We have updated our Zapier triggers and actions

Zapier Pipedrive integrationWe have some great news from the Zapier automation department. We’ve added new triggers and actions to our book of tricks. The old ones are still intact, but they will be easy to distinguish from the new ones, as they will have (Legacy) added to at the end of their titles.

The new triggers have access to much more data for linked items (to the person and organization linked to the deal). So if you have a deal trigger, you can now fetch the phone number and email address of the person, the postal address of the organization, or any other information linked to the deal, including custom field information.

The new actions are now able to accept Pipedrive IDs to improve Pipedrive – Pipedrive automation. For example, if you have a deal trigger to add an activity automatically each time a deal is moved to a stage, you can now link the activity to the deal using the Deal ID instead of the deal title.

NB! If a zap creates a new deal based on an existing one, it is necessary to add something the to deal title, so add “production”, “delivery”, “v2” or similar to avoid duplication.  So for a zap like “if deal is won create a new deal in delivery pipeline for it”, make sure to add “delivery” or similar to the new deal title.

Be sure to check out the zapbook at Zapier’s website to learn about all the possible tricks you could teach Pipedrive with Zapier’s help.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Brendan Knowles

    This is great, thanks team. Will give it a go shortly.

  • Maciej Wasyluk

    Started to use Zaps recently. They work great and are really helpfull. Now I need to find a way to trigger an action in Salesforce when pipedrive’s deal is moved to a certain stage. Any idea if this is already possible or planned in future or not at all?

    • Chris Bryce

      I also am looking to figure out how to do this.

  • Would love to be able to trigger new tasks in Trello (or any task management software) when new Activities are created.

    • Hey! One option would be to use Pipedrive push notifications (https://app.pipedrive.com/push_notifications) with the “added.activity” event. And a Web hook as the source in Zapier. There’s not a whole lot of info available in the push notification, but it might be enough for a simple sync like this.

      • Camila Rissi

        Hi, is there any new material to share with us?

    • John Jackson

      You could use Flow XO (https://flowxo.com) – similar to Zapier – we now have Trello integration so you could do this (I’m with Flow XO).

  • Aaron Toys

    Hi, I want to have a Zap trigger when a deal’s status is updated from Open to Won or Lost. From the description, the ‘New Deal’ trigger should do this: “Triggers when you create a deal, any deal enters a specific stage, is marked as won or lost, or enters any filtered deals list.” Unfortunately,updating a deal to Won or Lost isn’t actually triggering the Zap. Should this be working? Should I be using a different Zap? Thanks!

    • kpellegr

      Has there been any follo-up on this? I too would like to trigger an action when a deal is “won”. Could someone please provide an example?

      • Holliday

        Kpellegr, you have to create the filters in Pipedrive and then search for them.

    • Camila Rissi

      Exactly! I’m also having problems to trigger by status. It’s possible do it by stage, but as we know won or lost does not affect the stage field. Any suggestions?

      • Martin Henk


        The trick here is to select a filter in the 4th step that matches your criteria. For example All Won deals or any other filter really. So whenever a deal starts matching the filter it will trigger a zap. Please see the screenshot.

        Another way would be to set it up with a push notification from the Pipedrive side and a Web hook as the source on Zapier side along with a custom filter. It would be a lot faster but also much more difficult to set up.

        • Fridolin Brandl

          in theory i really understand this should work –
          in real, trying this is a headache – something just does not work…….
          i get no triggers from anything i try with deal “won”.
          any updates or sample zap?

          • Holliday

            Fridolin, you have to create the filters in Pipedrive and then search for them.

  • Axell

    Would be nice to have integration with Activities as well :0)

    • Hi,
      You mean use added activity as a trigger? We don’t have it as an official trigger available yet, but a workaround would be to use our Push notifications and use Web hook as the trigger in Zapier…

      • Andrey

        Hi Axell, could you explain a bit more the steps to achieve this with Push & Web hook?

  • Michael Wells

    We’re using Zapier to feed deals into PipeDrive, but it doesn’t seem that pushing values into custom fields is supported yet? It would be really helpful to have that! Even an initial comment field that can be constructed in Zapier would give a good starting point for that deal context.

    • LogicalZarf

      I used a Zapier delay trigger to run two zaps – create the deal, then add an activity (or note). But I could really use the custom fields too.

  • Vinicius Hoffmann Bernardes

    Hi! I’m looking for a way to implement mandatory fields in organizations, peoples and deals. There is any way to block a deal from move forward in the pipeline if there is no value in specific fields and custom fields? Zapier or FlowXO ?

  • Craig

    On New Person, some of my custom fields are showing up with the field api key like this :- organization__93760548ab1a965ac6bb6139a250bdc739bbe2a2
    Whereas other fields (from person) are coming out correctly
    (i.e. 5c19b706b0a0af3c798cfca1031cb85132bcf1a6 is showing as “Has app installed”).
    This isn’t a huge problem, but this issue is the org key above isn’t giving it’s string value, but rather a number (23, which is “Supplier”). Is there any way this can give the string value for the field, rather than it’s key? Or is there some way in zapier for me to map the 23 to Supplier?

  • Really need an action to update a deal (move to new stage) once the rot time has elapsed! How about it PipeDrive?

  • Rob

    I’m looking to trigger an email when the deal owner is changed. I’d like the new deal owner to receive a notificiation that they have a new deal. Any idea how to accomplish in Zapier?

    • Christopher

      Hi Rob,

      Please contact our support for help with this. Too long to write here!


  • Yza Nouiga

    Hi, I am trying to integrate the client information from Pipedrive to Dafuse using Zapier but I am not able to find the correct filter with the organization’s adress. It shows as blank even if I did enter the adress for the deal in Pipedrive. Do you have a solution for that?

    • Christopher

      Hi Yza,

      Please contact our support for help with this:


  • Mark Tristan Patena

    Hello, I’d like to update deals on pipedrive from a calendly entry. How do I use a trigger to retrieve the specific deal using a person’s email address?

    • Christopher

      Hi Mark,

      Our support team can help you with this: