Activate the Rebuilt Smart Email BCC and New Detail Views

Note: This post only applies to users who started using Pipedrive before Dec. 18, 2014. If you joined afterward, the Smart Email BCC and new detail views are active on your account and there is no need for manual activation.

Late last year, we completely rebuilt the Smart Email BCC feature, as well as our detail views. The new Smart Email BCC feature is more reliable, easier to use, and gives you more control over linking emails to deals. The new detail views are faster, smoother, and give you better information quicker.

What’s changed: Dropbox vs. New Smart Email BCC

Emails instead of ‘Activities’

Instead of emails, the old Dropbox system created “Activities” in Pipedrive and the contents of the email went into “Notes.” Moreover, there could only be one contact connected to the email, not two, three or more, which often happens with email communication.

The new Smart Email BCC creates emails in Pipedrive, and you can have multiple contacts associated with those emails. Attachments are tied to emails. One tiny but noticeable difference is that as we’re able to differentiate between attachments and inline logos, and inline images are not in the files list anymore.

Better email forwarding

The old Dropbox didn’t allow forwarding in an easy way. If you forwarded an email to your Dropbox address, the email was hard to find and required manually linking. If you forwarded the email to the deal-specific address, you couldn’t see who sent you the email (sender displayed as you instead of the original sender).

Now, we’re able to parse forwarded emails with the Smart Email BCC – we’re able to understand who the original sender was and link it to the relevant contact in your People list.

All your emails in one place – the Mail Page

Previously, there was no central place in the old Dropbox to see all the emails related to Pipedrive, your contacts, and deals. Instead, you had to check deals one by one to see the email conversations with your customers and prospects.

Pipedrive Mail Page Attached Deal

Pipedrive Mail Page with attached deal

With the Smart Email BCC, we have a dedicated place for displaying all Pipedrive emails – the Mail page. There, you can see if emails link to a deal – a money bag icon will indicate whether an email is linked to a deal or not. If the email is not linked, you can easily create a new deal or simply select an existing deal to which you can link an email.

Connect With A Deal

Activate the new Smart Email BCC feature here.

What’s changed: Detail views

We felt that a redesign was necessary for the detail views as the old detail views detracted from the user experience. With the new design, you’ll get more done in fewer clicks.

The first major change you can see is that emails in the new detail views look a lot better and are easier to distinguish.

In the old detail views, we used to have tabs for different kinds of activities. At the heart of the new detail views, we now have “the Flow” and each item, activity, note and email just appears once on the timeline.

Pipedrive new detail views

New detail views

With the redesigned headers, scheduling new activities, adding files and notes is far easier and requires fewer clicks – simply click the activity you want to edit. Thus, changing the deal stage and moving deals from one pipeline to another is quicker.

The sidebar containing deal participants, organization and contact data is now customizable, and you can easily reorder the blocks to your liking.

You can also add profile pictures to your contacts, either manually for each contact separately or by pulling the images automatically from Gravatar and Google Contacts.

Add photo to Pipedrive

Adding images to contacts

The new detail views are a lot smoother and faster. First, clicking on a deal in the pipeline view no longer requires loading the whole page, which means faster navigation. Second, the new pages change in real-time, so whenever someone edits a deal or a contact, you will see the change live without having to refresh.

Overall, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts, making the decision to turn on both the new Smart Email BCC and the new detail views a no-brainer.

Turn on the new features here.

If you have questions, please post comments below or contact Pipedrive support.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • JanSapper

    There are no screenshots of how it will look like if the new BCC gets activated. Will the email “Activity” dissapear, and how will the new emails be tracked in the statistics?

    • JanSapper

      Actually, it woud make our company decide to switch if you gave us some examples of what would happen when switching. I’d like to switch the new features on, but I won’t take the time to explain the changes to all involved managers.

      • Martin Henk

        Thanks for the feedback! This makes perfect sense. We’ll try and create more materials explaining the differences soon.

        For now I’ll just try to explain this myself:
        – First of all I would suggest switching these 2 features on at the same time. Smart BCC and new detail views work great together as the emails are handled so much better in the new detail pages.
        – All existing emails that have come into the system with the old drop-box will remain as they are. No data will change or get lost with this switch. They will remain in the system as activities.
        – Even the old drop-box addresses will keep working. So if someone has them saved in their contacts and uses them nothing will get lost
        – The addresses will change in the detail pages to new and much more memorable addresses and clicking on an email in Pipedrive will also automatically BCC the new address after the switch
        – You’ll see a new tab in the top menu. It’s the new Mail page that gathers all the emails that come into Pipedrive through Smart BCC
        – Although the emails will start coming in as emails we will also automatically create an activity for each email in the background. So the tracking and statistics and last activity date will keep on working exactly as it used to.
        – All in all you get everything the drop-box system had with all the benefits of the new system described in the article above.

