Private Filters, aka How to Reduce Noise in Your Filters List

Filters in Pipedrive allow to you create various kinds of reports about deals, organizations, people and products. They’re helpful in finding specific data such as “deals closed last month” fast.

Historically, all Pipedrive filters have been shared across all users in a company. This works perfectly fine in a small team where the number of filters is low and they’re easy to find. In large teams, however, it means trouble – if everyone’s filters are visible to everyone, there’s a lot of noise, and finding either your personal filters or the filters you need to use becomes slow and cumbersome.

To rectify this, we created “private filters” that allow you to find your personal filters with ease without having to create “named filters” anymore. With private filters, it’s easy to view the filters you’ve created without needing to scroll through a list containing dozens or hundreds of irrelevant ones. You can easily create new filters without littering everyone else’s view.

We split the filters up into two separate blocks:

  • My filters
  • Public filters
private filters in Pipedrive

Visibility tab in your filter’s settings

By default, all newly created filters are set as “private,” which means that only you can see them.

To edit filter visibility settings, you simply click on “edit filter” and change “visibility” from private to shared. If you were the person who created the filter, it would still show up under “my filters” even if it’s shared across the company. Everyone else can view it under the “public filters” block.

my filters in Pipedrive

“My filters” come before shared filters

It’s a good idea to keep public only the filters that the whole company uses, leaving all others that you use personally private.

For large companies with dozens or hundreds of users, it might also be useful to regulate the editing and use of filters with “permission” management. There are two kinds you can apply:

  • Regular (non-admin) users can only create private filters.
  • Regular (non-admin) users cannot edit filters created by other users.

You can edit permissions under:

Settings – Users & Permissions Page – Permissions tab.

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Mihkel Pukk

Mihkel is a Product Manager at Pipedrive.

  • Great addition! Thanks! Do you have plans to let users see (part of) your roadmap and upcoming planned updates?

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Quentin. We don’t make our road map public, but we did send an email to our users in the beginning of the year outlining the main focus areas for this year. This is what it said:

      Many of you know that our company’s roots are in 15+ years of direct sales. We believe that a great sales management tool leads sales teams to inevitable success. We can’t make the calls for anyone, but we can provide you with a process that moves deals forward, an insight into your pipeline and workflows where the tool gets out of the way and lets people do their job effectively.

      What this means for our product in 2015:

      – Attention to detail when it comes to core workflows and views. You will soon have access to our new and improved detail views, which give you more useful information in fewer clicks. Next in line are improvements to our list views, filters, search and deal participants.

      – Easier to sync your email to Pipedrive. We’ll be improving our email BCC feature shortly and there are several other email-related improvements on the roadmap.

      – More insightful reporting. Expect your sales data to get more useful for both the managers and the people doing the selling.

      – Continued efforts with our mobile apps. In the second half of 2014 we released major updates to our iOS or Android apps almost every month, this year we plan to move even faster.

      – A faster more reliable service no matter which continent you’re on. We’ve successfully completed an infrastructure overhaul in December and we’re not stopping there.

      This list wasn’t exhaustive but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we’re working on, and leaves some room for (hopefully positive) surprises.

      • Thanks, a button “Mark all emails as read” would be a small, yet very cool feature 😉

        • Martin Henk

          Bulk actions in the mail page are definitely coming soon.

  • Andrey

    Thank you, that’s convenient. Do you have any news on my old wish of having the sales stage checklists (To-Do’s) for sales people to fullfil to move to the next stage?

    • Martin Henk

      Hey Andrey,
      I’m glad to hear you like the new functionality. The request for stage based checklists does come up every now and again. Unfortunately it’s not planned for the near future.

      You can however get similar results by using 3rd party services like Zapier and FlowXO. Please let me know if that would be something you’d be willing to try and would need more specific instructions.

  • undergrad

    When I complete an activity is it possible I see the time/date I “checked” the activity completion box – rather than when I planned it for? Maybe I completed it a day early or later than intended and it would be good to have a record of when I marked the activity as completed – to have an accurate history of a deal.

    • Martin Henk

      We do store it separately, but it’s currently not accessible. I’ll pass this on to the product manager in charge of this. Hopefully we can change it soon.

  • Joseph Petersen

    I think your platform is great. The only singular request I would have is that if my reps could take a picture from within the PipeDrive app and have it load into a clients file; I don’t see how you don’t dominate this space for a while! Thanks for the great user friendly always accessible CRM. Even my least tech friendly people should be able to integrate this into their work. Thanks, Joe Petersen, President, Furniture EMS Restorations.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks Joseph,
      It’s possible to do this in the Pipedrive iOS app. There’s a + button in the bottom of each detail panel and one of the options is uploading a photo.
      It’s not yet possible on the Android app, but it’s definitely coming to Android soon as well.

  • Good to hear on the progress, Any chance of an Xero accounting/invoice integration? I gather it’s probably possible with Zapier although a more native integration would be awesome.