deal details view.
      I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the new views. Would you be willing to talk to our UX people about your issues in more detail?

      • Antony Quinn

        yes. We’ve tried using the new view twice and both times gone back to the old view.

  • Rodrigo Noll

    That´s PERFECT! All I needed. Thanks a lot

  • Daniel Romero

    Excellent! Much easier and well-organized!!

  • chris mebs

    Will the free-text entries be retained on old deals If we move to pre-defined lost reasons in company settings? I love this change, but hate losing data.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Chris,
      This change is completely backwards compatible so you won’t lose any existing data.

      • chris mebs

        Fantastic. This is a great addition, our team is really happy to have this in place.

  • Richard Snaith

    It would be nice to have the ability for Won deals.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Richard,
      A quick way to achieve this would be using a Single option custom field. It wouldn’t prompt the user to enter it upon winning the deal, but at least you could record the data for later analysis.

  • sashdias

    How do we go back and add the predefined reasons after the fact? I can’t figure out a way to do it without re-opening the deal. I don’t want to reopen as it messes up the statistics.

    • Martin Henk

      You can navigate to the Deals List view, select a filter to show only lost deals, use the gear icon in the top right corner next to the column headers to edit the available columns and make the Lost reason column visible. You can then go ahead and edit the lost reasons of the deals by clicking the pen next to the existing lost reason.

  • Mark Caple

    Is it possible to have a different ‘Lost Reason’ list for different pipelines. We have a couple on unrelated pipelines and hence a single list does not work for us

    • Christopher

      Hi Mark,

      Lost reasons will be applied across all pipelines. We will see if this is something we can change in future 🙂