The ‘Friday’ Opportunity: Big Data Shows The Day With The Biggest Sales Potential

As a sales pro and sales coach, I know what a difference good data can have on results. Whenever I looked at things like the amount of deals added, or the number of sales activities completed, there was almost always something that jumped out as an area of improvement. For example: “Fred should make more calls.”

There’s no agreement about the best day to sell or prospect. In an article for Forbes, Christine Crandell argues that Wednesday is the best day for prospecting, noting that customers don’t convert well on Mondays or Fridays. Jake Atwood from BuzzBuilder lead generation software has found that the best day for prospecting is Tuesday in their Slideshare. And the sales company Vendere Partners’ statistics say that the best time to call is Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Now, having co-founded a sales management app, we wanted to see what the sales data suggests for everyone around the world. We anonymized and aggregated all the metadata that’s generated, when people mark sales activities completed and deals won or lost. And here’s what the computer says: Don’t take the foot off the gas on Fridays.

And here’s why: Wednesday is the day of results. That’s when salespeople complete the biggest number of calls, emails and meetings (let’s call them activities). But actually the day with highest conversion in most countries is Friday, while it’s also the day when salespeople have the biggest drop in their level of activities. So when you find yourself or someone in your team thinking, “Days just before or after the weekend are not good for selling, I’d better get myself a latte before making calls,” you’ll know it’s a mistake you shouldn’t make as it may cost you dearly in sales and commissions.

best day to sell


While the “most activities on Wednesdays and best conversion on Fridays” rule stands overall globally, there are exceptions: Monday, which has the reputation for being a “bad” day for closing, is the best converting day in some countries, such as Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Only three countries – Spain, France, Australia – had the day with most activities completed coinciding with the best converting day.

Our conclusion? If salespeople want to be smart, they should work hard on Fridays, but if they want to beat the market, they’re going to have to work hard every day.

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Timo Rein

CEO and Co-Founder of Pipedrive

  • Dan

    Or Friday is when they update PipeDrive with their deals that they got for the week!

    • Hey Dan
      I’m Ott and I look after the blog over here at Pipedrive – just wanted to pitch in with a clarification.

      Actually, our data suggests the opposite of salespeople making all the updates to Pipedrive only on Fridays.

      If all salespeople caught up on reporting on Fridays, we’d see a spike in the level of completed and recorded activities that day as well. However, the level of completed and/or recorded sales activities actually dropped. So the general insight is still that if you work a little bit harder on Fridays, you get to take advantage of the high conversion opportunity.

  • mick

    yeah, friday is the week summary…
    we have most closings at weekends, so it depends on sector as well 😉

    • Hi Mick, I’m Ott from Pipedrive and I look after the blog. Thanks for the insight about closing most of your sales on the weekends. You’re right of course – it does change from industry to industry, and even though we did have data for the weekends as well, eventually the data on weekends in most parts of the world doesn’t tell us much about the way people sell (only that as a general rule they don’t work during weekends).

  • Luca Sorgiacomo

    Agree with Dan: I’m not saying it’s like that, but have you had any check about the possibility of people signing their deals closed on fridays just because they were busy doing other things on wednesdays and thursdays? Should be worth surveying this with users.

    • Hey Luca,
      I’m Ott from Pipedrive and I look after the blog – thought I’d chip in with a clarification.
      We did check the possibility, of course, but the statistics didn’t show us quite that – yes you could say they were busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but what we got from our data was that, by and large, salespeople aren’t as busy in general on Fridays as they are on Wednesdays or Thursdays (or any other weekday for that matter).

  • Many times busy execs use Friday to do their paperwork and finalize contracts before the weekend.

  • Interesting comments here. I was just going to suggest that Fridays are when salespeople catch up with reporting. I know I don’t log into my sales software each time I move a deal along—I tend to make all my updates at once for the prior several days.

    • Hi Sara. I’m Ott from Pipedrive and I thought I’d chime in.

