Product Update: Related Organizations, List View Improvements and More

If “the devil is in the details,” our product just got a lot more evil-spirited. This week we’ve released four improvements that make Pipedrive better in small but important ways.

This video pretty much summed it up, here’s a quick text overview too.

Define related organizations in Pipedrive. This update handy if you’d like to know what other deals are in the pipeline within the same group of companies. It’ll also be useful if you’d like to make sure they are all handled by the same rep on your side.

Easily find and manage email/file attachments in Pipedrive. Pipedrive now displays email attachments alongside the email they had been sent with as well as in the “Files” section of a particular deal, organization or contact. You can also add descriptions to files to make it easier to understand the sometimes cryptic file names.

Save lots of clicks when using our List View. You can now select multiple rows in List View when you click and drag your mouse along the checkbox column, or when you hold Shift key down and click the rows you want to select. You can also initiate an email to any contact in the List View by clicking on their email address  (which just between us, is what it should have done from the start).

Customize the sidebar of Deal, Person and Organization pages. It’s now super easy for admins to reorder, hide or add sections they want to be visible for the whole organization.

Happy closing.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Kevin Joseph Smith

    We’re really excited about the defining related organizations feature! Will there be an option for creating a condition based on related organization in a filter soon? Will it be an includable column heading on a filter too?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Kevin,
      Great to hear you’re excited about the feature. We’re definitely thinking of including these associations into filters. No ETA on it yet though. Not sure if it will be possible to include these in the lists.

      • Kevin Joseph Smith

        Thanks for the reply Martin!

  • Joel

    Great stuff. Really would like to ability to define relationship of people to their linked organizations, similar to what you have done for organizations to each other. For instance, John is the “Vice President” of ACME Inc, but he is the “Marketing Director” of Widgets, Corp.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Joel,
      I’m glad to hear you like the update. Linking people in a similar way makes a lot of sense. I can’t really promise anything, but we’ll certainly keep this in mind for future updates.

  • Victor

    Hello I was wondering if there was a function to auto populate emails within pipedrive when you get a reply from a email sent out with the BCC pipdrive link?

    • Martin Henk

      Hey Victor,
      You’d currently have to forward the incoming email into your Smart BCC address to get it into Pipedrive.

  • event IQ Purchasing

    The new related feature looks good, and allows us to view related organziations in the the updated organization view. How do we convert our exisiting organization custom fields? Or will the new view support the old custom field organizations?

    • Martin Henk

      I’m glad to hear you like the update. The data from the custom fields should already be migrated automatically. Please check it out and let support know if it’s not the case.

  • Tomas Sareklint

    Awesome, keep new features coming!
    Still waiting on marking new mails as read – my “mail” box has 185 unread and well, I’ll never find the time to click on each just to mark them as read … 🙂

    • Rosanna Moore

      I agree… I have 890! Just not enough time for this pointless task.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Tomas,
      Thanks for the feedback! And we are working on improving the Mail page including bulk actions. Should be available soon.

      • Martin, is this feature still coming? “mark all as read” seems like a basic feature that we need!

        • Martin Henk

          Almost there. Bulk actions are coming in the next couple of weeks

  • gaetan

    Thanks for the update, any plan on advanced reporting capabilities. Too often I need to download file in Excel to do a pivot table for basic reporting 🙁

  • Andy Gould

    No customizability on the relationship names?

  • Jason

    haha, the dog adjust the table height, nice!

  • Jens Breimaier

    Thanks! Email integration by simply clicking on the address is great. But I would recommend to show the body text of connected mails, even when they have attachments.

  • Rosanna Moore

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the update. PLEASE PLEASE make it easier to view lists by PRODUCT. We work on a sales team with multiple members working on multiple products. We often need to send out product related updates to our own clients. The only way I can see to generate a list by product is NOT by List View, since there is no capability to add a Product column. Everything else! But not product. I have to click on Products and then view everyone’s deals associated with that product, and I can’t just filter to mine.
    Long story short, I have no choice but to rely on a spreadsheet, which doubles my workload in this regard and undermines the entire purpose of having a CRM.
    PLEASE PLEASE add product as a column choice in List View, or at the very least allow us to sort the product deals by consultant so we don’t have to sift through everyone else’s deals.

  • Michael Twombly

    Hi Martin,

    I own a talent agency. I have 15,000 contacts of venues in my data base.
    The “define related organization” feature will now allow me to break organizations in to groups such as Casinos, Bar Venues, Fairs, Festivals, Wineries, and such?
    I’m just now setting up or instance, and want to make sure I make it searchable in this fashion.

    • Lukas Cypra

      Well, personally for this and similar types of “groupings” I would use custom-field with defined names of these examples.
      I believe that you could come up with many different ways how to group companies and contacts and having it “hard-coded” into related organization would not be efficient.

      Any comment to this, Martin?


  • Would love to see related organizations added to Deals, with a customizable relationship. I’m helping someone setup Pipedrive for their company, but they have multiple organizations associated with each deal and need to keep track of notes and activities related to each organization for each deal. They’re a commercial lighting company, and during the deal phase, they have between 1 and 4 general contractors, electrical contractors and architects bidding on a single deal…that’s as many as 12 organizations per deal. Only 1 from each trade will win the deal, but this lighting company can work with any combination of them so they need to schmooze all of them during the deal phase. I’ve setup custom organization fields for each (GC1, GC2, GC3, GC4, EC1, EC2, etc.), but it’s not a very efficient way of doing it and there are lots of empty fields since not all deals have 4 of each trade bidding. Related organizations would fix this, as long as the relationship could be customized.

  • Phillip Shero

    Great updates–thanks! What’s the status of integration with Mac’s Contacts app? I’d love to see 2-way sync or at least a 1-way sync/import from Contacts to Pipedrive.

  • Keith Muenze

    I would like to say that the video (and especially the commentary) is fantastic. The click and drag functionality is also a huge time saver. Nice work!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks Keith,
      I’ve passed your praise on to James, our knowledge wizard.

  • Stewart

    Can you make it easier to send leads from a regular email client (Apple Mail or Outlook etc) into a specific sales persons Pipedrive? We get web leads or emailed enquiries and I find it impractical to login each time to upload and allocate the details. If their is a slick way for this already, great, please share…

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Stewart,

      If you have a contact form on your website I’d consider sending the data from the form straight into Pipedrive instead of getting it on your email first. It takes a bit of setting up at first, but once you have it set up it will save you a ton of time.

      Setup varies based on the form you’re using so please contact support through the Help & Feedback box in the app and they will give you further details about this.

  • Leon Gunning

    Great new features but one i’d really like to see is the ability to follow a deal and see them in my own filtered list without having to merge ALL of the deals from that user as previously recommended by support.

    For clarification I want to have a filter that can specifically filter out the deals so that I can see the deals I follow and the ones that are assigned to me.

    If there is another channel to share recommendations i’d love to know where!

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Leon,
      Filtering by items you follow is something we’re considering as a future update. Can’t promise anything though.
      Another option would be to use a user type custom field for this. So you can keep the original owner while still marking yourself as linked to the deal. You can filter a list based on a user type custom field.

  • Dicellol

    “This update handy”

  • Shelby Blitz

    I just tried to initiate an email to one of my contacts by clicking their email address in list view and it did not work. Do certain permissions need to be turned on in order for this to work or should it happen automatically? Thanks!

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Shelby,
      Sorry to hear that it wasn’t working for you. Can you please give me more details? You clicked the email in the list. What happened next? Did it open the email client and the BCC address wasn’t there? Or it didn’t even open the email client? Which email client are you using?

      • Shelby Blitz

        Hi Mark,

        I clicked on the email address in list view and nothing happened. Didn’t open the email client or anything. I am using gmail.


        • Martin Henk

          Thanks! This means Gmail is not set as the default email client in your computer. If you’re using Google Chrome it’s super easy to fix. All you need to do is navigate to in Google Chrome and look for an arrow-shaped icon next to the favorite star in the end of the address bar. Click that icon and set Gmail as the default mail client.

          Please do let me know if you’re using some other browser and I’ll try and find you the instructions.

          • Shelby Blitz

            It works! Thank you.

  • Some good & handy stuff here.
    We had a custom “Related Company” field before, in order to mass-edit those, would it be possible to have the new Related Organizations in the columns of list views?

    And would it be possible to have emails with those kind of announcements as soon as they are live? I received the email on 29/09 for a release apparently from 17/09. Thanks!

