Pipedrive Users’ Tricks and Hacks

Pipedrive Users Tricks Hacks

Foreword: Some Pipedrive users like having extra cards up their sleeves, which is why they’ve come up with a bunch of Pipedrive tricks and hacks on their own. Since they’ve proven to be useful, we wanted to share these tips with everyone.

It’s worth noting that this post is a living and breathing document. It’s going to be updated regularly, if and when we receive cool and useful tricks, tips and hacks from our customers about Pipedrive’s use.

If you have any suggestions of your own, let us know by either publishing them in the comments section below, or submitting them to ott.ilves@pipedrive.com.

1. How to create a printable to-do list

If you like seeing a snapshot of all the activities you’ve got to do today, or are fond of good old paper to-do lists, we have a trick designed for you. A simple copy-paste method allows you to create printable to-do lists from your Pipedrive activities. The method also keeps the hyperlinks to the original activities, so you could easily access them with one click (in your spreadsheet, not on paper).

Steps to take:

  • Go to your Activities tab.
  • Select the person for whom you want to see the activities (yourself, for example).
  • Select and copy everything by clicking Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.
  • Open an Excel spreadsheet and paste the data by clicking Ctrl+V.
  • Delete the rows and columns you want to get rid of.

This will give you a bird’s-eye view of:

  • All activities.
  • Their subject.
  • Due dates and duration.
  • A short description.
  • A link to Pipedrive for more details.

Now, you can either view all of your to-do’s as a list in Excel, or you can hit print to get a paper copy of all the things you need to do and be on your way.

Big thanks to Randy Jones for sending us the tip.

[Note: if using an Apple product, substitute the Ctrl key with the Cmd key.]

2. How to sync and manage tasks among your calendar, task manager and Pipedrive:

Pipedrive has a good two-way sync with Google Calendar, which you can use for setting up an Outlook Calendar sync, as well as a tasks and activities sync with your task-manager app. In a way, this hack is about how you can sync Outlook Calendar with Pipedrive.

The customer who proposed the tip said:

“My needs revolved around two-way syncing and management of tasks and activities. I found that Sunrise Calendar two-way integrates directly with Google Calendar and Todoist [task manager]. Now I have a central place where I can see all my tasks AND calendar activities all in one view. It’s awesome! I can manage my Pipedrive activities right from there, and schedule around all my other items and tasks. No fancy zapping or API coding. Just a simple workaround.”


Steps to take for setting up the system and the Outlook sync:

  • Get GSyncit (for $19), which lets you sync your Outlook calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks with your Google account. It will push the Activities from Google Calendar over to your Exchange Calendar.
  • Set up Sunrise Calendar with your Google account.
  • Get the Todoist Outlook plugin, which will send tasks straight from Exchange to Sunrise Calendar, or simply sync Sunrise calendar with Todoist.

Now you have your Outlook Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar, Pipedrive Activities and tasks all in one clean view over at Sunrise Calendar, which conveniently allows for speedy two-way syncing. No fancy zapping or API coding, just clean syncing.

Big thanks to Alex Gray.

3. How to use keyboard shortcuts in Pipedrive, using Firefox:

If you like using keyboard shortcuts, and aren’t swayed by adding some pre-written code to your browser then this hack is designed just for you. Lee Turner came up with a nifty user script for Firefox users that allows you to move between different Pipedrive pages by using keyboard shortcuts.

What the keyboard shortcuts do:

  • alt+d – goes to Deals
  • alt+m – goes to Pipedrive Mailbox
  • alt+a – goes to Activities
  • alt+o – goes to Organizations
  • alt+p – goes to People
  • / (pressed forward slash) – on-page search function

Steps to take for setting up keyboard shortcuts:

  • Get the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox
  • Restart Firefox
  • Copy the user script code from below.
  • Tools > Greasemonkey > New User Script
  • Use Script From Clipboard
  • Save

Voilá – you now have fully functional keyboard shortcuts that allow you to navigate Pipedrive faster than light.

—start user script—

// ==UserScript==

// @name Keyboard Shortcuts for Pipedrive

// @namespace com.subrideo.pipedrive

// @description Adds a number of useful keyboard shortcuts to pipedrive.com

// @include https://app.pipedrive.com/*

// @version 1

// @grant none

// ==/UserScript==


document.addEventListener(‘keydown’, function(e) {

// alt-d: goto deals

if (e.keyCode == 68 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {

window.location = “https://app.pipedrive.com/pipeline“;


// alt-m: goto mail (beta)

if (e.keyCode == 77 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {

window.location = “https://app.pipedrive.com/mailbox“;


// alt-a: goto activities

if (e.keyCode == 65 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {

window.location = “https://app.pipedrive.com/activities“;


// alt-p: goto people

if (e.keyCode == 80 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {

window.location = “https://app.pipedrive.com/people“;


// alt-o: goto organisations

if (e.keyCode == 79 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {

window.location = “https://app.pipedrive.com/org“;


// pressed forward slash for search – /

if (e.keyCode == 191 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {




}, false);


—end user script—


Have a tip, hack or trick of your own? Let us know by either emailing ott.ilves@pipedrive.com or posting it in the comments section below.

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Ott Ilves

Ott is responsible for looking after the digital marketing efforts here at Pipedrive.

  • parallelo

    If you import a number of leads from a Lead capturing system (like a Wufoo form), manually assigning deals in Pipedrive to the right rep in your organization could be time consuming.

    You probably want something that will auto-assign deals to the reps (Owners in pipedrive) based on
    some rules like deal value, location, product type, or just in a round-robin manner.

    Then you’ll be happy you found this page 🙂


    • Gena

      Hi Parallelo
      Can u share more how do you a give what you said about auto-assignment? Thanks

  • Peter

    Hey. I would be nice on the Activities screen, if you allowed us to edit / change / modify the columns like you do on the Organization screen. Currently, I bring up a list of who I have to call, and I can’t see the phone numbers directly on the page!

    • Hey! It’s certainly a great idea. Until then you can hover your mouse over the name of the contact to see the email address and phone number.

      • Peter

        Thanks. But in most cases, I need to phone the Organization number and not the persons mobile number. I store the main Organization number with the Organization and not with the Person. Hovering over the Organization doesn’t show me this number 🙁

  • danfw58

    I would REALLY like to have some way we could export a single ‘deal’ or a contact, all the activities, emails and files associated with it. The agency rules still require us to maintain a ‘static’ file after a transaction closes, in the event of an audit. We end up duplicating a lot of work to be able to bcc ourselves on all emails, then file them in folders, export to burn to a CD, etc. It’d be a real time saver if there was some way…..

    • Hey, sorry to hear you need to do so much extra for this static file. Would it maybe make more sense to export a full list of deals and people and activities once a month and keep the entire record instead of exporting everything one by one?

      • We may have up to 50-100 ‘deals’ going at any one time. Exporting all of them monthly would be huge. We need to export and ‘lock’ the static file on a single deal at the time it is won to CD. Future emails/activities may be added to the Pipedrive record without issue, but the auditors want to be able to go back and verify that the file has not been edited after the ‘deal’ is won/transaction is recorded.

        Any developers out there that could write a routine to do such a data/transaction/activity/file attachment ‘dump’ for us? since each record has a unique # to it, i.e. 757.###### perhaps any file/activity/etc. that is associated to that record gets dumped to a CD?

        Help.. anyone?

        • Yes, it could definitely be accomplished over our API. Unfortunately we don’t offer professional services, but we’ll be happy to assist developers working with our API with any questions they might have. I really hope you’ll find someone. The API is a pretty standard REST API so any developer that has a bit of experience with REST APIs should be able to do it.

          • any REST API developers out there reading this? If so, please contact me at danfw58@gmail.com. I posted it in a couple external places and haven’t had any replies. Or anyone that has had someone do some development for them in the past? Thanks in advance!

          • parallelo

            Hi Dan,

            We are developers who’ve built several Pipedrive add-ons (bit.ly/1znzGOn).
            We’d be happy to look into your requirement. I will reach out to you at your email address.

            Cheers, Kiran K

  • JohnWhitling

    It sure would be nice if you could use notes as expected. Now notes are not searchable and get lost in the program. Of course Pipedrive has known about this for 2 years but there is little desire to fix a problem when they can add “features” instead.

    • Hey John,
      Have you tried out the new detail pages beta by any chance? We think the way the notes and activity notes work in the Flow would help you with the issues. We don’t have notes search yet, but we’re certainly looking to add it in the future.

      • JohnWhitling

        Yes, I’m using the new views but don’t really see how they would help with this issue. What I’ve learned is to NOT use any notes fields aside from activity details which seem to be treated differently from tagging a note on something.

        The biggest issue about this failing is that it’s a strategic programming blunder of judgement. It also annoys me to no end that you guys don’t seem to use your software in house. Every software company should be forced to use it’s own programming for at least some of it’s tasks .. it’s called dogfooding and Pipedrive needs to start doing it.

        • I’m sad to hear that. I was under the impression that your main problem was the fact that activity notes and regular notes were not easily visible in the same page as they were in separate tabs in the old detail pages. They’re all in the same page in the new pages.

          We are using Pipedrive in-house for several different things. It’s clear that there’s something missing for you in Pipedrive, but it’s not due to lack of us using the software.

          We’ll have someone from product management reach out to you to try and figure this out.

          • JohnWhitling

            Thanks, please do have someone reach out. It’s a well documented shortcoming and was in the support documentation since about March of 2013. Unfortunately that thread has been deleted, according to my thread link on it.

            There is no way that a user should be able to lose data, or be able to enter data that cannot be found via a search. I lost a bunch of notes before I realized what was happening. Now I’ve learned to just never use notes.

            And BTW, I did suggest at the time a tab specifically for all notes. That would be a good idea but unfortunately to enact it you have to be able to search notes.

          • We recently changed support software and the public forums didn’t survive the move. I’m sure we can find the thread though.

            One issue with the old detail pages was the fact that the deal and the organization pages looked almost identical so users often ended up adding a note directly into the organization instead of the deal and therefore couldn’t find the note in the deal later.

            I’m guessing that would be the most probable reason for not finding the notes.

            I’ve let the product managers know and someone will reach out to you first thing Monday morning.

          • JohnWhitling

            The reason for not finding notes is that they are retrievable and don’t display. It’s not a UI problem .. it’s a data storage issue. In any case I’m sure I’ll be told once more that it’s gonna happen someday 😉

          • Tom

            Completely agree with John. I’m reconsidering using this app now. The inability to search through notes or activities is huge issue. Too bad, it’s a good app otherwise.

          • JohnWhitling

            At this point it’s even about the notes problem itself. Like almost every SAAS I’ve ever tried the backends are left buggy as hell. OTOH, changing the look is apparently what sells and gets all the attention.

            And don’t even get me started on moving your data from one app to another. What a train wreck it all is. Nobody in the industry is serious about it and in the end you’re left pretty much locked into whatever you’ve stored your data into. THINK VERY LONG AND HARD ABOUT YOUR CHOICES. If you can leave without loosing too much I would do it in a heartbeat.

            If these guys don’t take stuff like this seriously (it’s been over 2 years now, and nothing) what does that tell you?

          • Martin Henk

            Hey John,

            I was sure we figured out what the problem was a year ago. The fact that we transfer notes added into deals to the linked contacts but not the other way around is by design and not a bug in the back end.

            Are you still having issues with notes in Pipedrive?

          • JohnWhitling

            ha ha ha … now it’s a feature huh? Seriously I appreciate the response but listen to yourself. You have designed, by intent apparently, a way to lose data for users. Congrats! What could possibly be the rationale for your position on this? Is it because you expect users to always be “deal centric” in their use?

            I do not use notes after my experience so I haven’t tested it lately. If something has indeed changed I’ll be happy to test notes again like when I presented examples to your staff years ago. Really, I would like for them to work.

            BTW, if I were you I would look into how many users you have that don’t use deals at all because you have deals setup as the top level. I can understand why some might prefer that .. lots of client churn, etc. I does not work for me though, so I skip deals all together and go straight to organizations and do not deals within them. I imagine that some users are confused by your “deal first” layout. Do you get many questions/confusion about that?

          • Martin Henk

            Yes, there’s a clear hierarchy in Pipedrive and populating notes top down and not bottom up has always been by design:
            – anything you enter into a deal gets populated into linked people and organizations
            – anything you put into people gets populated into the linked organization,

            but data doesn’t flow the other way, so:
            – notes added into organizations don’t get populated into linked people or deals.

            This is because one organization might have several people and several deals linked to it and keeping the separation on one level while allowing consolidation on a lower level makes a lot of sense in such a situation.

            We had a long email conversation about this topic between the two of us a while ago and got it sorted so I’m a bit puzzled to see this come up again to be honest.

            Pipedrive has specifically been designed to handle deals. Hence the pipeline view as the front page. We don’t get many users that skip the deals and the ones that find the deals part not useful usually find an alternative tool.

            There are 3rd party solutions for data migration such as https://www.import2.com/ that make it super easy to move to another CRM. Pipedrive is supported there along with all of our competitors.

            It’s also possible to export data into spreadsheets for free, although it can be a hassle importing everything into the next tool.

          • JohnWhitling

            I appreciate your offer for me to move on, and indeed I have tried that. Unfortunately, while data can be exported from Pipedrive very nicely, other importing packages can accept a lot of normal data but in my case, after importing all my data, I found that past event did not import. Therefore I had the option to keep my customer data but without events. I chose to step back and stay with Pipedrive. I like the UI and other aspects so I am here for the duration.

            This notes issue is really my only big issue, and it’s more of an issue that you think it’s justifiable than the quality of the issue itself.

            If a user wants to pull up an organization, no matter how many deals are associated with it I don’t understand why all notes with all deals are not displayable and most important, searchable. As per the last time around we’ll just have to agree to disagree. BTW, your users DO lose data this way .. Sometimes they will see a note they made and wonder why they did not see a week ago. Most of them just don’t understand what’s not happening and move on.

          • Martin Henk

            All notes for all deals are gathered together under the organization. And all notes for all people are gathered under the organization.

            What does not work is leaving a note directly under the organization and then hoping to find it under a person or deal later.

            Most of our users use deals as the primary entry point and don’t actually have this issue. I would suggest making a decision to only put notes directly under people. This way the note will always be visible both under the person and the organization.

            The fact that we don’t have search in notes is an issue which we’ll fix as soon as we can.

          • Martin McAleer


            Any update on the full search function? I can’r believe this has been outstanding for so long with no update or ETA.

          • Sean Lytle

            Any update on being able to search any field? Thanks

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Tom,
            We’re very aware of this shortcoming. Unfortunately searching in notes has been postponed several times. Hopefully we can add it later this year.

          • Marechal Golfinho

            I`m very disappointed that there is no search function for any kind of custom field. This should be your priority number 1

          • Martin McAleer


            Any update on the full search function?

          • Gregory Carson

            I have to agree with every word in this thread.. NOT MADE BY PIPEDRIVE……This is 2016.. not 2002.. all of the data should be searchable, period. The best thing about google drive and mail, is the robustness of their search, so you don’t even have to worry about organisation any more.. in a CRM system. is INSANE that you don’t have it.. Especially if you have more than one person on a team.

          • Owen David Welling

            any update on this issue? I could really use a function that would let me search text throughout all notes…

        • Boof

          Completely agree. There is no point in notes if I cant simply search them.

      • Owen David Welling

        so I just took the search survey.. are we getting this fixed soon??

        • Jüri Tomingas

          Hi Owen,
          Thanks for taking the survey and sharing your troubles with search! We have got a massive set of feedback about the search, how people are using it and what are the problems. And yes, search of Custom Fields and Notes are high in wish-list, together with better structure for displaying results and more powerful API
          So, we are focusing on search (to be honest, should have done it long time ago), search is going to get better, just cannot promise right now in which order.

          • George Whitelaw

            Would like to share my frustration with lack of search for notes. come on chaps!

    • Michelle J.

      I am new to using a CRM, so I am no pro and I am still learning what I even need to look and think about in regards to choosing a system. I tried Pipedrive out and it seemed to click with my thinking so I signed up and am paying monthly. Before signing up I didn’t even think to check whether everything would be searchable because I foolishly assumed EVERYTHING would be searchable. It isn’t. I don’t really use organizations that much, so I just use deals and people. I own an auto service business (wheel repair). Every person that calls us needs our services so I am keeping up with everyone. There are times I may not remember a persons name but I know a word I typed in the notes, which would help me find the deal and person. I am an Evernote user and I guess I assumed I would be able to search any word, regardless of which section it is inputted. I am disappointed and am looking for a new system, because without the search capabilities like that I will be lost!

      • Matt Aitkenhead

        I just checked… now there’s a notes search, good work PipeDrive – Now all you guys need is TAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLLLLOOOO… tags… pretty please. Capsule have tags, it’s so much faster. My colleagues aren’t tech savvy, so they could just add a pre-set tag to a new Organisations entry, such as Industry, lead source type, if the customer is a member of a particular association etc. KEY.

    • Andy Gould

      Still not searchable.. somehow..

      • Christopher

        Notes will be searchable very soon.
        A matter of weeks 🙂

        • Andy Gould

          Excellent! Would love to be able to search through the body of notes when I search anything.

          Also would love to see PD’s search algorithms improve one day. For ex: if I search for a contact, the results don’t prioritize my contacts over others, and don’t show the most recently edited or interacted-with contact. The results show files as the same priority as Deals, but I bet most people are using search to quickly find a deal, org, or person.

          • Christopher

            Thanks for the ideas.
            The search bar improvements are coming in stages. We have added the possibility to search only one area, then we will introduce notes and custom fields and then we will see which other improvements we can make.

          • Andy Gould

            Good to know Chris, thanks.

            And I understand the bar, it allows for better control than an adjusted algorithm.

          • Judah Ross

            What’s the update on custom fields. No search function for this is ridiculous.

          • Christopher

            HI Judah,

            It is still in testing. If you would like it to be enabled on your account, please contact us at support.pipedrive.com

  • ben

    A helpful feature to find in this area would be something that syncs with Apple’s iCal and gives your contact a range of open times in your work schedule to choose from and meet. Youcanbook.me does this but has no ical functionality last I checked.

    • Bob B

      Not sure about Pipedrive, but ScheduleOnce syncs with ical and might be exactly what you’re looking for. Also works with Google Calendar.

    • Just FYI, I’m testing YouCanBook.me’s new iCal integration feature, and it works brilliantly.


      I just wished I could get Pipedrive and iCal to sync…

  • Kelly

    Is there anyway to recover completed tasks?

    • Hi Kelly,
      There sure is. If you click Statistics in the top menu and then choose Personal statistics you’ll end up on a page where you can choose the Activities tab. This tab lists the recently completed activities so you can recover them from there.

      • Boof

        Why not just allow ‘See completed’ on the Task page – where we would want to use it.

        • Is there anything new about this ? it seems crazy that we cant visualize easily “completed activities”. Pipedrive ?

  • Dan Wooldridge

    We had been searching for a way to zip up a ‘deal’ into a file that we could capture all emails, documents, notes etc to meet our legal requirements for off-line storage in our industry. We could find no way to do it unless we exported the entire data, parsed out everything except what we wanted, etc…. it was going to be a nightmare and was almost preventing us from being able to use Pipedrive…… but someone saw our plea for help; kiran@paralleloapp.com came to the rescue.

    Great attention to detail and figuring out exactly what we needed an app to do. Great development, great app…. works like a charm, and even though there have been a few minor changes (due to modifications/enhancements by the pipedrive folks) that changed the app function, they’ve been prompt in fixing it after the application was completed. Great folks, great communication, great product! Thanks! I’d do it again in a heart beat!

  • Bruna Luiza

    Can I sync my Shared iCloud Calender with Pipedrive?

  • B Henderson

    Is there a way to retrieve changes of ownership information? For example, I am working on a deal, and then notice that ownership has been changed. I only found out by going into that deal to post an activity, that the change had taken place. Is there a way to view all deals where this has been done? Or would I have to physically go into every account and veryify?

  • Geleg

    Hi, when I add a new deal, the notes I got under organization doesn’t appear on the deal. Is there a way to add the organizations notes to a new deal automatically?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Geleb,
      We don’t transfer the notes this way by design. An organization can end up having any number of deals linked to it. And as we transfer new notes added into a deal to the linked organization it might become super confusing if you start a new deal with an organization and you suddenly see the old notes from previous deals appear.

  • Jason Fester

    How to create customized automated reports on Pipedrive. We need these reports auto generated everyday.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Jason,
      The only way I can think of would be to use our REST API for this, pull the necessary data and put together the reports. There’s no real way of pulling a report from Pipedrive automatically.

    • Kevin Tully

      Would love to have this ability as well. Automated reports sent to email would be great. Anyone figure out a way to make that work?

  • Rajasekar

    Hey hi,

    If any possibility available for connect my exotel with pipedrive ? Its urgent please refer the solutions ..

  • Eli Smyrloglou

    How can you join two individuals to one deal?

  • laurelt

    New to Pipedrive. Has anyone solved the sync issue between Google Contacts and Notes Field. Also, would like to be able to have sync two-ways between the Job Title in Google Contacts and in Pipedrive. It makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me why Pipedrive is not syncing something as simple/lightweight as Job Title!!!

  • Rishi Soni

    i have just started using Pipedrive and in the first two weeks of using it i have instructed my team (of 30 people) to use the notes functions to capture all notes we are taking from meetings relating to deals.

    i am therefore staggered to learn, from messages on this blog and also from my in-app experience, that the notes seem to disappear of their own accord after sometime. i literally can not believe this is the case or what the reason for this would be? can anyone help me with how to fix this or what a suitable work around would be.

    • Rishi Soni

      Just to add, i have since been playing around creating test notes. i created 3 tests on one deal which instantaneously disappeared after saving. only to have one that had previously disappear reappear again. not only that the “notes” tab incorrectly displays the number of notes that is actually showing on the deal i.e. sometimes it says there are no notes, and you can’t click on it even if it clearly is displaying 3 notes in the overview tab. SEEEERIOUSLY buggy and i am not sure why this hasn’t been resolved given that the issue appears to be TWO YEARS old as per the comments on this thread?!?!

      I may not continue after my trial. this is a fundamental issue.

  • esensas

    There are other 3rd party solutions apart from gSyncint. I’ve used Sync2 to sync my calendar, contacts and tasks both-way between Outlook, Google and my phone. You can check that one out here: http://www.sync2.com/google-sync-to-outlook.aspx

  • Cathal Walsh

    Couple questions…

    1. What’s the best way to log leads that never made it past the “Lead In” stage. I don’t want to log them as “Lost” as I want the Won-Lost to be based on actual sales calls where contact was made. By not marking them as Lost my Lead In list is growing large. Anyone have any sugggrsruins other than marking them
    As Lost?

    2. Any way to synch my iPhone calendar with PipeDrive calendar?

    • Jennifer Moran

      Did you work out any resolve on item #1? I’m curious about this too as we get a lot of leads from trade shows, but most won’t make it past the beginning stage.

    • Razak

      Why dont you create a new pipeline for them. So they move into a new pipeline for static clients.

    • cdevos

      1. It may not be ideal but what we’ve done at our company was create a second pipeline for “archived” deals. At least from the pipeline view they are out of site and you can attach an activity/task to them to follow up in 6 months, a year, whatever makes sense.

      2. I haven’t tried it but it looks like there is a way to sync your iPhone calendar with gmail and then gmail with Pipedrive.

      FYI, I’m not a Pipedrive mod/employee so I’d talk to their support first (it is pretty good!!)

      • Christopher

        1. You can do what the above user is doing and you could also delete the deals. They will never be permanently deleted and will be visible under ‘All Deleted Deals’. These deals won’t affect the statistics and they can be reopened at any time. You can also set up activities to remind you to follow up with that lead in future.

        2. Cdevos is right. You can sync your calendar to Gmail and then sync to Pipedrive. You can see many articles on how to do this online.

        Please don’t hesitate to contact our support for more details:


  • Matthew N Martin

    I know this has been but discussed, but you can add our company to those that are extremely frustrated with the inability to search notes. One person said it best, it is 2016 (almost 2017), searching notes across the platform should be a basic feature.

    Also, being able to export by pipeline or rep would be amazing. I don’t comprehend why this isn’t a feature. Can you please make this a feature a request.

  • Lisa

    How can I ensure leads are put in each column in date and time order and not just where they fit? For example, if I move a lead from Contact 1 to Contact 2 and there’s already enough leads in Contact 2 to fill the length of my screen page, the lead will slot in where I drop it and that could be in the middle of other leads as opposed to going to the end of that list.

    • Christopher

      Hi Lisa,

      If you are talking about the pipeline view, deals are sorted by the urgency of the activity attached to them. To sort in different ways, you can use the list view or narrow down the results in your pipeline using filters.


      • Lisa

        Hi Christopher,

        Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I’m talking about the pipeline view. All I want to be able to do, without attaching an activity to them, is drag them from one column to another and have them drop to the bottom of the list. How do I do this using filters? Sorry but I’m new to this and am doing my utmost to navigate it and understand what’s what. I’ve done ok so far but this one thing has me a bit baffled. 🙁

        • Christopher

          Hi Lisa,

          The best thing to do would be to start a live chat here:


          That way we can explain all of this using screenshots/videos if necessary 🙂

  • can you tag other users in a note on organisation or deal stage? ie, @iperkins can you …… to enable them to see the note and take action?

    • Christopher

      Hi Rachel,

      This isn’t a feature we have currently but maybe in future.


      • Thanks Christopher, do you offer any kind of office based training for this program as it is a paid for service?

      • Tara Mcwhite

        How is this not available? Seems super basic functionality, and much needed for team and cross-team collaboration. We were ready to make a decision then discovered this major feature missing.

    • cdevos

      Seconded, would love to see this feature. You can assign an activity to someone that is following a deal and that will notify them but no way with notes.

      • Christopher

        Thanks for the feedback. Let’s see what we can do 🙂


      • Cyclone Covey

        Yes – we need the ability to mention someone in a deal comment to notify that person. We need it to work the way Trello has mentions in comments.

  • cdevos

    Would just like to request a feature: The ability to set notification emails to go out AFTER a task or activity was supposed to be completed. Currently you get a few options to send them out day of, or set increments before they’re supposed to happen but no reminders for people to follow up on overdue activities. Would really appreciate that functionality or some sort of integration to enable it..

    • Christopher

      Have you tried Zapier?
      It may be possible to set up an automation to send out email reminders for overdue activities.



  • Kevin Trüssel

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/626076cf89b118047304d0b714b4836988549ee6b04affd44bc80126f8f82e5e.jpg guys, please enable the possibility to change the textcolor of multiple or single choice forms in the webforms. everything elses color i can change but only the text next to multiple and single choice fields are not responding to it. this looks useless…

    • Christopher

      You have a good point.
      Let’s see what we can do.

  • Kiara

    Hi, can i set a default owner of all deals across all pipelines? and the person that creates the deal will just be another owner?

    • Christopher

      Hi Kiara,

      By default, the person who creates the deal is the owner by default unless they change the owner to someone else.

      There isn’t a way to change this currently.

  • Vivien Santoso

    Hi Christopher, just wondering if it’s possible to have Pipedrive notify you once somebody wins certain amounts of deals (brokers who have settled $2M, $4M, $6M this year)

    • Christopher

      Hi Vivien,

      We don’t really have anything for that.
      You can set up goals in Pipedrive but this isn’t tied into notifications. You can also track this in the reports page.

      It might be possible to set something up with Zapier.
      Our support could possibly help you with this:


      • Amy Hughes


  • KK

    Is it possible to choose the color code of an activity added to Google calendar via Pipedrive based on the user we assign the job to?

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      It isn’t possible but a good idea!
      Will pass it on to our product team.

  • Adam Hood

    Hi, does anyone know if you can add ‘file upload’ ability to web forms when first getting information into new deal ?. Really important I can have a customer attach a file when first creating their record. Thoughts ?

    • Christopher

      Hi Adam,

      Just sent you a reply to your Facebook message 🙂

  • Malubazu

    I tried the select all in activities and went to paste into excel and it freezes up excel all the time. This may be only for PC users.

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      Our support team maybe able to help you with this.
      Please contact them here:


  • Robert Maccarone

    how do we print a list of notes entered by a sales rep in a day?