Powerful Filtering of Contacts and Deals With the New List Views

Here’s the video about what’s changed in Pipedrive’s List views

And here’s the text overview about the changes

Our software is mostly known for the Pipeline View, but many of our users are also fans of the List View – a spreadsheetlike interface to your data in Pipedrive. List Views let you filter, sort, segment and (bulk) edit your deals or contacts. For example, you may want to see only your own open deals with customers in New York who have a deal value of more than $5,000, and are in a “Proposal sent” stage to assign all of them to a new colleague. You can do that in about 40 seconds in the List View.

The List View has existed from Day One of Pipedrive. However, we now have thoroughly redesigned and rebuilt the it, so that it would be easier to use and fully customize. We also got rid of a couple of annoyances, for lack of a better word. So without further ado, here’s a list of the key changes in the new List View.

New feature: create and export fully customizable lists aka cross-item views

For example, you can now set up a direct mail campaign by filtering out certain deals and adding their postal address from the deal’s Organization data, which you couldn’t do beforehand. We’ve also improved the way of adding columns to the view, compared to the old system.

List View Pipedrive New Column Adding

A simpler way to add new columns

Improved bulk edit

You can now change several fields at the same time, and change all fields, not just those that are visible in that particular List View. On top of this, the bulk editing feature has been fully redesigned to make it easier to select only specific items to edit.

Pipedrive list view bulk edit

Improved bulk editing

Improved single item edit

You can now simply click a pen next to any cell and change the data without entering a special mode.

Pipedrive list view single item editing

Editing a single item in the list view

Improved data display

Previously you had to click “Load more” if you had more than 100 deals or contacts displayed. Now all you need to do is scroll down and more lines will be loaded automatically. Furthermore, sorting your data applies to all lines, not just visible lines.

Easier to take action and customize

Actions like “Export,” “Show on map” or “Export to Mailchimp” are now at the top right corner. On top of this, you can now drag and drop columns to set their order in List Views.

One final (important thing): personal filters

You can now have personal filters in Pipedrive (regardless of the view), so you wouldn’t have to view every single filter in the company. But you can also share filters with other people so that you could filter data collectively.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Toomas

    Do we need to turn it on? Still seeing old view.

    • Martin Henk

      Hei Toomas,

      Sorry about the delay! The new views are going to be available very soon already. I can enable it for you right away if you’d like. Please let me know what you account name is and I’ll hook you up.

      • Marc

        Can you please turn mine on as well. Our account is SeamlessGov and my email address is marc@seamlessdocs.com.


        • Martin Henk

          Hi Marc,
          It’s now enabled for all accounts. Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

  • Häming Matthias

    Hey Pipedrivers, great new features! Well done! The filter “private” or “shared” funcionality is the best thing ever. Thanks

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! Hiding filters has been on our minds for a while. Really glad to hear you like it

  • Felipe Grau Zabala

    you guys are real genius, all the upgrades are awesome !!!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the nice words Felipe! 🙂

  • Matthieu Rouvin

    Great improvements !! Thanks ! I dreamed about getting more colomns in the list and you made it come true…

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Matthieu! I guess we’ve now graduated to making dreams come true 🙂

  • Carl

    I like turtles.

    • Martin Henk

      Turtles are awesome!

  • keep up the good work, still lot to give but really nice software!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Alex! There’s a lot of great stuff already in the pipeline (pardon the pun 🙂

  • Markus Åberg

    Wow – the main drawback of PD is addressed! Thanks!

    • Martin Henk

      Really glad to hear that! Which one of the improvements did you miss the most, btw?

  • Melanie W.

    Great to see a recommendation I submitted was taken in consideration! Great job Pipedrive team 🙂

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the kind words! And keep the recommendations coming 🙂

  • Michael B

    Nice improvement.. but center aligned text in rows and wrapping deal values means you have to cut back on the number of columns you use. otherwise it’s a bit tricky to focus

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback! Can you please send a screenshot of these issues to support? I can’t replicate it on my computer, but I’m sure we can get it fixed for you as soon as we learn what the exact issue is.

  • Funny video!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! I’ll let James know you liked it 🙂

  • Cray

    Awesome! I can’t wait to take it for a spin later.

    • Martin Henk

      Great! Hope you’ll like it

  • very good. the remaining to be deployed recurrence tasks? Is badly needed , I had to use Wunderlist just for this reason . Thanks .

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Maurício,

      Recurring tasks are tricky. But there’s a workaround with last activity date and filters. You can create a filter where the last activity date is before a certain period (and any other criteria is met).

      This way you’ll have a filtered list you can take a look at once a day, perform the action, record the activity and the item will disappear from the list until the period passes again.

      I know it’s not perfect, but then again it won’t generate a ton of tasks into the system that can easily get overdue…

      I hope this helps

  • Anastasiya

    Great work. Shared filter option I like the most. But the change that I need so much and I think the other users also it is set columns for each filter. Hope it will be implemented soon. Because I use the filter for different purposes and need different info so each time now I have to change the columns that I need for this particular filter. If you implement it it will save a HUGE amount of time.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! And we hear you Anastasiya. The option to save a set of columns with a filter is coming soon.

  • Ankit Kohli

    Awesome! love the new updates..New Sorting is a major relief. Thanks a ton !

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the kind words, Ankit!

  • Devlyn

    Personal filters, great. Contact/People view does not allow widening of the columns ie. name, ph# , which causes it to stack rather than read left to right. Reduced the efficiency at glance, is there a fix?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Devlyn,
      Thanks for the feedback! There’s no quick fix other than reduce the number of visible columns at the moment. We’ll surely be looking into this issue asap and I’m sure we can get it improved very soon already.

  • Brian Brereton

    Yeah, I’d love mine activated ASAP as well: b.brereton@mindmarker.com

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Brian, It’s now activated for everyone. Hope you like it

  • Mordechai

    I like the changes, however performance is deplorable. Any tips or thoughts how we can improve this.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Mordechai,
      Thanks for the feedback! We’ll surely be working on with the new views to improve the performance. Can you please let me know which actions specifically are slower for you?

  • Well done Pipedrive!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Susan! Glad you like it!

  • crazydave500

    On the contact page I lost the alphabet tabs running along the top. Did I screw something up? Can I get them back?

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry for the confusion! The tabs are still there, but like in the old views they’re inly visible if no filter is selected.

      One thing that changed is the fact that we now show items owned by you by default. To get back the letter tabs please click on the filters drop-down and select Everyone. This will bring the letter tabs back to the top of the page.

  • Guy

    You are so funny 🙂

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! I hope you’re talking about the video. In which case I’ll pass the compliments on to James 🙂

  • Luis Arteaga

    Good work, especially the update of the list function for mailing campaigns makes it perfect.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks Luis! This was indeed one of the use cases we had in mind with the update

  • jenniferhillside

    Thank you! These new features are awesome!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! The entire team is very happy to hear this.

  • Arthur Cronos

    Uh, so far, the email and phone columns are only a few characters wide, meaning that email and phone numbers display only a couple of characters, then another line of a couple of characters, and so on, making the email and phone numbers unreadable, and causing only a few items to appear on the page. There seems to be no way to adjust the width of a column. Not very handy. Am I missing something?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Arthur,
      Sorry about that! The phone number wrapping is indeed a bit off in case there’s a lot of columns in the view at once. A quick fix is to reduce the number of columns in the view.

      We’ll try and fix the wrapping issues as soon as possible. I’m sure it will be fine very soon already.

  • Jennifer Armstrong

    question: lets say some one calls in and they said they have been contacted and wanted to know what the call was about. How can i look up that persons name they have given me or by their phone number that they have called in on? I would hate to ask and who are you when did i call you, and what company was i calling. i wold feel really silly asking these but i Have had to is there a better solution.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Jennifer,
      If the phone number is listed with their contact the best way would be to use the global search box in the top of the app next to the Pipedrive logo. This can be used to search by name, phone number or email address.

  • Wondering about two things that I find pesky about lists views and if their a part of the new update, which I’d love to see turned on in our lumenlearning pipedrive:

    1) Filters don’t stick when you move from view to view. I can see this going either way, but when I apply a filter in say, list view, I expect it to also be applied when I move to say, pipeline view, and it isn’t.

    2) Save as new filter only available in pipeline view. I often make new filters from existing filters and it’s pesky to have to remember to go to pipeline view to do that.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Nate,
      I have bad news and good news for you.

      1) Filters won’t stick between the deals list view and the pipeline view even with the new functionality. It’s an interesting idea and we’ll definitely consider it in cases where the account only has 1 pipeline (pipeline filters are sticky per pipeline at the moment), but I can’t really promise anything

      2) Save as new is now available also in the deals list, people list and organizations list.

      • Thanks! I realize some folks probably prefer the filter NOT to stick when changing views. Maybe eventually it could be a personal preference.

  • Omry Revach

    Great work!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the kind words, Omry!

  • Phillip Williams

    With the new changes I have notice that when I click on “Contacts” it defaults to “Your People” view- when I prefer my default to be “Everyone” which shows the A-Z filter for an easy quick search of organizations & people. How do I change this auto defaults to customize my view so every time I click on “Contacts” I don’t have to keep changing the filter view to “Everyone”?

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback Phillip. The views should actually remember the last chosen filter. There seems to be a slight issue with it. We’ll be looking into it as soon as possible. I’m sure we’ll be able to get it back to normal for you shortly.

      • Robert Harness

        I would like to see the A_Z index tabs in every filter view. Why hide it when I have more organizations than can be seen on one screen?

        • Martin Henk

          There are some historical reasons why we haven’t been able to do this. We considered fixing it but it simply didn’t fit in the scope this time around. We’ll surely take another look at it in the future.

          • Elizabeth Gladen

            Definitely back up the A-Z index tabs in every filter. I’ve also found the “Everyone” tab isn’t remembered under “People” and “Organisations” when come back to use them. I hope this is resolved soon as it’s taking longer to find people and companies than before the updates.

  • Alejandro Castro

    Any news about subscription revenue tracking?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Alejandro,
      Unfortunately there’s no news about it and it’s not coming any time soon, sorry.

  • Jean-Michel Godin

    A great feature would be to be able to create new deals from a filtered list. So let say I create a filter to find all the contacts I didn’t call in the last x months for a specific product and then I could just create a bunch of deals from the results.

    • Martin Henk

      That’s the great idea. We’ll definitely keep this in mind, thanks.

    • Javier Prieto

      This would be great. We use deals in our workflow as a “campaing” item. And will save us a ton of time.

  • Dennie Quiambao

    We’re loving the changes! Keep up the great work and kudos to your team!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the kind words, Dennie

  • Paul Ross

    This is awsome. Thanks guys !!!!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Paul! I’m really glad to hear you like it

  • Joshua Rea

    What would be awesome is to filter in the same way as excel.
    To be able to click on a heading, then choose to view a select field(s).
    Having to create customised filters each time is time consuming, especially when using the organisations view to drive team meetings and assign priorities across 300+ organisations with 20+ different fields each.
    Nice improvements though.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback, Joshua!
      It’s certainly something to think about on our end. On the other hand wouldn’t the filters you do make be reusable? So you could simply choose a pre-existing filter. Which would be even faster… or are the relevant criteria completely unique every time in your case?

      • Joshua Rea

        We have teams across 40 countries, so filters can be the same for 20% of the cases, but for the other 80% we’d have to create 200+ filters. As filters can be seen by all teams and are not linked to a region, then we’d need filters for the filters 🙂

  • Aruna

    Martin, Kindly add Date in Statistics rather than Day for more effective reports.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Aruna,
      I’m afraid I don’t quite follow. Can you please send more details to support@pipedrive.com about this so we could take a closer look?

  • Pankaj Wankhade

    Looks great but in reality it’s pain. Earlier version has less click to get what we want. New version is time consuming while working in realtime. Bulk edit and ownership changing feature needs to be improvise more. Date Feature needs to be upgraded for stats and daily reporting. Use Steve’s “Don’t make me think” philosophy

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback Pankaj!
      We’ll surely be working on to optimize the performance. Can you please elaborate where it takes more clicks to achieve something in the new views compared to the old ones?

      • Changing a multi-option field for a group. In the old view, I could simply mouse over the field I wanted to change, drag it down to select a number of rows (say 12, in this example), and release… then click the new field data and it would populate for all 12 records.

        In the new view, I have to either go individually and select multiple rows with the check box, then click the fields I want to change, then choose the data for those fields, then click Save.

        So it’s not only more clicks — if you’re changing data for some but not ALL contacts or orgs in a list view, it is a LOT more clicks. In my example above with 12 records to change, the process took literally TWO clicks. (Click-drag to select, release, then choose the data to go into that field.)

        In the new view, for 12 records, you’re now looking at either (a) finding a way to filter down to just those 12 records — which is needlessly time consuming — or (b) clicking each of the 12 rows individually to select them, and then you still have to click the “selection” box, then click the drop-down menu, then select your field data, then click Save. So in the “new” view, to change data for 12 records you are still looking at a MINIMUM of four clicks and a maximum of 16 clicks. All to do *exactly* what I could do in the old view in just TWO.

        I think this is a perfect example of a place where it takes FAR more clicks to do what I could do in just a few intuitive clicks previously. (In fact, I was using both the old view and the new view alternately for the last several weeks, and I generally tended to go back to the old view in most cases where I needed to edit fields in bulk.)

        Any chance you’ll allow the old view as an advanced alternative option?? I know you want to deprecate the old view, but it was really SO convenient to do mass-editing in that view, and the new view is extremely clunky and time consuming.

        • Here’s another example. After trying this several times, I am *really* hoping you bring back the old view, at least as an optional advanced choice. See the image below, which describes what my less-than-optimal experience is in the new view.

          • There also seems to be an issue with the stickiness of drop-down entries. In the example above, if I choose only 5 of the 7 CUNY schools and change “Consortia” to read “CUNY”, when I go back to the remaining two and try to change them to “CUNY” as well, the drop-down field is sticky from the previous selection, and clicking Save does *not* update those other two records. Basically, using the same drop-down twice in a row does not work… if that makes sense. Have your tech support guys try it.

          • Martin Henk

            Sorry to hear about the trouble. I can’t replicate this though. Can you please try refreshing the page and see if it’s fine for you now? If not please let me know and we’ll investigate further.

          • Martin Henk

            So we’ve now been able to replicate it and it’s indeed acting up at times. Really sorry for the trouble. The engineers will be fixing it asap.

          • Thanks! Great support. And very glad to hear that you listen to customer feedback. I do hope you’ll consider re-enabling the old list view, or some version of it, to make bulk editing easier (again).

          • Martin Henk

            Thanks for the feedback, Eric!

            You do have a very valid point here. The old bulk edit was designed with this very use case in mind and it does work nicely if you have to update a couple of lines in one column and all the records are nicely grouped together.

            The new one is trying to address a wider range of situations where you might need to edit several fields at the same time and the items might not be grouped together as nicely as in your example.

            Keeping the old views available as on option for an extended period is certainly not ideal. We’d like to discontinue them as soon as possible.

            Maybe we can do something in the new views to address this specific use case. We’ll have a discussion about it with the product people and let’s see what we can come up with.

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Eric,
            We made some changes to the new bulk edit. It’s not exactly as it used to be with clicking and dragging on a specific column. But you can now click and drag on the check boxes as well as click and shift + click on a lower check box to select a segment. Please check this out and see if it’s to your liking.

  • Robert Harness

    Some great additions here. It’s good to be able to look at a list of lost deals to review the reason lost but this is a pointless column in the open and won views. Is it possible you could save different column views for different filters?

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback, Robert.
      This is currently not possible, but we know the need and it’s definitely coming soon so you’ll be able to save a set of columns with a filter if needed.

      • Chris

        I’d like to second this request. Particularly now that list view can be shared or private. For myself, I have been able to live with adding and removing various columns for different reports / compromising on having the right ones.

        When sharing a new list view with others, I’d love to make sure people get the right columns. Otherwise, I have no idea what columns they have open and many times they miss the main point of the view.

        Love this product, but this limitation has been a major pain point in terms for putting the system to widespread use and replacing other tools.

        Is this likely to be in the next round of releases?


        • Martin Henk

          Hi Chris,
          While I don’t have a firm date for this yet it’s definitely coming soon.

    • malinkoapp

      This has been needed for some time. Different reports, obviously need different columns.

  • Javier Prieto

    I’ll have to get used to it. But got the feeling that the bulk edit was more agile in the previous version.

    • Martin Henk

      I’m sure you’ll get used to the new version soon. We feel it’s much better since you can more easily control which items you want to bulk edit and you can edit multiple fields at the same time. You have more precise control over what exactly will happen to each field instead of just hoping it will be fine. And there’s no separate view/edit mode any more.

      So all in all we feel it’s a big improvement over the previous version which used to demo well, but not work great in real life situations.

  • kruzeadmin

    good work!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! Much appreciated.

  • Tish

    Good Morning, I am having difficulty sorting deals by company name alphabetically. Any suggestions on how to accomplish? Thank you

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry about that! There’s currently a bug in sorting deals by organization name. The team is working on it. It should be fixed shortly.

      • Tish

        Hi Martin, Thank you so much!

  • Rafael Zornoff

    Awesome! Really great updates! However, still waiting for an update to see all linked organizations. Is this update in your pipeline? Cheers!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Rafael. Do you mean the linked organizations in the new detail pages? We’re working on it right now and it will be released soon.

      • Rafael Zornoff

        That’s right, Martin! Thanks!

  • I love the new list view, but it has caused an issue for us. We recently migrated to pipedrive and have won dates and lost dates that need to be added. When we click won or lost it sets them to today’s date. We need a way to be able to override the won/lost dates. This was possible with the old buik-edit in list view, but no longer seems possible.

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry about that, Matthew. It’s a know bug and will be fixed in the next couple of days.

  • Doug Nelson

    James, nice touch on the video with the “old timey” effect for how it worked in the previous version. Fun and made the distinction very clear.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Doug! I’ll pass the kind words on to James.

  • Tone Iverson

    Great update, makes a lot of tasks easier to work out. However, now when I go into pipedrive it shows my clients vs everyone in the company. Can I set the start to show “everyone” instead of just me. And can I also set a main pipedrive to be shown? Still trying to figure this out.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback, Tone. There’s a problem with the lists remembering the last used filter. It will be fixed very soon and then you’ll be able to land in the Everyone view again.

      The default Pipeline is defined by the order of the pipelines. In the Settings, Pipeline page it’s possible to drag the tabs to reorder them. It’s not very intuitive, but just trust me and drag the pipeline tab you want to be the default into the first position in the Settings, Pipelines page and it will be fine 🙂

      • Tone Iverson

        Martin, Thank you so much for that. That’s easy enough. 🙂

  • Can’t seem to get updates to multi-option fields to update when one field already includes data. Could use some help!

  • Love the video with an office intro and “old films” style to show how it used to be. Thumbs up for constant improvements!!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Pawel! Thumbs up for positive comments! 🙂 I’ll pass the compliments on to James.

  • Feature Request: Can you add a button to associate a contact with an existing deal? Right now, the only option seems to be to create a new deal from the contact screen. Seems like you’d want to be able to associate a contact with an existing deal, especially if you have the multiple participant view enabled.

    • Martin Henk

      It’s an interesting idea. We’ll consider it. But I honestly can’t promise anything.

      • Is there also a way to add more than one contact to an existing deal? We are working on complex sales with multiple stakeholders on the customer side. It would be nice to track communications with all of the contacts associated with a deal in one deal page (with one common bcc email). Thanks!

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Amanda,
          We have an optional feature in Pipedrive called Multiple deal participants. It can be enabled from the Settings, Features page. This will enable you to link as many people to each deal as needed.

          • Thanks, Martin! This is exactly what we needed. Didn’t realize it was a setting. Just enabled it. 🙂

          • JJ

            Would it be possible to add the capability to add two contacts to one activity and an option to add two deals to one activity? We frequently have meetings with several people who are all involved in the decision making for a sale. Also there is some instances where one meeting can relate to two separate deals that will be closed on different dates.

          • Martin Henk

            Hi JJ,
            We’re planning to add the ability to link several contacts to an activity. No ETA yet though. There’s no plan for allowing to link the same activity to multiple deals though, sorry.

          • CJ

            Hi Martin, linking more contacts to one activity (e.g. meetings) would be a big improvement – hope it gets prioritised 🙂

          • John Hoffman

            How are you going with linking several contacts to an activity?

          • Martin Henk

            It’s complicated 🙂 We really hope to make it happen one day, but right now I can’t really promise anything.

  • BBC Waste

    You haven’t dealt with the most important issue of all. Weighting individual deals in Pipeline. Very disappointing. Liking Pipedrive less and less.

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry to disappoint. I know each user has an issue or two very close to their heart. We would love to address every single one of these, but our resources are limited. The issues we fixed with the new list views have been on our minds for a long time and were a real pain for thousands of users. I’m hoping you’ll still find the improvements useful even though we haven’t created single deal weighting yet.

      • BBC Waste

        Are you first and foremost a) pipeline and deal management tool OR b) CRM?

        If the answer is a) then you should have prioritised small pieces of functionality to actually make it useful to manage deals — like individual deal weighting — over CRM functionality available in hundreds of SASS products.

        • Martin Henk

          For most companies sales is not only about pipeline management. This is why we added the list views, custom fields and filters very early on. And based on the user feedback over the last couple of days I’d say the list views rebuild was a very desired update.

          Deal management and CRM go hand in hand unless you sell something uniquely one-off where you never have to contact any of your customers before or after an active deal.

          We have deal weighting available through stages and it’s possible to do individual deal weighting through a single option custom field. So it’s not completely missing.

          We know about the need and hopefully we can rebuild the weighting in the future to allow for proper per deal probability. It’s not coming in the next couple of months for sure though unfortunately.

  • Häming Matthias

    Hey Martin,

    in the first seconds of the video it says “Episode 1″…is there an episode 2? Can we be excited about more interesting news from pipedrive? 😉

    Update to my further comment:
    I also have to tell you that bulk editing WAS much easier before updating. Please think about that and try to find another solution for bulk editing. It is very time exhausting.

    However, I love your updates!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback, Häming!

      There surely will be an episode 2 in the near future. This was the first time we made an official before and after video.

      We hear you about the bulk edit. We’re already thinking of ways to improve the experience.

  • Christine Santori

    Thank you for the changes! The video is also great to get the big picture theme across. The changes have made my client call list a breeze and I look forward to my next top sales contest armed with this new tool 🙂

    • Martin Henk

      Hey Christine,
      Your comment really made our day! 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words.

  • David Jorgensen

    How do we adjust the column widths?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi David,
      Unfortunately it’s not currently possible. The columns adjust their widths based on their content.
      It’s one of the ideas we’re considering as a further development down the road, but I can’t really promise anything at the moment.

  • Having a problem with the new List View. When I export, the organization field exports for all rows as “Hidden” and I don’t see any way to fix this. Trying to export to Excel and CSV, or direct to MailChimp, and all my contacts’ organization names show up as “Hidden” and don’t actually list the organization name. Am I missing some step in this process? Or is this a bug? Can someone help me fix this right away??

    • Martin Henk

      Really sorry for the trouble, Eric. It’s a bug. We’ll fix it asap. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s fine.

    • Martin Henk

      A quick workaround is to also include the Organization Name into the People list as a related column. This way you can at least get your export done while we’re working on a permanent fix.

  • Sébastien Lieutaud

    Hey Martin,
    I liked the video a lot. Did you make it internally or do you use an agency ?
    The features improvement are great! Keep up!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the kind words Sébastien. We are blessed with James, our knowledge producer who’s producing all the videos and articles in-house. I’ll let him know you liked the video.

  • Meg Macintyre

    I do like the changes generally, but there is something that bugs me:
    when I used ‘list view’ previously, I could find a contact easily by using the alphabet tabs along the top of the list. Now, I have to scroll…and scroll… and scroll…and wait for more rows to load.
    Yes, I know I can search for that contact, but then I don’t get the result in list view.
    Couldn’t you put the alphabet tabs back?

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry for the trouble, Meg. The tabs are still there, we just show them only when no filter is active. By default the new list views show you Your contacts. Please click the drop-down menu on top right and select Everyone from the options. You’ll have the tabs back and the view will remember it so next time the tabs will be there right away.

      • Meg Macintyre

        Thanks. I just discovered that feature, but ‘Your Contacts’, for me, is still several hundred. I would love to see the alphabet tabs all the time.

        • Martin Henk

          Yes, that would make a lot of sense. There are some historical reasons why it’s not working this way. While I can’t really promise anything at the moment we’ll surely take another look at this and hopefully we can add letter tabs to filtered lists as well.

  • Yuppers! Thank you!

  • Ethan Glessich

    Some great new features. Thanks. However it seems (if I understand correctly) bulk editing has now become INCREDIBLY INEFFICIENT in some aspects. Now, if I want to bulk edit 100 items for example, I must make a 100 clicks, selecting each checkbox on the left, instead of the previous 1 click and drag. Is that correct? Having the bulk edit similar to excel was very useful and efficient when correcting errors or typos after importing. PLEASE BRING BACK THIS FEATURE. I need to update some data and it will now take hours what was previously going to take minutes.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Ethan,
      We made some changes to the new bulk edit. It’s not exactly as it used to be with clicking and dragging on a specific column. But you can now click and drag on the check boxes as well as click and shift + click on a lower check box to select a segment. Please check this out and see if it’s to your liking.

      • Ethan Glessich

        That does the trick. Excellent news!!! Thanks for the update Martin

  • Martin Henk

    It’s now possible to shift and click to select a range of rows in the new list views! So if you need to bulk edit 25 items it no longer requires 30 clicks.

    How to try it out: navigate to the list view and refresh the page. Then select one row by clicking on a check mark. Then hold down shift and select another row further down. You’ll see that all rows between the 2 check marks were selected.

    You can also make several groups by clicking a check box even further down without shift and then shift clicking further down from there.

    We know it’s not quite how it used to be before with clicking and dragging on each column and we’re still working on improving the new bulk edit, but it should make your lives a lot easier already.

  • Jan Bons From BellHill

    Hello, I love the new features, but something is not working well. (I think). When I change one list, all the other list are changing the same way. When I ad a new collum to one list, the collum is added to all the lists.
    Is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong ?

    • Martin Henk

      Hello Jan,
      This is by design at the moment. There will be a way to save a set of columns with a filter, but it will take a while longer for us to implement. Until then the set of columns will be universal.

      • Tara Lowe

        When might this feature be added? It is frustrating to have to go back in and change each time. We have about 50 views. Thanks!

  • Tara Lowe

    Hi Martin. I was wondering if there was a way to keep your filters the same on list view and not have information added to ALL views when you add to a current filter? It is a pain when you open your filter and a bunch of fields have been added. Also, is there a way to share a view with someone without going onto their computer. If you make something public, they can see it, but it looks like they have to add all of the filters in? Thanks for the help. Tara

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Tara,
      If I understand you correctly you’d like to be able to fix a set of columns with the current filter? This functionality is coming within the next couple of months.

  • Andrew Engolio

    On the Deals menu, with the Pipeline view, is it possible to sort the Deals alphabetically instead of when they were added to the pipeline? I know I can do this on list view, but was hoping to do so here as well.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Andrew,
      In the pipeline view we order the deals based on the next activity date. So the deals with something scheduled for closer are in the top and deals with the next activity further away are in the bottom. It’s not possible to sort the deals in the pipeline in any other way and there are no plans to change it.

      May I ask why you need to order them alphabetically in the pipeline?

      • Andrew Engolio

        Martin, that makes sense. We are a catering company and actually identify our “deals” with the date of the potential event and name of client, i.e. “161225 Jones” for Christmas Day of 2016; client named Jones. I had just wanted a way to view the deals by the date of the event, but I can go to list view and do that.

        • Martin Henk

          But wouldn’t your next activity be on the same date? You could even create a custom activity type for the event and add it as the next activity. This way your deals would be ordered by that date without you having to add it into the title.

          Another option would be to add a custom date type field for the event date. You couldn’t order the deals by this in the pipeline, but you could filter down deals for only a specific period.

          You could also use the date type field in the Timeline view to visually see your deals spread out based on the date over weeks or months.

      • Andrew Engolio

        One last question, how do I view only open deals in the list view, I don’t want to see all the won deals or lost ones, just the ones I am working on, thank you

        • Martin Henk

          There’s a filter drop-down in the top right corner where you can select All Open Deals. Or you can use the same drop-down to create a custom filter to narrow it down even further.

          Here’s an article (along with a 7 minute video in the top) outlining the powerful features of the list view. http://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/206529689-Bulk-editing-filtering-The-List-View-

          I really recommend checking it out as you’ll be able to save a lot of time with these options.

      • Terrence Cummings

        Hi Martin, following up on the previous question. I’d love to be able to sort from the pipeline view based on deal size. I use the pipeline view to compare the various pipeline stages, but hate when a high value deal might fall far below the fold (due to lack of activity), while I want it to be top of mind. Still no plans to change sortability?

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Terrence,
          I get this need. We don’t have the ability to sort the deals in the pipeline. We do however have the ability to filter them. I would suggest creating a new filter using the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the pipeline page. From there you can set a number of conditions. Like deal status is open, deal value is more than the threshold you consider high, etc.

          This way you can quickly flip to the Important Deals filter, see all the high value deals, act on them and then switch back to the All Deals view.

          You can get even more specific if needed. You could create another filter that can show open deals with a high value where the last update date is more than a week ago. Or ones where the next activity date is not set. So you can make sure nothing important falls through the cracks.

  • Michael Bibeau

    What happens to Filters I’ve built and made public when my account is deleted?

    • Mihkel Pukk

      Your shared filters will stay shared with your other colleagues till someone, who is allowed to edit the filters, set their visibility to private. Then they disappear from the list.


    Hi Pipedrive is great . How do I input straight to organization please and not as a deal?

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! Each item in Pipedrive has its own list and detail pages. You can either search for the organization from the global search box in the top menu or navigate to Contacts, Organizations and look for the needed item.

      You can also click on the deal related to the organization and then click through to the organization from there by clicking the name of the organization.

  • Tom Kinkelaar

    How can I alphabetize the Pipeline columns?

    • Pedro

      Hello Tom! If we are talking about the stages of the Pipeline, It is possible to re-order them in Settings > Pipelines (note that this option is only visible for Admin Users). Simply drag and drop the stage in the desired order!

      • Lauren Larkin

        Hi Pedro,

        I have the same question, but I am wondering about how to actually alphabetize the deals themselves WITHIN each stage of the pipeline, so that when you are looking at all of your deals they are alphabetized throughout. Is this possible?

        Thank you,

        • Pedro

          Hello Lauren, It’s not possible to sort the deals alphabetically in the pipeline. We order the deals based on the next activity date. Deals with something scheduled for a closer date are in the top and deals with the next activity further away are in the bottom. If you still need to see them ordered alphabetically I’d recommend to use the List View instead!

  • fduvall

    Not sure if this thread is still active, but I am looking to be able to use “List View” to see my deals that have had ANY sort of update recently. This way, I can track if I have neglected to add a recent phone call/email/task. Is this possible? I hope I have been clear.

    • Martin Henk

      You can create a filter in any list view based on the ‘Update time’ field. You can also use the relative time conditions with it. So showing all deals that have ‘Update time’ is ‘later than’ ‘one week ago’ should do the trick for you.

      • fduvall

        Thanks! That solved it for me. I had been trying Last Activity before finding Update Time.

  • Chris G

    I did a list sort for Excel. However only the city was exported and not the entire address with city, State & Zip. As my list of prospects grows I need a more efficient list for routing. As it grows sorting by city does not allow for that. If there is a way to sort by zip I would love to hear how to do that. Zip codes tend to follow in a regional sequential manner and I would love to find out how sorting by zip can be accomplished before my Pipedrive list gets to cumbersome to effectively and efficiently plan calls as I plan my coverage..

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Chris,
      You can use the cog wheel icon in the top right corner next to the column headers to include all the sub-fields of your address including the zip code. There’s a group of fields titled Address Details that is collapsed by default. Once you expand it you will see all the dozen or so sub-fields that you can include in the list.

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  • Diyar

    Hi Martin, We use Pipedrive Lists for our lead generation team. We love the simplicity of a 1 page view where they can see everything they need. To make things even better I was wondering if there is a way to set things up so that when you click on a deal to update it automatically opens in a new tab rather than changing across from the list view so you then have to click back to get on the list view? Hope that makes sense. We currently use right click “open in new tab” as a work around but it would be great if this could be automated? My second question is would it be possible to have a view and be able to update the last note from the list view