You can now upgrade to our new detail views and smart email Bcc

For a good part of the year we’ve been working to improve the way Pipedrive handles email. Many of you have used our Bcc drop-box to send emails to Pipedrive, but have been missing some critical features such as getting a clear overview of the incoming emails, the ability to automatically parse forwarded emails or discard logos in signatures. The overly complicated cryptic addresses to Bcc didn’t help either.

Today we went live with a couple of big improvements. You can now activate the new Deal, Person and Organization detail views as well as our new Smart email Bcc feature.

2 column new deal detail views Pipedrive

Timeline including notes, activities, files and more


If you’re the type that likes to play around rather than read, go on and activate these features in Settings. For the rest, a quick overview follows.

Emails. Notes. Progress. See everything in one place

Once you’ve activated the new view, you’ll immediately see your deals and contacts in a new way. We’ve gotten rid of the tabs for different types or activities, so now you can see all notes, emails, call or meetings records and files in one timeline.

The new detail pages are quicker to load and they update in real time, without you having to refresh the page.

And when you get to using the new views you’ll probably enjoy the usability improvements we’ve made. Adding notes and files or scheduling new activities requires less clicks and things like moving a deal to another pipeline are now much simpler. The rule of thumb for changing anything in the new views: just click on the thing you want to change.

 Easier way to sync emails into Pipedrive with the smart email Bcc

The new and rebuilt smart email Bcc feature is simpler to use, more reliable and it gives you more control over how emails are linked to deals. Once you upgrade you’ll get a new simple email address you can use to Bcc emails to customers. When there is only one open deal with the recipient, the email will be linked to that deal. When there are several open deals with that person, you can choose which deal the email will be linked to (more on that below).

In addition to Bcc’ing you can forward emails to that address. Similar logic of linking applies when there are open deals with the person whose email address is mentioned. If the person doesn’t yet exist in Pipedrive, a new contact will be created, and it’s really easy to add a new deal for them later.

It’s worth pointing out that each deal will also have deal-specific Bcc address will have the following syntax: – where XXX is deal ID. This is useful when there are multiple deals open with most people you email to.

The default settings for the new smart email Bcc is “Private” ie. your team members will not be able to see emails you have sent to Pipedrive. And you can easily change that in settings. You can also turn off automatic mapping to deals there if you’d rather do that manually.

Find all emails you have copied to Pipedrive in Mailbox

Pipedrive Mailbox

Connect With A DealThe second big change that meets the eye is the new Mailbox area. In here you’ll see all emails you have Bcc’d or forwarded into Pipedrive. You’ll instantly see which ones have been linked to deals already and which ones not. A small deal icon (bag with a dollar-sign on it. Should we have been more subtle?) will indicate that.

If an email has not been linked to a deal yet, it’s very easy to select a deal or create a new one.

So, this was more than 6 months of work in one short post. If you’d like to use the new email Bcc and detail views, activate them here. If you have any comments or questions, please add a comment below or, better still, contact our support.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Hey, nice update! Was easily able to BCC all e-mails into pipedrive…but forwarding is another story. To automatically forward in gmail I have to “verify” the pipedrive address. The catch is that Pipedrive only accepts e-mail from verified accounts. This shouldn’t be an issue but the “Confirmation” e-mail from gmail is not from my e-mail account…it is from a noreply address at google. And I can’t verify the No-Reply address in Pipedrive.

    Here is the verification e-mail address to confirm forwarding:

    Maybe have an option where Pipedrive accepts all e-mail…just when we need to verify everything? And then be able to switch it back to the safelist?

    Unless I am missing something…but I can’t figure out a simple way to forward from my gmail yet. Any feedback?


    • Hey, thanks!

      You can add alternative emails from the Settings, Mailbox page. So I’m guessing you can add to that list temporarily in Pipedrive, set up the forwarding, verify and remove it again.

      Then again if you’re thinking of forwarding every email to Pipedrive by default I would suggest trying out our 2-way Gmail sync instead. It’s in closed beta, but stable. The interface is exactly the same as with the new BCC feature, but there’s no need to BCC anything or forward emails. And there’s an extra ability to reply to emails right from inside Pipedrive as well.

      Please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll hook you up.

      • Yes, I tried that…but PipeDrive first sends out a confirmation e-mail when I add a new address to the mailbox page. Since I don’t have access to the noreply email I can’t confirm it for Pipedrive and Pipedrive still won’t accept e-mails from it…

        So how would you go about this?

        As for the beta…I would like to try it out!

        • Sorry, forgot about the verification on our side. Can’t think a way around such double verification problem.
          Unfortunately I’m unable to find you in our system by your name. Would you ind sending an email to support and ask for the Gmail sync?

          • Isn’t that a pretty big hole in what you guys were trying to accomplish?

            For any rule driven e-mail forward in gmail we need to verify the address….so your saying it is impossible to set up e-mail forwarding in gmail for pipedrive? Unless done manually…?

          • We actually built a full blown automatic email sync with Gmail instead 🙂 It has support for labels so you can still use the rules. Simply assign labels based on the rules and you can set it on our side so that only these emails are pulled into Pipedrive.

          • Tony

            We would like to have better control on what emails are forwarded to pipedrive. We are bound to our information security rule.

            Can you at least provide company specific exception that allows emails from ?

          • Hey Tony,

            We feel the BCC and forwarding option is great if you want to control every single email specifically but it’s not the best option for mass forwarding.

            If you’re going to be automatically forwarding emails to Pipedrive from Gmail I would definitely recommend trying out the Gmail sync instead. You can set it up to sync only specific labels in Gmail and combine that with specific filtering rules in. This way you can get both outgoing and incoming emails into Pipedrive easily without having to set up automatic forwarding.

            We can enable the full sync on your account if you’re interested in trying it out.

          • Tony

            Oh, I wasn’t aware of the ability to gmail sync of specific label only. This is an acceptable solution.

            Please enable the gmail sync. Thanks in advance!

            Do tell if you can’t get my email address.

          • Great! I’ve enabled the feature on your account and removed the email address from the comment just in case 🙂

          • Tony

            Thanks! 🙂

          • Tony

            I have tried gmail sync with and without specific label, crossed with official google apps account and an alternative account. Tried to send email out and all incoming emails, where all emails are applied that label, none doesn’t seem to be update pipedrive’s mail.

            I will raise the issue via help&feedback link but i thought i’ll let you know.

          • Tony

            The label application is by email filter rule.

          • Hi there, is this email sync still available? I can only find calendar and contact sync. I have the same problem above, trying to auto fwd emails to PipeDrive from gmail.

          • POP Team

            um.. where is this feature on the current app? i need to auto track all outgoing and incoming emails and associated them to a deal. thanks

      • Adam Graham

        We are interested, can you please add us to the closed beta testing as we would like to receive all reply emails in the alternate email as well as the smart address

    • Ott Ilves

      Hey Levi,

      This thread is still going, so here’s a further response.

      Although sadly we don’t have a simple way to set up an auto-forwarding from Gmail, you could set up a Zap that would get you the same result. This video here shows how it would work.

      We will continue working on making this easier for you and other email client users, and the new email sync is currently in the works.

      Ott from Pipedrive

  • conner burt

    hey martin – curious if using the new smart bcc – will it still attach emails composed outside of pipedrive to contacts/organizations that do not yet have a deal created? at first glance, it seems no?

    • Frank

      Exactly the reason I disabled the new function.

    • Hey! The new smart BCC sure does. If you send an email and BCC the new address we will create the contacts we find in that email automatically and link the email to them if the contacts are not yet in the system. You can then add a deal to the email in the Mailbox page very easily.

      We do not however create contacts automatically if the full Gmail sync is enabled as it would get overwhelming quickly.

      • Frank

        It’s about contacts that are not assigned to a deal. These contacts could previously assign an email directly.

        It is difficult for me to translate. Google also has its problems there.

        • Hey Frank! Maybe it would be easier to give us an example of what you do, what you expect to happen and what actually happens? This way we could repeat the steps and see if we can replicate the issue.

          For example:
          – I email Frank at
          – I BCC the new smart BCC address
          – I expect Frank to be found from Pipedrive based on the email address
          – I expect the one open deal to be found that is linked to Frank
          – I expect the email to be linked to both Frank and the deal

          I hope this way we’ll get to the bottom of this quickly. You could also send this to if you’d rather not give specific emails out in the comments

          • Frank

            They assume that each contact has a deal. How do I send an email if no deal is available.


          • Hey, I’m sorry for the confusion. It seems there’s been a misunderstanding.

            This system does not in any way assume or require a contact to have a deal. Nor does it even require a contact to be in Pipedrive in order for this to work.

            All you need is the new universal BCC address. You can simply send out an email to a contact, BCC the address and that’s it. If Pipedrive doesn’t find an existing contact it creates a new one automatically and links the email to the person.

          • Frank

            That does not work when I try to assign an already sent email to the contact. It happens that you forget to send the email to BCC. Then I have been able to forward the email to the personal dropbox address. The email address of the contact is then not listed.

          • OK, now I get it! If you’ve sent out an email already and forgot to BCC the smart BCC address you can simply forward the sent email to the smart BCC address and it will link to the person automatically.

            It’s even easier than it used to be since you don’t need to have a contact in the system already (we will create a new contact for you automatically if needed) and you no longer have to go fishing for the specific address. You can simply forward the email to the universal address and we will take care of the rest.

          • Frank

            No. An example:

            Mail from

            The receiver BCC

            However, this mail is to be assigned to the Contact

            Important: has no deal.

            In the new mailbox I can assign the email just a deal, but not a person.

            You should have an English speaking support staff! 🙂

          • Hey Frank! Can you please tell me which email client you’re using to forward these emails? If we’re not showing the participants in the forwarded emails correctly it must be a case where mailbox doesn’t recognize the forwarding format. These rules can be updated, but we need an example of how a forwarded email looks like in your email client. I guess it would be best to move this discussion off the comments and to if you don’t mind.

            Sorry, not getting the last joke. Must be my poor English skills…

          • Frank

            Okay, I’ve sent an email to Victoria. On the email a PDF is added where I try to explain the problem.

  • Christopher Smith

    I am currently evaluating CRMs and Pipedrive looks really good. In my opinion, the email dropbox feature should be dropped and you should have two way sync of email with your Google Apps integration. BBC Dropboxes are very cumbersome and you have to remember to use them. This is a deal breaker for me at this point.

    • Hi Christopher, we have good news for you in this regard. We do have a 2 way Gmail sync available in closed beta. It’s stable and we’re slowly rolling it out to our users. It uses the same interface as the Smart BCC, but there’s no need to BCC anything.

      I’m unable to find you in our system. Would you mind contacting support about the Gmail sync? We can enable it for you right away.

  • Dave

    We used to be able to attach multiple people to an activity, and one of the support folks indicated that this was taken away because of the new activity functionality that was coming… well it’s here and still we can only assign 1 person to an activity. Not very good if you have a meeting with 3 people in the organization… C’mon pipedrive, this is basic stuff!

  • Franco Zefferelli

    Are the new features only available to customers who are paying. I would love to see it while I am in trial…no? Yes? Yeah….hmmmm

    • Hi Franco,
      All the features are available during the trial period as well. We have no limitations on the trial.

  • sonny7

    Sorry to disappoint you but this feature is great but perfectible and this is why:

    If I want to attach an email to a contact or a company WITHOUT sending this email to the contact directly then I simply cannot.

    This is very common that we are working on a case and forwarding or replying to a few persons internally to solve the problem BEFORE we reply to the customer.

    In your system before which you called DropBox we had a Bcc for each contact, deal and company.

    Today with your system, if I do not email the person directly then my email is never attached to that person in the mail section, it’s simply hanging there.

    Am I correct or am I missing something?


    • Hi, thanks for the feedback! This does make a lot of sense and we’ll try to add a manual linking option soon.

  • Andrew Jones

    When I cc pipedrive on an email which is being sent to a Participant in a deal it is not appearing in that deal’s stream. Any way I can do this?

    Also struggling with not being able to forward an email direct to a particular contact without sending the email to that contact (each contact used to have a separate unique drop-box).

    Help much appreciated.


  • dave

    Can you comment on when pipedrive activities will be able to support a meeting with more than 1 person… thanks

    • Hi Dave,
      Yes, we’re currently working on it. It should be finished some time in April.

  • I’ve sent an email to , but I see no email linked to the deal yet. Does this take some time? I managed to find email linked to our contacts (persons) but that is all

    • Hi,
      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the email system.
      May I ask if you had the id of the deal also included in the address after +deal ? Based on the example I’m not sure if you included the number or not.

      • i’ve Done that. The mail-icon does
        not show new incoming email & the mail is not (yet) to ve found in
        the overview concerning the deal.

        • Hi,

          It usually doesn’t take much more than a minute for the email to arrive in Pipedrive. There’s one more thing you can check. The From address of the email needs to be the same you log into Pipedrive with. If it’s not exactly the same it needs to be added in the Alternative emails list in the Settings, Email integrations page.

          For example if you log into Pipedrive with but send out emails from the more formal then it wouldn’t accept the email by default.

          If the above doesn’t help I think it would be best if you sent an email about this to our email address. It’s difficult to debug further without asking more specific data and you probably don’t want to do this in the public comments section.

          • Great .. That solved the problem 🙂
            Thank you very much
            Van: Disqus <> Beantwoorden – Aan: Disqus <> Datum: maandag 6 april 2015 15:39
            Aan: Daniella van Maldegem <> Onderwerp: Re: Comment on You can now upgrade to our new detail views and smart email Bcc
            “Hi, It usually doesn’t take much more than a minute for the email to arrive in Pipedrive. There’s one more thing you can check. The From address of the email needs to be the same you log into Pipedrive with. If it’s not exactly the same it needs to be added in the Alternative emails list in the Settings, Email integrations page. For example if you log into Pipedrive with but send out emails from the more formal then it wouldn’t accept the email by default. If the above doesn’t help I think it would be best if you sent an email about this to our email address. It’s difficult to debug further without asking more specific data and you probably don’t want to do this in the public comments section.”
            [Disqus] [] Settings []

            A new comment was posted on Pipedrive blog

    • daniella

      i’ve Done that. The mail-icon does not show new incoming email & the mail is not (yet) to ve found in the overview concerning the deal.

  • Sandro Wiggers

    Hey there,
    I read about a gmail + pipedrive 2 ways sync in closed beta. This topic is about 4 months ago. Am I missing something or its still in beta test? Please, I would like to use this feature.

    My email account is on the signature


    • Hi,

      I’ve enabled it on your account. You can set it up from this page here:

      • Sandro Wiggers

        You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!
        Now, to be perfect, just need to track the openings and auto add follow-up activities.
        <3 Pipedrive

  • Julia Hendra

    The e-mail integration looks great – but I have a quick question: Is it possible to link e-mails to organizations instead? I duplicate deals and move them through different pipes, and the e-mails do not copy over onto the newly duplicated deal even if it is the same organization and contact person. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

    • Alvin Ang


    • Jo-Ann Nitzsche

      hello, was there any update to Julia’s question about linking an email to an organization without creating a deal?

      • Martin Henk

        Sorry for missing the previous comments about this topic.
        Right now there’s no way to manually create a link between an email and an organization unless the email is also linked to a person in said organization.
        We know it’s needed and will introduce ways to link emails to other items manually in the future. There’s no ETA for it yet though.

