A Big Day for Us: Pipedrive Raises $9 Million in Series A Funding

Today is a huge milestone for Pipedrive. I’m thrilled to announce that we have raised an additional $9 million in Series A funding to help us accelerate our growth.

This investment will help us hire more talented people to join our current family of employees. With their help, we will build more technology, market more broadly and deliver greater service to better serve you – our more than 10,000 customers – and many more small businesses and their salespeople around the world.

This round in funding was led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from Paua Ventures. It also includes participation from existing investors including Rembrandt Venture Partners and AngelPad, which as you may recall is where Pipedrive was incubated in 2012. To date, we’ve raised $13.4 million.

As Pipedrive’s new CEO, I’m amazed at how efficiently Pipedrive has grown with so little capital invested. We have competitors who have achieved less scale after raising more capital.

And this recent investment is a testament to this.

Here’s what Alex Ferrara, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners had to say about why they chose to back us:

“Pipedrive’s growing base of more than 10,000 paying small business customers shows that the company’s simple, intuitive approach to helping them sell better by visualizing the sales pipeline works. We invested in Pipedrive because we believe that it has the potential to help more small businesses around the world close more business.”

This is an amazing trek we’re on and we wouldn’t be here without your loyal support.

Expect more good things to come.


You can read more on the news over at TechCrunch and VentureBeat.

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Steve Oriola

Steve is the CEO of Pipedrive

  • Getvoice

    Congratulations ! Success !

  • Nico Oud

    That’s awesome! Beat Salesforce! 😉

  • Häming Matthias

    I have some suggestions to do. Who can i contact? 😉

  • Christian Kurer

    Congratulations! That’s great news, well deserved!

  • Congratulations, we are a customer and I am a huge fan of Pipedrive. Looking forward to watching you go from strength to strength

  • Yoel

    Guys, the new web UI u launched few months ago is awful! Lots of blank areas and the important info is lost in the scroll down.
    No. one thing everyone loved about pipedrive: the simple UI and all-in-one-view, is gone

    • Hi Yoel,

      Thanks for the feedback! We realize that every change is difficult, especially to a UI that hasn’t changed in years. At the same time majority of the feedback on the last version of the new detail pages has been very positive.

      We took great care keeping the good parts of the old layout and fixing many of the problems with the old views. It took us a long time and many iterations to get it right, but I honestly believe the current 2 column layout is way better compared to the original views.

      We’ve explained the reasoning behind the changes in more detail here https://blog.pipedrive.com/2015/04/new-design-for-detail-views/

      I really hope you’ll get used to the new views quickly and will learn to appreciate the improvements.

  • Congratulations. We’ve got 2 companies using pipedrive to great success. The one thing that we’ve asked for repeatedly and continues to hold us back is the lack of recurring revenue accountability. Considering you’re also a recurring monthly model this seems like a pretty major oversight. We’re not going anywhere because the visual pipeline concept is stellar – but you’re causing me great pains reconciling without direct product as recurring.

    • Michael Guastaferro

      This is also a huge concern for us. We love the simplicity and intuitive interface, but not having the ability to track recurring revenue has almost caused us to walk away from Pipedrive numerous times. The many other great features of Pipedrive have kept us around, but thats only until some other CRM service solves this issue, which is only a matter of time. It seems to be something many of the other CRMs are lacking, which would give quite the advantage in the market. Keep up the great work!

      • Martin Henk

        Hi Bob and Michael,
        We hear you. After all we’re in the recurring revenue business ourselves. While this feature is not planned for the near future it’s definitely something we think about often and hopefully we’ll be able to add it to Pipedrive in the future.

  • Sidnei Ferreira

    I’m very happy with this news! I’m a Brazilian Pipedrive user and I consider Pipedrive the better Sales CRM around the world. Simple and very efficiently. I hope all success for you all, and I hope I can continue following this success together with for a long time!

  • Jan

    Hi there, maybe this is a opportunity to make it possible to have a checklist in salesstages. Maybe with recommended checks for example: contact person is part of the DMU at the qualify stage. Is this a thing to tink about? Good luck, Jan

  • Thanks for the great product. We actually use Pipedrive for non-sales activities, that still mimic a traditional sales funnel. For instance, raising investment, recruiting advisors, talent etc. The graphic interface makes it very helpful to see the entire funnel at once and help move the prospects to “sign the line which is dotted.” One question — will you be offering flexibility or templates that will help better mirror these nontraditional funnel projects?

  • Brad Veld

    I miss Timo.

  • PrayaagK

    Now can we please get Windows Phone app for pipedrive ?

    • Never say never, but unfortunately it’s not in the near terms plans for now.