New Design for Detail Views

Back in December we announced a new design for detail views in Pipedrive. We’ve now further enhanced the design so if you haven’t done so yet, turn on the new design here.

Why change something that works?

We’re not big fans of changing things just for the sake of it. In this case we feel that the new detail views layout significantly improves the user experience i.e. gets you more useful information in less clicks. And the feedback we’ve gotten so far confirms that we’re on the right path.

As many of you have noticed, we’ve tested various solutions including 3 columns instead of 2 columns. We think the 2 column version we ended up with is a great combination of the best parts from the original detail views and the improvements in the new views.

Notes. Emails. Files. Progress. See everything in one place

The centerpiece of the new detail views is a chronological timeline that includes all the notes, activities, files and emails that are linked to a deal or a contact. The timeline also shows the more important things that have changed. It’s now possible to see all your linked items in one central place. However, it’s also possible to drill down to each category and only see your activities or files, or see a very detailed list of things that have been changed when needed.

2 column new deal detail views Pipedrive

Timeline including notes, activities, files and more

We feel that it’s a much better way of showing the history of a deal or a contact since every item appears in the flow once in chronological order and most of the tiny little changes are hidden from view by default, so you only see what’s really important.

The new side panels give useful context

The new side panels contain more information about related items. You can always see the details of the connected organization in the person pages for example. So you no longer need to click on the name of the organization in the person view to see the mailing address or website address of the organization.

We’ve also moved some of the lists to the side panels which previously used to be hidden behind a tab. You can now see the list of people connected to an organization or the list of open deals linked to a person right there in the side panels without having to click a tab for it. If more info is needed, you can still click open a more detailed list view for each of these.

Pipedrive connected people new detail views

Connected people

It’s easy to customize which fields are visible in the new side panels

Empty rows can be collapsed, so if you have a large number of custom fields that are often empty you can simply collapse them so you only see the relevant information. We’ve added an option though to keep some of these fields visible even if they’re empty so you can easily detect the important fields that need to be filled.

Editing fields one by one didn’t change much, but it’s easier to click the bigger Edit and Save buttons now. Editing all the fields at once became much better with the Edit all button right next to the fields.

NEW: add a profile picture to contacts

One of the most requested features for the “old” detail views has been the ability to upload a picture to the contact. It’s now possible to do this in the new person detail views. The picture also shows up in the new deal details if a person with a picture is linked to the deal.

Pipedrive profile image new detail views

Adding a profile picture to a contact

The system can automatically pull in contact pictures from Gravatar and Google Contacts. Right now this happens when a contact is added or edited. A dedicated button for linking a picture to all existing contacts is coming soon along with other services to source pictures from.

The new detail view headers: the devil is in the details

The new and redesigned headers make it easier to perform the more common actions, such as changing the deal stage or updating the deal value. It’s now also possible to move a deal between pipelines from the header in a much more convenient way. Like everything else in the header section, the pipeline can be changed by simply clicking the name of the pipeline.

Faster and self-refreshing technology

At the end of last year we rebuilt the detail views from the ground up to be faster and smoother. Clicking on a deal in the pipeline view no longer means downloading an entire new web page. Just some of the content will change. This means that the navigation between different pages in Pipedrive will be faster.

The new pages are also able to change in real time. If you’re working in a deal and a co-worker leaves a note or changes something else about the deal, you’ll be able to see the changes without having to refresh the page.

Let us know your thoughts

If you’ve already opted in to activate the new detail views (or if you’ve joined Pipedrive in the last couple of months), you need to do nothing – you’ll have access to the new and improved detail views the next time you log in to Pipedrive.

If the deal, person or organization details look different to you than the above screenshot, you can turn on the new design here. Please note that other views of Pipedrive haven’t changed and that if you liked the “old” design of detail views better, you can continue using them. We will not add new features like profile photos to the “old” views and eventually would like all customers to use the new detail views, but no rush.

Let us know your thoughts about the new detail views either in comments below or via the “Help and feedback” section in the app.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Boaz Maurits

    Hi Martin, I really like the new views. Everytime when I think Pipedrive can not get any better, you guys proof me wrong! Great job and keep those updates coming! I would love to see better LinkedIn integration for instance.

    • Hi Boaz,
      I’m so glad to hear you like the new views!
      We’ll certainly keep the LI integration in mind, but can’t really promise anything since it depends more on them than us.

  • Nicely done, Martin.

  • Marc Dalby

    Nice Update. Can you please add comments for Files back, though. The way files are named it is often difficult to tell what the file is just by the filename alone. This is the only detail from the old views we really think needs to continue forward. Our sales process includes the need to identify the files attached to the deal at a glance. Thanks.

    • Hi,
      Thanks! The file comments is a known issue and we’re definitely thinking about it. Would it help at all if we let you rename the files that are already uploaded in the system or does it necessarily have to be a comment next to the original file name?

      • Stephen Cummings

        A comment/description field would be very valuable. If real estate on the screen is the issue, a “tool tip” popup that displays the comment could be a nice way to provide the added info on the file. (The date stamp and file name are info that are too important to lose.)

      • Stephen Cummings

        It would be helpful to have the Files filter display files that have been attached to emails tracked in Pipedrive with a Deal. Today those files only appear associated with the email they were with. It would be very helpful to show them when filtering by Files…

      • Marc Dalby

        The original filename is important, as a vendor or customer will often call and reference his original filename (ex. PO12345-6) and we can find it quickly by looking at the original filename. However, internally we will refer to this as “Vendor Name: PO #6” in in the comments and makes it easier to locate the document internally. I don’t know if many of your users have used the files associations as much as we have, but this feature is really important to us. We use Pipedrive as much more than a sales tool and run a large part of our pre and post sale operations with your software. It is an excellent product and very extensible. Please keep the comments with the new detail views. If it is not possible, the next best thing will be allowing us to rename the filenames in-place in the application. Thanks for continuing to consider this request.

        • Hi,
          Thanks! That makes the need very clear. We’ll take another look at this issue with the product managers next week.

          • Toomas

            Decicion to remove comments functionality is for us also major problem. We have 10-s of iles attached to deals and we are using comments field information in API.
            We didnt expect that Pipedrive removes functionality from tool. Because of that we are not able to use new interface.

          • Marc Dalby

            What was the input from the project managers on this issue? Any updates? Can we expect this feature to be added back into the new detail views in the future? Thanks.

          • Hi,
            Sorry for the delay with this! We’ve decided to add the file comments into the new detail pages soon. There’s no specific ETA yet, but it’s certainly coming this summer.

          • Marc Dalby

            That is great news. Thanks for the update! Will it still show comments for deals that were entered using the old detail view i.e., existing deals?

          • Martin Henk

            The existing file comments that were entered into the old view will become available again.

          • Marc Dalby

            Any update on when you will be adding this functionality back into the files? We need to have file comments in order to use the new deal view.

          • Martin Henk

            It should be done by September 1st.

          • Toomas

            Any news about comments?

          • Martin Henk

            Sorry for the delay! We ran into some unexpected issues and are still working on fixing it. It should be ready in September still, but will take a couple of weeks longer.

          • Martin Henk

            Good news! We were able to quickly overcome the last issues and it’s live now. All existing file comments will now show in the new detail views and it’s now possible to add new and edit them using the little menu next to each file.

      • Marc Dalby

        Here is an example of the files, filenames, and comments for one of our deals. As you can see, for many of them it would be difficult to tell what the file is just by the filename.

  • Jonas Vonlanthen (Liip)

    Nice one! There is a side panel information which seems missing in this new version.
    I cannot access the list of won deals from the organisation page anymore. Was that removed on purpose? Or is that accessible elsewhere now?

    • Hi,
      Thanks! Glad to hear you like it. You can see all the deals including the closed ones by clicking the All deals button in the bottom for the deals section.

  • PrayaagK

    Excellent. Now you did it. I had been asking this for months. But feels good. Better late than never. Thank you.

  • Lukas Cypra

    Nice update! 🙂 just a quick question – in my version I see the “company” tab in the left column above the “Person” – different from the picture above … how do I get the person above the company? thanks

    • Hi Lukas,
      The order of the panels can be changed. We’re working on the interface right now so you’ll be able to do it very soon yourself. But for now you can reach out to support from the Help and Feedback box in the app and ask them to set the order for you.

  • Scott Monaghan

    Nice work Pipedrive Team. We appreciate the continuous improvements.

  • Alan Mackie

    Like this… one feature we would really like… all our deals are on monthly retainer so I would really like an easy way to show won deals as $x per month for x months and for it to automatically show that in the timeline view. We have a specific view on timeline based on date invoiced and its brilliant for monthly income, except its a pain to have to create a deal for every month. Can you help?

    • David Mainyard

      Definitely need a way to track recurring revenue.

    • Rockwell Shah

      Definitely agree. Are entire business is built on recurring revenue.

      • Rockwell Shah


    • Hi everyone,
      Recurring revenue is currently very tricky. We do see subscription model taking over the world lately. Let’s see what we can do about recurring revenue deals.

      • Jack

        We want this too. Even you yourself are on the subscription model.

      • Matthew N Martin

        Any progress here? This is a feature we need.

        • Martin Henk

          Unfortunately I don’t see this happening any time soon. We’ve discussed this internally many times and in the end it’s a feature that’s way more about revenue reporting rather than deal management. So it’s not really our core thing.

          I’d suggest adding the predicted lifetime value of the deal as the value and tracking the specific actual income in some other tool if possible.

  • And Pipedrive continues to kick the ass of the rest of the CRM software market

  • Guido

    Hi Martin,
    It is so much easier to work with Pipedrive!
    This is the best reshuffle of the design I ever experienced. I also noticed you changed some features I find very useful. Now people can be linked to an org (as a client, ie: in a deal) or as a worker/employee… so useful!
    I still think the smart date/age will be a very useful addition for many businesses which use the age of a client. If the birthday date can change/update the field age we can easily see if he/she is still a minor when we want offer him/her an adult deal. I can wait for that, I am enjoying the ride.
    Thanks a million for your work

    • Hi Guido,
      Thanks for the kind words! We’ll definitely think about the birthday issue with the product managers next week.

    • Lukas Cypra

      Hmm, just noticed the possibility to link a person to an org in different ways, but am not able to find it in PD … could you point me in the right direction please?
      I am only able to “link” person to org with no further options…. but overall, agree, nice update 🙂

      • Hi Lukas,

        I’m glad to hear you like the update. In terms of linking a person to an org. I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused. May I ask that you describe what you’re trying to do in a bit more detail?

        • Lukas Cypra

          Well, i am not sure – I was reacting to the post of Guido, who mentioned that new people can be linked as clients or employees, so I thought that there are different “types” of linking the person to an org….

      • Guido

        You can also link a deal to an org so you will see the person which the deal is related to under the org view

        • Lukas Cypra

          This I know and use 🙂 thanks though

  • I really like the changes. They make keeping on top of information and the progress of a deal much more intuitive. It would be great to see the introduction of a Google Gadget in Gmail to add activities and save emails to deals right within an email when it’s read. I’m never going to use Pipedrive as my email client so instead bring Pipedrive into the email client like this just as other CRMs like Insightly do… Please!

    • Hi Peter,
      Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to hear you like the new views.
      I’ll pass the request for a Gmail gadget on to the product manager in charge of email.

      • Raph Robil

        Hi there. Great look AND efficient !
        I agree with Peter, the Insightly gmail gagdet almost made me choose the other solution… but i’m using pipedrive right now and it rocks ! If you develop the gmail gagdet you’ll be far ahead !

    • Lukas Cypra

      My vote for the Google Gadget as well !! :))

    • Marc Dalby

      I agree as well. We tried in the beta, but was never really happy with using Pipedrive as our email client. A google gadget in Gmail would be an absolute plus in my mind!

  • Ivan Weiss

    Awesome update, really like the new view. The one thing that I think is missing is an opportunity for internal conversation about a deal… For example, I want to ask someone on my team about a deal. It is not a client note, but a question, and I want the response in pipedrive so I do not have to email back and forth and have no log of it… A way to socially collaborate around a deal in pipedrive (with email notifications ) would be huge!

  • Felipe Grau Zabala

    Excellent PipeDrive, all people at me company is very happy with this incredible improvement ! We are PipeDrive fans here at Chile.

    The only problem that the new “Contact Detail View” have is that in organizations you guys eliminated the “Related Organizations (beta)”. This is essential for my comoany. We have 12.000 schools as organizations at my PipeDrive and 3.000 school company owners organizations. These organizations are ALL related. This means that i’m still forced to used the OLD Contact Detail view =(

    Please add the “Related Organizations (beta)” to the new view !!!

  • Mark

    While I find beneficial the new header and side column, I feel that displaying the activity stream as “story board” is a worsening. While “story board” style is popular in social apps like Facebook or Linkedin (and in some of your competitor app), I don’t think it is an effective user interface for a business tool.

    When I check a deal (or a contact) I need to have first a whole understanding of the past and future activities. The previous interface “table” style is much more effective to provide a global overview of the deal/contact.

    Instead in “story board” interface I don’t see a way to have quickly the global overview…

  • Amr Hassan

    Take a screen shot of the Old View and the New View, and place them side by side.

    In the Old View | All the information appears in your window. Everything a click away, no scrolling needed.
    In the New View | All key information is in one column on the Left, requiring you to scroll down to get to the information you need. If no activities have taken place, then the huge real estate in the center of your screen is empty space.

    Having to scroll off screen to view information like participants of the deal (now just their name and not the rest of the details like in the old view, which you now have to click to get to) is very unproductive.

    • Hi Amr,

      Thanks for the feedback! I completely understand your frustration as major changes to anything one has been using for a long time are hard to get used to.

      I don’t think you’re entirely fair to the new views though. The list of participants is not really visible in the old view. It’s hidden behind a tab and you don’t even see the names of the participants. You need to click the tab to see the list.

      It’s possible to rearrange the panels in the left hand side column by clicking the button with the three dots in the top right hand corner in the new views and selecting ‘Reorder sidebar sections’. You can move the participants section higher up so you won’t have to scroll to see it.

      We feel that the new views are a great improvement over the old ones. We do however understand that even with the reorder there will always be something below the fold where you need to scroll and click to see the full list and we’ll continue working on solutions to make this experience better.

      • Florian Reinhardt

        Although the new design looks pretty nice, I have to agree with Amr and Mark! The global overview is key to get a quick overview on the activity history. Now, I have to keep on scrolling down to get a full picture and get a bunch of detailed information I don’t necessarily need along the way. Can you please bring the global overview back in the new design? Maybe just as another view option would totally do for me.

        • Martin Henk

          Ho Florian,

          Do you mean the more compact table view of the activities when you say global overview?

  • jlippiner

    These are great but is it possible to add our OWN custom side panel? For example, if we could pull in an iframe from our server where we pass a fiend or the pipedrive deal id, then we can include relevant data with each deal to help close more sales. Right now our sales associates need to jump between two systems. Even if we could do a request and then have a JSON response displayed, that would be huge.

    • Martin Henk

      There’s no way to pull info into the page. But we’ve seen companies pushing info into a custom field automatically. So it’s always visible when entering the detail pages.

      It’s usually done this way:
      – you create a large text field type custom field in Pipedrive
      – you create a push notification to send data to your server every time something is added or edited in Pipedrive
      – your server takes the request, parses the JSON and finds the necessary data (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc to find the relevant data in your system)
      – your server updates the record in Pipedrive adding all the meta data into the large text custom field

      Please contact support if you think this approach makes sense and you need more detailed instructions for it

  • Udi Ura

    Hi, I have 2 questions.
    1. I cant see the custom fields in my mobile app. Do you know why?
    2. I want to show custom fields in the pipeline view. How do I turn it on?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Udi,

      You might have to log out and log back in to see the fields after you’ve added them from the web interface. You can see all the fields when you tap on an item and then select the Details tab.

      It’s not possible to show custom fields in the pipeline view. For now it’s only possible to see the default title, value and contact fields.

  • KJ

    Hi There! Is there a way to view all activity on the deal page for all contacts/participants + the organization tied to this deal?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi KJ,
      You’ll have to click through to each of the connected items in order to see the activity linked to them. There’s no way to see all of it in one place.