  • Andreas Glänzer

    Hi guys, I am currently in free trial and wonder if there is a way so see incoming gmail emails automatically within pipedrive. That would be great and I`ll buy right away!

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Andreas,
      We have this in beta and I would very much like to enable it for you right away, but we’re currently not adding any new beta testers. I’ll put you in the waiting list though and hopefully we’ll be able to enable it for you before the end of your trial.

      • Andreas Glänzer

        That would be great! Looking forward!

      • Андрей Спиридонов

        I also really need it =)

      • Mark Soller

        Is there any progress on this?

  • David Brim

    Love the new layout – so much better – really enjoying it.

    I would love to be able to link an email to a specific contact also – sometimes I have emails from sales guys or reps that I’d like to link with other contacts. Is this possible?

    • Martin Henk

      I’m glad to hear you like it, David.
      Unfortunately it’s not yet possible to link an email to a contact that wasn’t part of the email, but it’s certainly something that we’re considering for the future updates.

  • Is there a way to share mailbox view with team? I want to BBC leads and have the sales team pick it up

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Kris,
      Is the idea about a central queue where sales people could go and pick up leads? I don’t think it would work well with the Smart BCC solution. But how are these leads generated exactly? If you have a contact form or similar it might be possible to send the data directly into Pipedrive as a new deal without even having to copy and paste data from an email. And the users could go and pick their leads directly from a pipeline instead of a shared mailbox…

      • Ulrik Horn

        Hi Martin, I have a similar problem to Kris. A senior colleague gets lots of emails in his inbox and simply forwards them to the address, assuming that it will find the right deal. However, often, either the contact is registered on multiple deals, or the contact has not yet been created (maybe not even the company or deal!). Because he is very busy, these email then just “disappear” into his mailbox view in Pipedrive. It would be very helpful if me or another colleague could monitor the emails he sends to Pipedrive; it is really embarrassing if I send a follow up email, and my senior colleague has just been in touch with them. Why did you decide to NOT let everyone view others’ email, like you can with all other items (deals, organizations, contacts, etc.)?

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Ulrik,

          I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. We decided to not provide a central list of all emails for all users because of privacy concerns. We wanted to prevent a situation where non sales related emails could appear in Pipedrive.

          This decision was mostly driven by the automatic full sync of emails where the chance of syncing in private emails is much greater. With SmartBCC the user has to take action to get the email into Pipedrive so it’s much less likely that an unwanted email could show up in Pipedrive and cause trouble.

          We’ll certainly take another look at this issue with the designers and product managers to see if a different approach could be taken with Smart BCC emails. I can’t really promise anything at the moment, but we’re actively working on our email integration at the moment and things will definitely improve.

  • Darren Watson

    Does this mean when we send an email and use our Pipe Drive email into the BCC, that if the client replies the reply will be fed into Pipe Drive.

    At the moment all we are seeing is the email we are sending to the client, but replies aren’t.

    • Adam Graham

      Can we get an answer on this please?

  • Martin

    Is there a way to disable the automatic creation of a new contact when someone is on BCC ?

  • I found some Gmail extensions that will automate the bcc process, but they required a high level of control over my browser and email. Do you recommend a secure app that will automatically bcc Pipedrive? Preferably one that I can buy a license to and require my users to use?

    • Martin Henk

      Yesware is a great tool for automatically BCCing the Smart BCC address.

  • Adam Graham

    Does this mean when we send an email and use our Pipe Drive email into the BCC, that if the client replies the reply will be fed into Pipe Drive?

    At the moment all we are seeing is the email we are sending to the client, however, replies aren’t there, they come up in the alternate email account inbox.

  • Michael Masri

    I often forward emails to Pipedrive and it picks the wrong contact if there are multiple emails in a long string. Is it possible to override to get the email connected to the right person rather than a deal?

    • Christopher

      Hi Michael,

      We will be able to help you find a way around that.
      Please contact our support so we can speak in more depth: