Pipedrive and Google Calendar Integration Receives a Comprehensive Update

Google Apps Gears Pipedrive IntegrationThe integration between Pipedrive and Google Calendar has received a hefty and strong overhaul, making the Google Apps CRM integration far faster and more customizable than before.

Here’s a brief overview of the 3 updates to the Pipedrive-Google Calendar integration:

1. Subject customization

You can now customize the subject line of your calendar event however you like. This makes managing your calendar, and grasping its contents easier.

2. Reminder settings update

You are now able to set any number of reminders with different timeframes per each activity type, i.e. Calls, Meetings and more. For example, you might want to have a “5 minutes before” popup for Calls. Or for Meetings, you might want to set up a “1 hour before” email and a “15 minutes before” popup. You might also want to remove reminders for Tasks altogether.

Pipedrive Google Calendar sync

An example of different activity reminder settings.

In case you haven’t configured the Pipedrive-Google Calendar integration, you will get the “30 minutes before” popups as your default activity notifications when you do first set up the sync. If you want to change the default reminder settings, you’ll need to edit them under Google Calendar settings in Pipedrive.  

3. Instant sync both ways

This means that the 2-way sync between Pipedrive and Google Calendar is now lightning fast. Shift an event in your calendar and it will be reflected in Pipedrive immediately. Change the time of a meeting in Pipedrive and you’ll instantly see it change in you Google Calendar.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Chris

    and the week FINALLY starts with Sunday in Pipedrive! Yay!

    • It’s great that you noticed! This small update was long overdue

      • yaniv

        so can we shift to Sunday start of the week w/o the google integration? I couldn’t find it.

        • Hi Yaniv,
          Yes, you can. It depends on the Locale setting in the main Settings page. If you choose a locale that has Sunday set as the first day of the week (English United States for example) the date pickers will reflect it.

          • Any possibility of manually putting the first day of the week back to Monday?

          • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

            Hello Christoph!

            With English Ireland/UK locale the week should start on Monday.

            In case you have any further questions about it, feel free to reach out at http://support.pipedrive.com. We will be happy to help!

  • Jeffrey Bloch

    Keep up the great work guys/ladies!!

    • Thanks! I’ll pass this on to the rest of the team

  • Marco Aurelio

    Great release, thanks!

  • Denis

    Great job, that’s useful! Thank you.

  • Phos4

    So… for 2 way sync I should create a pipedrive calendar in Google Calendar and not use my primary calendar so that events not related to pipedrive don’t come over. Correct?

    • Hi,
      Yes, that would be the easiest way to accomplish a 2-way sync and control the events that end up in Pipedrive from your Google Calendar.

  • jrfent

    Nice improvement! I look forward to using it.

  • Excellent improve !!

  • debra

    Is there a way to share a calendar event with a team member?

    • Hi, there’s no real good way of doing this inside Pipedrive yet. You can of course just invite the other team member to the event in Google Calendar.

      • +1 For this one. Inviting people to an activity is really on my top of the Pipedrive Wishlist (that and syncinc contact whom I follow, not only those I Own). Would take a lot of work off our hands!

        Keep up the good work!

  • Steve

    Is it possible to see the meeting address in google calander when made in pipedrive?

    • Hi Steve,
      We send the location from the default Address field of the organization to Google Calendar if the activity is linked to an organization in Pipedrive and the address is filled in. You can see it in the default location field.

  • Jeffrey Atizado

    Do you have any plans to integrate Google Mail to link email correspondence to Opportunities?

    • Hi,
      Yes. In fact we have this available in closed beta. It’s stable and we’re slowly rolling it out for more and more users. We can enable it on your account if you’re interested in trying it out.

      • Jeffrey Atizado

        Yes please! Im testing the email forward workflow, but direct integration with Google is much more preferred.

      • James Horigan

        Hi, we would love to be in the beta for the Google Mail integration. We have been wanting this in Pipedrive for some time. The copy past BCC one way thing is not cutting it for us. We love Pipedrive!

      • Dieter Berz

        We’d like to join the beta program too. Would be great to get us signed up.
        Many thanks!

  • Neeraj Harlalka

    Heck can i have the mail integration for our account as well please. Look forward to using it and sharing feedback!

    • Hi,

      Sure. I’ve enabled it on your account along with the new Mail page. You’ll see the new icon in the top menu. By default it will present you with the new Smart BCC option, but you can enable full sync from Settings, Email integrations.

      I think the new mail system is much better along with the new detail pages which you can enable from the Settings, Features page fro your account. The emails just look so much better and you can send emails directly from the detail pages if the full sync is enabled.

  • Sarah

    How do I try this out?

    • Hi,

      You can enable the Google Calendar integration from this page here: https://app.pipedrive.com/settings#gcal

      After the connection is set up you can add an activity in Pipedrive and see it appear in your Google Calendar. You can then move that event around in Google Calendar and see the change reflected in Pipedrive.

      • Sarah

        I don’t have the option for Google Calendar, just Google Contacts?

        • Sorry to hear about the trouble! It used to be possible to turn this function on and off from the company features section. Someone must have disabled it at some point. Can you please contact support@pipedrive.com and ask them to enable it on your account.

          • Sarah


  • jonathan

    Is this enabled in all accounts – I don’t see it yet in mine

  • Lorenzo

    Outside of having more pizza all I want is for PD to let me create an Activity from an email. Having to create a Deal and then an Activity is well it makes me want more pizza. Maybe I should email Rikki about this 🙂

    • Hey Lorenzo,

      Do you mean adding an activity next to an email thread in the Mail page? Without having to have this thread linked to a deal first? Or… damned, started thinking about pizza now. Can’t think of any other options. I really hope it’s the first one. If so, we’ll definitely consider changing this in the future.

      • Lorenzo

        Pizza usually helps but I think you know what I mean. In essence, I get an email and I can schedule a task, appointment, etc from it rather than having just the option of Adding a Deal.

  • qreativ

    I love this option, but it is not working for us. I have setup the sync several times but it wont sync 🙁

    ps. can our team also get acces to the new mail functionality?

    • Martin Henk


      Sorry to hear about the trouble! We don’t automatically sync existing activities so after you switch on the sync have you tried adding a new activity to see if that appears in the calendar? If it still doesn’t work it’s best to contact our support through the Help & Feedback box in the app.

      Unfortunately we’re currently not enabling the Gmail sync for a short while. It will however become generally available again in October.

  • Miles

    How can I only have “Meetings” displayed in my Google Cal? In PD settings, “Meetings” is the only one I have checked, I did a sync, but I still see all my calls on my calendar.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Miles,
      Unfortunately we don’t remove already synced activities if you change the settings later. So if you only leave meetings in the settings from then on we no longer send new calls into your Google Calendar but we won’t remove the previously added calls either. Hopefully you didn’t get too many of them into your calendar.

  • Marcel20

    Can we please have Monday as the first day of the week while having English-US as locale setting ?

  • Arturs

    Is it possible to remove task from gCalendar if it was marked in Pipedrive?

  • Mikhail

    The Google Calendar function has stopped syncing automatically. This began 3 days ago. I can get it to sync manually by clicking the button, but this is very time consuming and counter productive. How do I get it to auto sync again? (It was working for months prior)

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Mikhail,
      We’re really sorry for the problems with the sync! We’ve encountered some technical problems and the developers are hard at work fixing the issues. It will be fixed very soon. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s fine again.

      • Martin Henk

        Sorry again for the trouble with this. It’s back up and running now.

  • Michael Oesterheld

    Google account sync function is not working automatically, so I have been doing the manual sync but today that option disappeared for calendar, still working for contacts though. Its killing me….

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry about that! It’s now working again.

      • Michael Oesterheld

        Thanks Martin, it sure is, that instant sync is sweet.

  • Ulrik Horn

    Martin and the Pipedrive Team, thanks for a really good CRM system. I was wondering if it is possible to add support for completed tasks with the Google Calendar integration? It could be as simple as just adding [Completed] as a string at the beginning of the Google Calendar entry. The reason I am asking is that I am using Todoist as well to keep of non-CRM tasks, and I have my overview in Sunrise calendar. Todoist adds a nice checkmark to the string that is the subject of the Sunrise appointments. However, for Pipedrive, I do not get any signal from Pipedrive that a task is complete and my calendar looks like I have a lot of stuff I didn’t finish. Another issue is that when I delete a deal with tasks in it, those tasks are not removed from Google Calendar even if they are removed in Pipedrive. Thanks for listening!

  • mmoretto

    How can i assign a task to my collogue having the possibility to check WHEN he/she is free according to his/her calendar? Now i’ve the problem to assign a task without knowing the effective availability of a resource

    • Martin Henk

      This is currently not possible inside Pipedrive. At least not visually (you could go check out the activities assigned to the other user from the Activities list, but that’s a very roundabout way of doing it).

      The good news is we’re currently actively working on a solution for this. Both for your own activities as well as for other users.

  • Piyush

    Is there similar integration for Outlook? I could only find one paid one.

  • David


    I have linked my google contacts / agenda with Pipedrive, but for some reasons I can’t see my existing meetings/tasks in Google Agenda in Pipedrive and can’t see any of my contacts in Google Contact in Pipedrive. Is it normal? Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for your feedback guys


  • christopher jagt

    Might i ask if there is a field directory for this? I am trying to add the owner of a task to the event but [owner] or [assigned to user] don’t work.

  • BK

    How do I start my week on a Sunday? I’ve set my locale to US-English. No luck, still showing Sunday with last weeks stats.

    • Pedro


      With English US locale the week should start on Sunday. That means, If you have a won deal or activities completed on Sunday the 14th, it should appear today under the time period filter “This week” in the New Statistics.

      Could you send us more details so we can take a look? Submit a ticket here: http://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/requests/new We will be happy to help!

  • Bart Roger G Claeys

    Hello, are there issues with the calendar sync to google?

    • Pedro

      Hello Bart,

      It should be working fine again since this morning. Sorry for any trouble!

      • Bart Roger G Claeys

        is there an issue today with the email sync?

  • Melissa Gómez Di Tomaso

    Hi! Use Google Calendar to display the working hours of the team, is there way to see the weekly calendar in weekly view by colors in Pipedrive ? Not like actions but like an agenda of the enterly week

  • Ruby

    When I mark my Meeting as “done” in Pipedrive, it takes the event off my calendar. Is there a way to complete the event in Pipedrive, but keep the Google Calendar event visible on Google Cal?

    • Mario Tasane

      Hey Ruby, at the moment, it is not possible to keep the activity. Sorry

      • Christian

        Is there any solution for this? I’m having a worse problem. When someone from outside my company sends an invite to me and I mark it as “Done”, it automatically disappears from his calendar. Is there any way to prevent this?

  • Ian

    Is there anyway to sync with a different email or have an URL?

  • Mitesh Ashar

    We maintain an organisation code for all our customers. For e.g. Pipedrive OÜ could have a code “POU”. I have created a custom field in organisations to store that. Now, I want to use that field for my subject customisation for Google Calendar. How do I achieve that?

    • Christopher

      Hi Mitesh,

      Unfortunately custom fields aren’t supported for subject name customisation at the moment.
      Will pass on the feedback to our Product team 🙂

  • Craig Bramall

    Hi i am trying to integrate my google calendar but when i click on the link (Connect your Google account
    to activate Google Calendar sync) I am getting a blank page. Can you help with this ?