Introducing an Easier Pipedrive and MailChimp Integration

The MailChimp-Pipedrive integration lets you send personalized, well-targeted emails to specific lists of customers from Pipedrive. Simply define your segment criteria in Pipedrive, and click on the MailChimp button at the bottom of the list to export the contacts into MailChimp.

It’s helpful, for example, when you want to send emails to prospects who are based in California and with whom you are in the middle of a high-value deal. With only a couple of clicks, you can set the criteria and export the list.

pecify Segment MailChimp Integration Pipedrive

Specify your segment and then simply click on the MailChimp button.

Understanding the importance of this integration, we made the setup process far easier than before. Instead of a cumbersome copy/paste of API keys from one tool to another, we now have a single button which quickly connects the two tools without any extra steps needed.

Initial setup

To set up the MailChimp integration, you have two options. The first: Head over to Settings > Personal > Connections and click on Connect now next to the MailChimp logo, prompting the MailChimp login window.

Personal Settings View Connections Pipedrive

Personal settings view for setting up the connection.

The second: Set the integration up from the People list view in Pipedrive which is the place where you will export your contacts to MailChimp afterward. If you click on the MailChimp button in the footer, you’ll be prompted the same MailChimp login window as before.

How to move data between Pipedrive and MailChimp

Now that you’ve set the integration up, you can start creating filtered segments in Pipedrive of the contacts to whom you want to send emails.

Of course, you might want to send a MailChimp campaign out to all of your customers, but it’s more likely that you’d want to reach a smaller, more defined segment, such as “customers who have bought before,” or customers who are “based in New York.”

This is how it works.

First, you’ll need to create a list in MailChimp (or use an existing one) by heading to Lists> Create List.

Then, in Pipedrive, you use a filtered list based on the criteria of your segment group. Under Contacts > People, you simply apply the filter and export the contacts in that list by clicking on on the MailChimp button in the footer.

To set up a filter based on criteria, you click on the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your Contacts > People tab, and select Create a new filter set.

Create New Filter Set Pipedrive

Creating a new filter set.


For example, if you want to include only people who have open deals with high value in your email campaign, you add the conditions that the contact has open deals, and that the deal value is more than a specified amount. Then, you click on the MailChimp button to export those contacts.

Export Emails MailChimp Pipedrive

The window that is prompted for selecting a MailChimp list.

Back in MailChimp, you simply use that list of contacts in your campaign.

A more comprehensive overview of filtering can be found here.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Bart Sturkenboom

    Hi, Is it possible to get the ‘click results’ back in from Mialchimp into Pipedrive (including unsubscibe feedback?)

    • Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible yet, but these things are definitely in the list of future improvements

      • Elizabeth Gladen

        This would be really handy if built.

      • eriklenaerts

        +1 vote

        tbh, we’re looking at pipedrive alternatives as this is (together “social media enrichment”) is one of the key missing features for us.

      • Tom Dickenson

        Hi any updates or time frames on when this might be implement?

      • Tony Davis

        +1 vote for pushing MC reports into Pipedrive. Is it on the roadmap?

      • Förskoleappen Tyra

        This function is pretty critical for us, where on the roadmap is this function planned?

        • Christopher

          We don’t have an ETA for this yet.
          In the meantime, you could use a third-party integration called Pipechimp:

      • Martin

        Hey guys, after two year no changes yet? This can be a serious deal breaker for some companies especially the ones who gives something on privacy of their users. Apart of that, some countries have strict regulations about handling the contacts with in their system and the fines are not there to neglect. There has been serious amount of resources spent all over just to find a solution to handle sync with Mailchimp and the unsubscribe feature. Common, Is not that hard of a thing to develop, is it? Read a bit more how others are struggling with it and please sent a ticket to your devs team.

      • Hi there … checking in on this, it has been about 3 years since this request was made.

        Any update?

        • Michael

          Hi Alex.

          Sadly, we have no updates to speak of in that arena to share at the moemnt. I defer to Anni or Christopher’s earlier replies on the subject which both highlight Pipechimp as a way to solve this problem for the time being.

    • Hi, you can automate the flow of information between Pipedrive and MailChimp by using Pipechimp, a new tool for two way sync between Pipedrive and MailChimp. Pipechimp brings your contacts’ Mailchimp actions back to Pipedrive as notes. Pipechimp can also be configured to create a new deal as soon as a contact opens a link in your email campaign. Please find further information about Pipechimp under Pipedrive integrations or by visiting

  • Amar Dhaliwal

    Is it possible to continuously add people to an existing mail chimp list? For instance we our customers subscribe in our office. This information is then entered into mail chimp. We would like to update the same list ever so often.

    • Christopher Baker

      I also want this. Without auto updating lists there is no automation to the mailchimp integration. This is the only thing missing from pipedrive.

    • chrism2671

      We need this too.

    • Hi, you can automate your mailing list updates with Pipechimp, a new tool for a two-way sync between Pipedrive and MailChimp. Once set up, Pipechimp will run in the background and update your mailing list every few minutes based on changes in Pipedrive. In addition to background two-way sync, Pipechimp also supports syncing custom fields for better segmentation. You can find further information on Pipechimp under Pipedrive integrations or by visiting

  • Hello Pipedrive.
    Thanks for this update – however I still do think that most of SME’s use Mailchimp List as principal database for opt-ins contact. It means that without an easy options to fill Mailchimp Custom Fields when importing, it has very limited interest to push contacts from Pipedrive without the excel step.

    For example, I have a Language custom field in Mailchimp that absolutely needs to be filled when pushing contacts from Pipedrive – not the case for now as far as I know. I could have a sort of dropdown screen selecting my Mailchimp custom fields for a filtered list within Pipedrive.

    Hope it gives you insight for improvement,

    • Hello, I have that problem too! Being able to say which PD field matches which MC field in a given list and having them synchronized forever would be just perfect!

  • Erik van Dorp

    Hi! Is there an option in pipedrive to see the activity of a person (opened or clicked the email, opted out etc) when sending the emails in mailchimp. Or is this just one-way? Erik

  • Dimitris Athanasiadis

    Also, sync is probably more useful. Here’s why. When I push certain contacts from PD to MC this corresponds to the reality now. Presumably, deals will be won or lost and PD contacts will need to move to a separate MC list. Sure, I can push the PD contacts again to the new MC list but the old MC list will have obsolete contacts.

    • Elizabeth Gladen

      Completely agree we experience the same issue. When customers progress through the different stages of the pipeline their status or as I’ve classified it segment will change and therefore will need to be opted out of certain email lists. Will it be possible for an email list in PD & MC to directly speak to each other and vice versa.

      • Elizabeth Gladen

        I’ve also just realised you can’t export contacts from PD to MC groups or segments therefore this tool isn’t of any assistance to me.

        • Cam Newton

          This would be HUGE. I’m literally about to find an alternative solution to pipedrive simply because I must have the ability to automate e-mail sequences based on lead status.
          Lead statuses change…. their e-mail sequences must change too. I need it to be automatic.

  • Bob Kamicar

    Great update… PD – is it possible to pull in Organization values to the People filter list? I also wonder if it is possible to split out a first name from your name field.

  • As I understand you suggest to create a new list in Mailchimp for every new email. That’s pretty bad practice as there are no data history shared across lists. You need one main list that is continually updated. Then you can create segments within that list.

    • Hey Troels,

      No – you can select your list when exporting, meaning you can use your Master List. However, I
      don’t see any option to map custom fields from Pipedrive to Mailchimp [Language, Country etc].

      And adding people to a mailing list without prior opt-in (or double opt-in) seems to me a bit 2000’s..


  • Lisa

    Hi, I filtered on “people” in PipeDrive for an email campaign and selected “Export to Mail Chimp” however, the “Organization” names all say “Hidden”. I wonder if it has to do with the new ability to filter on fields included in “Organizations”. Possible Naming of columns?

  • Alex Lassar

    the functionality has disappeared for me within contacts in Pipedrive. I have Mailchimp integrated.

    • Liora Milbaum

      Any idea why the functionality disappeared? I don’t have it as well.

      • Martin Henk

        The Mailchimp functionality is only available in the People page. If it’s not visible there any more it’s most likely because an admin user has disabled the ability for users to export data. As the Mailchimp integration is considered an export this decision will hide the functionality. Please contact your admin user about this issue.

        • Liora Milbaum

          Oh, I have the export function but I do not have the footer button. Actually, I don’t have any footer in the People page. Is that like it should be?

          • Martin Henk

            Sorry about the confusion! It’s an outdated screenshot. The actions have been moved from the footer to the top right corner. Please click the button with the 3 dots in the top right corner of the People page and select Mailchimp from there.

  • Louise

    Hi I don’t seem to be able to Set the integration up from the People list view or find Contacts > People tab, and select Create a new filter set. ?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Louise,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. Can you please contact our support about this? I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out. You can email or contact them through the Help & Feedback box in the app.

  • smashingstuff

    What we really need is Mailchimp integration in the opposite direction. We’re coming to Pipedrive after years of Mailchimp use. We’re using Mailchimp’s amazing forms capability to gather email addresses through our website (leads), complete with other fields of data, which we’re having to manually import into Pipedrive. It would be awesome to see these leads pop up in Pipedrive automatically. This is an old thread and post I know, but any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  • Another issue with Mailchimp is that it is list driven. So the more lists you make the more expensive it gets. If you have one person on 5 lists you pay for 5 subscribers.

    Just wanted to clarify if that is the case in the way you work with Pipedrive.

  • Macey Turley

    I cannot find the MailChimp button at the bottom of my filtered persons page within Pipedrive. In fact there’s no grey area. The very bottom of the page is my last contact. Help please.

  • Nugensis Limited

    It would be great to know open rates for sales follow up

  • Tommy Karlsson

    Hello, I have imported my contacts to MailChimp – and it´s great!
    Im just wondering if Pipedrive/ MailChimp filters away “already imported contacts” if I choose to import my list again. (Since i only use a massive one atm!) And im adding new customers in Pipedrive all the time. Thanks!

    • Tommy Karlsson

      And will it be a problem if someone has unsubscribed to my list, if I import all the contacts again? Or does MailChimp/ Pipedrive know this?

    • Michael

      mhhhh, u can actually try that yourself. Here are my results:
      When u export the same contact again, mailchimp detects that and keeps it one contact.
      When the user unsubscribes and u export again, mailchimp keeps the user unsubscribed. (but in pipedrive its still in the newsletter group of course).

  • John

    Is it yet possible to have the cilcks and opens from mailchimp associated with their respective records in Pipedrive? I am on a PD trial and this is a feature we need (so you can focus on hot leads that open/click) We segment in Mailchimp but exporting that data doesnt give us their phone numbers – they are in the CRM!

  • Katie White

    We really like the Pipedrive system but the current mail chimp integration system is so time consuming. If you want to export contacts from an organisation to mail chimp – it is a very lengthy ten point process (I got the process details direct from your support team).
    Apparently there are no plans at the moment to improve this?!! I really don’t think you should extoll the benefits of mailchimp integration with such a lengthy time consuming process. We love the rest of the product but this is a serious flaw in the system.
    We have looked at using Zapier but they can help either – please can you prioritise fixing this issue or stop promoting mail chimp integration as a Pipedrive USP.
    I’d love to know when this will be fixed.

  • Hanna Cevik

    contacts export fine, but nothing is added to mailchimp… no reason is given. Incredibly frustrating. What might be going on?

  • Edward Wang

    Was considering trying out pipeline, but the fact that they rely on MailChamp’s pricey services and other customers seem to have trouble with the intergration is a huge turnoff. Especially when other CRMs have their own mass email system implemented.

  • Katie White

    Can someone from Pipedrive come back to me on when you will be able to easily add people from Companies into mailchimp – without a laborious ten step process and duplicating records. You need to do some urgent work on this as otherwise you shouldn’t talk about easy mailchimp integration.

  • Melissa Gómez Di Tomaso

    Hi! For example, I want to create an automatic campaign for birthdays, there’s a way that everytime that the sells teams add a new contact automatic goes to Birthday list on mailchimp?

  • Kellie Walker

    Are emails sent from MailChimp “swept into Pipedrive? If so, what’s the mechanism that brings them in?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Kellie,
      Not automatically. There are ways to accomplish it, but I wouldn’t recommend it with large data sets

      • Kellie Walker

        Thanks, Martin. How large would the data set need to be to make it too large?

        We’d like to be able to capture the emails we send to clients & prospects via MailChimp in Pipedrive and are looking for solutions.

  • Matt Cano

    I started using Mailchimp before Pipedrive, so I have a pretty extensive collection of lists of customers in Mailchimp. What is the best way for me to get those contacts from Mailchimp in to Pipedrive. This article seems to be focused on the other way around, unfortunately.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Matt,
      If you can export these lists from Mailchimp into a spreadsheet you can use our data import functionality. It’s in Settings, Import data, Import from file. If you need to categorize the people you import from the different lists I would recommend creating a custom field in Pipedrive first (a Single option field or a Multiple option field), export the list from Mailchimp, add the category to each row, save the file and upload so the category is added to the people right away.

  • G’day – Can you update the screen shots to match the current version.

  • Chad Gammage

    Hi, I have a start-up and so far just a small list of clients. I also have a decent enough marketing campaign for 2017. I want sync everything to work as seamless and stress free as possible before it begins. I’m using Unbounce, S2L’s and Constant Contact. Unbounce and S2L’s are staying. I’m considering Mail Chimp, Zapier and Pipedrive. How will Pipedrive help me accomplish my integration goals.

  • Melissa Gómez Di Tomaso

    Hi, can I export name / lastname / email and birthday date? I can’t find how to export the birthday date to my mailchimp list.

    • Christopher

      Hi Melissa,

      Currently you can only export name and email address.

      Pipedrive Support

      • Anthony Simpson

        Please implement first and last name fields, due to the fact that when exporting contacts, and then importing them into MailChimp, either the first and last names are muddled, or if in Pipedrive the contact only has a first name, MailChimp will import their first name as their last. Please add an option for First and Last names in Pipedrive.


        • Christopher

          Hi Anthony,

          Thanks for the feedback, we will see what we can do.

          • Tom Wemyss

            We would love to see this too. Thanks!

          • Mark Matthews

            Agreed. I’m shocked this isn’t a thing. It’s screwed up my merge fields in mailchimp 🙁

      • Sales Team at BrokrBindr

        I wish to add my voice to this request. We are Pipedrive resellers. Our customers REALLY need a birthday field to be passed to MailChimp… and more generally a date field to be used as a trigger for other similar email messages (holiday, transaction anniversaries, etc). The absence of this capability is a real headache for us!

  • Hi,
    I am a new user of pipedrive, but unable to connect my mailchimp account with Pipedrive.. I was tried to connect with my mailchimp account but it was returned back the same window

    and showing this msg Your account is currently not connected to a Mailchimp account.

    please help me out


    • Christopher

      Hi Jhimli!

      We are experiencing an issue with the Mailchimp integration at the moment.
      We are investigating and it should be back up and running soon!

      Could you submit a support ticket so we can let you know when it is fixed?


      Pipedrive Support

      • Thanks, Mr, Sam from CS notify me, and promise me he will send me an update when it’s resolved from your end.

        Thanks for prompt reply

  • Kai Cable

    Hi, I’m testing PipeDrive as a potentially new CRM for our sales team. I’ve followed your PipeDrive to Mailchimp instructions and it is working fine. However, is it possible to automate the PipeDrive filter to export newly added contacts – as they are added to the filter over time – through the pipeline over to the MailChimp list?

    • Christopher

      Hi Kai!

      You can do this using Zapier. When a new contact is added, you can have it automatically exported to Mailchimp. You can do this here:

      Hope this helps!

      Pipedrive Support

      • Kai Cable

        That is super Christopher – goes a long way to setting up multiple, customized, automated pipeline/campaigns. Thanks, R

  • Prowise UK

    Hi – will my list made up of my pipe drive contacts automatically sync up? If I have to do it manually, how do I do that?

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      The contacts don’t automatically sync up but you can export contacts to Mailchimp by clicking here:

      Hope this helps!


      • Prowise UK

        Hi – thank you. I was worried about doing another export like I did the first time in case I ended up with duplicates etc. but it worked. Thank you anyway!



    Is it possible de sync all contact infos with mailchimp (not only email adress) ?



    • Christopher

      Hi Elie,

      Unfortunately only the email address and name can be synced.

      • Jan Moens

        Why is that? It should be possible to sync more info than just a name. For instance place, company, sector, etc

        • Christopher

          It was built this way but hopefully it will be improved in future.
          For a more rounded integration, you can try Pipechimp:

  • Nasser Rostamizadeh

    Hi, if I send a campaign using mailchimp from an exported list, can it be tracked as an email sent in an open deal?

    • Christopher

      Hi Nasser,

      This integration is one way at the moment. Results from Mailchimp won’t be tracked within Pipedrive.


      • Elizabeth

        Hello Christopher,

        This may be a repeat of the question above, but I just want to make sure that I understand. I understand that the actions taken by the Mailchimp message recipients such as unsubscribes or email opens won’t be tracked in Pipedrive – but will Pipedrive track that the email was sent?

        • Christopher

          Hi Elizabeth,

          No it won’t. This integration only pushes contacts to Mailchimp.
          You can always try this third-party integration:

  • Fréderique Debecker

    Hi, I’m using your integration with Mailchimp. In Pipedrive we made a person filter on contact level. When we want to export it to Mailchimp it didn’t add any contact to the list. How can this be solved?

  • Zach Sanders

    Hi whats the best integration into Pipedrive that will remind me when my clients birthdays are?

  • Gastro Smart


    the current “integration” is not really helpful – all it does, as far as I know, is to send out a specific, yes maybe filtered, list of contacs and their email adresses and some other fields to MailChimp. To be honest, this can be done just as well, if not easier and more flexibly via an Excel ex- and import from and to PD an MC, respectively.

    Stats from MailChimp would be great of course, BUT actually far more critically to us, would be to just have the sent out E-Mail in the Lead Flow of PipeDrive.

    Its really very important, when talking to clients, to know, what mails they recently received, isnt it???

    MailChimp doesnt allow BCCing, so at the moment, we are stuck, adding MailCampaign Campaigns to leads, using BulkEditing and a field in which a tag for a specific Mailcampaign (eg X-Mas ’17) is entered.

    If there is any better way than this, I would very much appreciate to learn about it.

    Many thanks, Michael

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Michael! We are currently working on email campaigns and this will be available at some point in the future. In the meantime I think Pipechimp might help you to achieve – it would add a note to the contact for example –

  • Hi, i try to connect Pipedrive and Sendinblue via Zapier.
    It works.

    But i have some problem with Name and Last Name (sendinblue match them together)

    Is it possible to implement first and last name fields in Pipedrive?
    Thank you so much

  • Personally, I don’t mind just going to MailChimp for my stats. They have a great dashboard, and a great mobile app, and “Alt-Tabbing” between screens is often more efficient than chasing through browser tabs.

    To my way of thinking, Pipedrive would do well to get the most basic functionality out there right away. Very simple: two-way sync of subscribers, with a notification if unsubscribed within Pipedrive, so we don’t accidentally go adding back subscribers, period (or “full-stop” as they say across the pond). IMHO, all the other bells and whistles can come in phase II and later,

    Marketcircle’s Daylite + iOSEXPERT plugin does a brilliant, flawless job of this, but unfortunately, that whole deal only works on my MAC systems.

    As an aside, but perhaps worth mentioning here: it is incomprehensible to me that I can’t click multiple persons, and have a button, drop-down list, or bulk edit option that allows me to send an email to all those contacts clicked! I often want to send a note 2-10 people in an organization—too small for a MailChimp effort—and I can’t do it in Pipedrive without manually entering all the addresses! The lack of multiple contact selections for emails also makes the templates less useful.

    Looking forward to better email functionality.

  • Ethan

    I have just exported from Pipedrive to Mailchimp, however all the contacts without a surname in Pipedrive have been imported to Mailchimp with their First Name in the Last Name field. Is there a way to correct this?

  • Elie Bruno


    is it possible to import more than just the email adress form pipedrive to mailchimp ?
    Thank you


    • Michael

      Hi Elie.

      Our native integration with Mailchimp does not support this directly, however, one can import .csv or .xlsx files into Mailchimp, and one can export data from Pipedrive into a .csv or .xlsx file. Using this method, you could get more than one email address from Pipedrive assigned to a person in Mailchimp. Please contact our support team for more information.

      • Elie Bruno

        Hi Michael,
        Thank you for your reply !
        Just to be sure I understand : we can only import emails from Pipredrive to Mailchimp ? The solution is to export data from Pipedrive and to upload it in Mailchimp ?
        Thnx Michael

        • Michael

          Hi Elie.

          The native integration pushes a single email address per person from Pipedrive to Mailchimp.

          Exporting person data from Pipedrive into a spreadsheet, and then importing the resulting spreadsheet into Mailchimp, is one solution to get more than one email address per person from Pipedrive to Mailchimp.

 could be another solution, as Pipechimp offers a more robust integration between Pipedrive and Mailchimp, with additional functions such as pushing custom fields from Pipedrive to Mailchimp. If your additional email addresses were in custom fields, this could also act as a solution.

 provides instructions for reaching out to our support team, who would be more than happy to help here.