Flip Your Phone – Landscape View Arrives On iOS

Pipedrive was initially born from the need for better, more visual sales pipeline management and as such, the sales pipeline view has been a key feature in Pipedrive’s web application. We’ve built the mobile pipeline view in a different manner, displaying only one stage at a time due to more compact smartphone screens – until now, that is.Pipedrive iOS app landscape mode

Knowing how important it is to get a complete visual overview of all of your deals, we are happy to announce that Pipedrive’s iOS app is now landscape-ready and lets you see the full pipeline view that you’ve grown accustom to on the web app.

Simply rotate your device and see more deals and stages in your sales pipeline. Zoom out to see a complete overview of your pipeline and all the deals in it.

Just make sure you’ve turned off the Rotation Lock in your iPhone’s Control Center.


Don’t have the iOS app yet? Click on the icon below.

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Lauri Laineste

Our Product Lead for mobile apps.

  • Scott Landsverk

    When is this coming to Android?

    • Hi Scott,
      We knew this would probably be the first question 🙂
      We don’t have a firm ETA for landscape support on Android yet. It’s certainly coming, but there are a couple of huge things the team is currently working on. There will be some big news around our Android app this summer for sure.

      • Martin Lightbowne

        Can I ask then – if resources are limited, given that there are four times the number of android users compared to iOS users, why develop such a key feature for 25% of the user base, instead of taking care of the majority?

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Martin,
          The fact that this feature came out on iOS first is honestly not a reflection of our bias towards iOS in any way.

          There are some epic developments in progress with our Android app at the moment. We’ll definitely address the landscape pipeline also on Android as soon as we get some of these more critical updates done.

        • George

          Martin, I am a telecommunication consultant and have clients using both platforms. Overall, global share numbers can be misleading relative to specific geographic and business market segments. iOS has a much larger share of NA business than it does globally, for example. The real question is which platform accesses Pipeline more, or is there even a clear leader? From experience I think we can trust them to address issues in a logical manner given resources, demand and ease/difficulty of implementing features between platforms.

  • Ernesto Diaz

    Do you have plans to update your software for Android Tablets ?

    • Martin Henk

      Big Android phones and tablets are definitely on our minds. Can’t comment on specific dates yet though.

  • Johan Jörliden

    2 years since you launched the landscape view on iOS.
    When will you make the same update for Android?

    • Christopher

      Hi Johan,

      We don’t have a concrete date for that yet unfortunately!