    • Attention : related organizations are not included when merging Organizations : everything’s related to the merged organization is lost, just happened while cleaning following this new function.

      • Martin Henk

        Really sorry about this! We’ve filed a bug report and will try and fix it asap.
        Please contact support to recover the lost relationships if needed.

        • Martin Henk

          This is fixed now. So from now on you won’t lose the related organization information on merging. It won’t automatically bring back any already lost ones though.

          • Wow Martin, really appreciate, thanks for the update!

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Quentin,
      Thanks! Unfortunately we don’t have a good way of showing a one to many relationship in the list views yet. So it’s not possible to show this info in the list views yet.
      And we’ll certainly try and improve the speed of our notifications going forward.

  • Silverio Martins

    Totally off topic, but important as such.
    Please, I need print a business!!!!!

    • Martin Henk

      We’ll keep this in mind for future updates, unfortunately I don’t see proper printing support coming in the very near future.

  • Fantastic updates! The possibility to connect organizations with each other is great. It would be even better, if contacts (people) could be connected to more than one organization (which is very common, especially, if companies are connected with each other).

    As for the descriptions for the files – great! I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. One thing I still miss though is the possibility to change the date of the added file (image) and/or to combine the file with an activity. Sometimes I create notes on paper during a meeting and I want to attach them to the activity. Same for invoices or agreements – it would be important to have them binded together in the timeline, especially, because you cannot change the filename after you attached it to a deal. 🙂

    Thanks for your continous work on pipedrive! You’re doing a great job! Very helpful!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback, Asia!
      I can’t really promise anything right now in terms of better linking of people records. But I know we’re thinking hard about linking files to activities. So there’s certainly hope.

  • Christian Wiens

    Probably the single biggest problem with pipedrive is the duplication and how data is parsed. We get thousands of duplicated contacts and deals because there is no way to de duplicate them. I have gone through product support, tried the old duplication tool (which did close to nothing) I am almost at my wits end. It’s actually something that is about to drive our team away from using pipedrive after 2 years of use. What do we do?

    • Patrick Grabbs

      Are you still using Pipedrive? We just got started and this is a GIANT issue, that seems like there could be a very easy solution for. Even just dropping a note in all deals with the same e-mail that a new deal has been created would be amazing.

  • Patrick Grabbs

    Hey there…We need deal alerts. This is the single biggest flaw with Pipedrive, the fact that multiple leads from different sources just automatically create new deals. Maybe a note to all deals that this new one has been created? That would be the easiest solution. Otherwise, salespeople are going to be at eachothers throats all day, every day. And prospects are getting aggravated with being bombarded by multiple sales reps.

    • Hey Patrick,

      I’m not sure to get your point on “multiple leads from different sources just automatically create new deals” – can’t this be resolved with user management : ownership/following?


      • Patrick Grabbs

        Every time Zapier uploads prospect information from a lead source like say, AWeber, they create a deal. No matter if there’s already a deal for a customer.

        We deal in a high volume of leads, so at any given time there can be 400 notifications going on…so we don’t really check those that much. Which is why I was requesting a note be placed on each deal when there’s a duplicate.

        • Interesting – even though I have the feeling that the Zap would need to be adapted rather than Pipedrive 😉 Yet always good to discover how other are using the tool.

          • Patrick Grabbs

            True, and that’s the direction I would be swinging for except for the fact that Zapier doesn’t offer much support. I tried to create a zap to handle the issue already-say lead comes in from AWeber, if “email address” is in “Pipedrive” filter this zap. That would technically work, and I might end up keeping that just to keep the peace. But then there’s the note situation. So maybe I could do something like If “email address” is in “Pipedrive” drop a note on the deals. But when you do that, there’s no way to add notes to the deal. Only the person. Nobody ever looks at the person, though, just their deals, and there’s no way with the zap to target all deals within an email. Or so I haven’t been able to do thus far. Any ideas?

  • Saul Annett

    Hi there – any plans to allow linking of related contacts (as you can now do with Org’s)?

  • Harris

    Hi if I could make a recommendation, if there was a way to view a list of the latest activity such as latest notes and latest new deal created, this would save me a whole lot of time at the end of my daily cold calls to be able to see the list of people I’d just interacted with that I need to send follow up emails before end of day to. (or does this feature already exist?)