Get the Redesigned Pipedrive Android App

New Pipedrive Android App with Material Design

We’ve completely redesigned the Android mobile application, improving the mobile experience with a slick new look and better performance.

As part of the redesign, the navigation bar was overhauled and placed at the bottom of the screen allowing users to switch between different views quickly.

We rebuilt many parts of the app from ground up, resulting in far better app performance. The pipeline view and deal loading are now considerably quicker and smoother.

Finally, we improved the edit function. Instead of having to “save” upon every edit, changes are now automatically saved when you switch between views or hit the back button.

Download or update the app at Google Play Store:

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Lauri Laineste

Our Product Lead for mobile apps.

  • Mark

    When would be available on Amazon app store?
    So that BB10 users like myself can take benefit of it!

    • Lauri Laineste

      Mark, thank you for reaching out. We have updated the app on Amazon now—please go ahead and get the new release on Amazon.

      • Mark

        Done! Thanks!
        Is there any plan for a native BB10 app in the future?
        While BB10 market share is low looking at the whole market, it is not negligible when looking to business users

        • Lauri Laineste

          Cool! We do not have a plan for native BB app today. Hope the Amazon build works out for you at the moment!

  • Phil Sim

    To be honest, I personally believe you need to re-think the mobile app. Why do I use Pipedrive. Because it’s visual, I can look at my desktop monitor and with one glance see all of my deals. Why have I never used the mobile app because it’s not visual. I open it up and all I can see is one stage of my pipeline – it’s the exact opposite experience of what Pipeline was designed around. To my mind viewing by pipelines needs to take a backseat on the mobile experience and you need to see your deals by some sort of deal scoring variable or if not what deals require the next action.

    • Lauri Laineste

      Phil, thank you for the feedback. I agree, the visual overview of your whole pipeline needs to be available on the mobile app too. At the moment you can just swipe from one stage to another on the Android app but we will redesign the pipeline view to support full visual pipeline on landscape mode. We already released this for iOS (read more on ) and something similar will be available on Android in near future too.

      We just finished the major redesign of the whole Android app and will come up with new cool features soon.

  • Dan

    any plans to integrate with REDTAIL CRM?

  • bartek

    I am using Blackberry Classic mobile phone. Is there a way to use pipedrive on it? The browser version is impossible to use and I did not find any app in the BlackBerry world. Thanks a lot.

    • Lauri Laineste

      Hi, we do not have a native Blackberry app but you are able to get our Android app from Amazon Appstore. You can run the Android apps on the latest Blackberries via Amazon. Please follow this link to learn more how to enable it on your Blackberry →

      Hope this works out for you!