  • Célimène

    At our company we track the number of done activities by deal. With this new feature mails are not considered activites anymore (why ?) it’s a big pain we have to manually create an activity each time. How can we do ? Thx

    • Martin Henk

      I’ve left a longer comment about the changes below, but to answer your specific concern:
      Although the emails will start coming in as emails we will also automatically create an activity for each email in the background. So the tracking and statistics and last activity date will keep on working exactly as it used to.
      You won’t have to create any activities manually to track your emails once you switch over to Smart BCC

      • Célimène

        Perfect thank you

  • ryanmatzner

    You say you can’t differentiate between real attachments and in-line logos? Just ignore the jpg/gif/tiff files under ~ 20kb. And as a failsafe, just note at the bottom of the email that that attachment was ignored.

    • Martin Henk

      I’m sorry for the confusion. We now can differentiate between real attachments and inline logos in the new version. That’s one of the reasons to switch to the new system.

  • Robyn Schimmels

    Hi Martin – it’s throwing us for a loop that email activities are no longer logged for audit trail by contact when using the BCC feature. We monitor communications and history with contacts via logged activities. Any suggestions for our group?

    • Martin Henk


      We still generate an activity for each incoming email in the background automatically. It also updates the last activity date. For all people in the email. So nothing will change in terms of the statistics when moving to Smart BCC.They will simply look way better 🙂

      • Hi Martin, for some reason its not tracking the email activity for the specific person. Measuring email activity by each person is extremely important. Please let me know how to fix this.

  • tomodea

    Will you eventually link this Mail tab with outbound gmail and allow me to send email right from within Pipedrive? It’s annoying to have to remember to BCC pipedrive every time I email a prospect who’s in Pipedrive. Alternatively, can your gmail integration check my outbox every once in a while to see if I’ve sent an email to someone who exists in Pipedrive? Again, I often forget to BCC and you have the power to do this automatically…

    • Martin Henk

      I feel your pain. We know it should all work automagically and we’re working hard to make the automatic email integration available for everyone. Right now it’s unfortunately still in closed beta and we’re not accepting any new beta testers at the moment.
      We’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s available.

      • Kitcha

        Any news on this side? 🙂

        • Martin Henk

          Soon, very soon already 🙂

  • Pinkesh Shah

    My smart bcc emails are visible inside the Mail section but are not getting tagged to individual deals. Is there another setting i need to turn on?

  • Michelle

    When I email a client using the pipedrive bcc, my outgoing email shows in our email log in pipedrive, but when the client REPLIES, the email does not reply back to the pipedrive BCC. Therefore we only have our outgoing emails logged in Pipedrive. Is there a setting or way to fix this? Or do we just have to have every client reply ALL so the BCC is included?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Michelle,
      Unfortunately it’s not possible the get the customer replies into Pipedrive automatically with the Smart BCC feature. Even if they Reply All they won’t even see the BCC address as it’s hidden from them (it’s Blind Carbon Copy after all).

      You’d have to forward the incoming email to the Smart BCC address. Or reply and BCC on the reply.

  • Andrew Engolio

    Hi Mark, when I include the BCC to pipedrive, it includes the attachments from my email I am sending to my client, which is great; however, it is also including logos and numerous html attachments. So I’m seeing like 8-10 extra attachments when I pull up the email in deals. Is there a way to delete these? Or just have the email sent to pipe drive with no attachments?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Andrew,
      It’s not really possible for us to know which attachment is important and which is not. Right now it’s also not possible to remove them if they’re part of an email. We have done our best to group them to make the experience a bit more tidy.
      I would encourage you to try different email clients. Some tend to convert previous conversations into HTML attachments instead of including them in the text as quotes. This might help you cut down on the HTML attachments. It’s also possible to omit logos from signatures or link them from an external source.

  • TruthMatters

    I am actually an IQTELL refugee, as they decided to close. I decided to test drive PiperDrive and was shocked to find out that not all my email synced only the last 72 hours. Not even a year or two back, 72 hours! Which means that I have go to my gmail or Iqtell account and fwd each email to PiperDrive. Well, I have 25,000 of them only over the last 7 years. There must be another way?
    I was planing to get the Gold level, but just decided to cancel the account, since I was told that you can not support that many emails form customers. That’s very disappointing, since just from seeing the possibilities I think you have a great app, but it will not work for me. Might work for people that just went into business.
    Are you sure there is not way for full sync?

    • Christopher


      We understand where you are coming from and we are looking at changing that timeframe in future.

      • Christopher

        This has been changed now. You can choose how far back you want to sync your emails 🙂

  • Scott Hadley

    The email integration included with the Gold plan has been broken for close to a month with no projected fix date, per customer service. Pipedrive relies on a third party company called Nylas for the technology to integrate with Outlook. Very disheartening and like the Pipedrive concept and pricing. But if they cannot provide an ETA on a known issue that affects one of their main selling points, I may need to look elsewhere as there are numerous other options out there.

    • Christopher

      Hi Scott,

      We received your email earlier and have escalated the issue.
      Really sorry for the delay getting this fixed!

      • Scott Hadley

        I’ve been told the issue has been escalated no less than ten times already. Does that mean management finds this issue as unimportant? The silence has been deafening.

        • Christopher

          Hi Scott,

          The management finds this issue incredibly important but this is a very specific bug which isn’t easy to fix.

          I will personally make sure that you get timely updates and an ETA as soon as I have one.