      Thanks for the thoughts – while it’s likely and in many cases true that a lot of salespeople do their updates all at once, our data suggests this day is not Friday. What we’re seeing is a drop in completed and recorded activities, not an increase. If a lot of updates in Pipedrive were made on Friday, we’d see a rise in the level of activities, when it’s actually the opposite that takes place. However, as Mick below pointed out in a comment below, it’s likely to change from industry to industry, as well depend upon individual working preferences.

  • Dragan

    I am doing a lot of C-level B2B cold calls and always saying that Friday I like the most because of convert2meeting rate.

    People are aware that they’ll realx or have time for working on Fridays… They hook off. So they accept new things easier. As well as convert in to next stage.

  • Dragan

    But the only thing which bothers me with this report is – cant find hiw big is statistical N?

    • Hi Dragan. I’m Ott from Pipedrive and I take care of the blog.

      Just chiming in – while we can’t say the exact sample size, I can say that it’s in the tens of thousands. We made sure the data we included in the study is statistically significant.

  • Romeo V Jr

    It’s opposite for me, Mondays are admin/prep, I actually work hardest on Fridays!! Since history has shown me that majority of my sales/closes (90%+) landed on a Friday.

    • That’s great, Romeo. It seems you’ve got a good rhythm so keep it up. May I ask which sector you work in?
      Ott from Pipedrive

  • Ricardo

    That´s cold data. I believe friday is the day for the sales week report. Is when people don´t call much and invest his time to update Pipedrive data for the next week.

    • Hi Ricardo,

      Thanks for the comment. I look after the blog here at Pipedrive and I wanted to chime in.

      For many companies, Friday is the for the weekly sales report. However, on Fridays salespeople don’t seem to invest much time in sales activities (which defined by updates in Pipedrive), as the level instead drops. See above for my reply to Dan as well.

  • Philip Schweizer

    Monday’s have worked well for me. And generally speaking I recommend calling when people are happy; typically after lunch.

  • Yair Shapira

    The only thing sales-people have the energy to do on Friday is close highly probable deals. That’s why conversion is high and volume is low.

    • Hi Yair,

      This could actually be a pretty good explanation to the trend we’re seeing. Keeping your energy levels up throughout the week, as well as on Friday, could then have a strong effect on your overall results, as you’d be able to put through more deals in general.

      Ott from Pipedrive

  • Thank you for all the thoughts and questions! They’ve been very interesting to read, and I liked the curiosity and energy behind them.

    The one thing I liked about that study was that it drove me to ask “What’s my rhythm like during the week?” again. It’s been always easier for me to do what I can do in the circumstances, and much harder to do what I would want to see myself doing, whatever happens.

    Also, it reminded me that there are many ways to get to a great result. It’s been always valuable for me to recognize my own patterns of effort, and make sure they are by my design, and not by the habits I’m actually not proud of. Seeing another slightly different path to a great result has often created an inspiration.

    General conclusions can easily be slightly off for any specific individual – I find the triggering of personal questions more useful. More closer to truth :).

  • john

    I would like to weigh in on your discussion, in advance I will apologize for not falling in line with your participants on which specific day is best. I have trained several hundred sales representatives in several market segments including automotive, construction products and services, Insurance, technology and action entertainment. While doing this I have closed hundreds of millions of USD’s in contracts applying some rather simple rules.

    1) No rep can sale who isn’t getting in front of the potential customers so generally speaking the more calls,presentations and emails you send the more a well trained sales representative will sell period.
    2) Selling requires strong knowledge of the market you are selling to, the competition you are selling against and the strengths and weaknesses of your own offering. Know this and you become a valuable asset to that potential customer.
    3) We are all different but three things are the same 1) We all only have 24 hours a day (know when you are most productive) 2) Know when and where your targets are working. 3) Always be selling and always be ready to sell 24/7/365.

    The ultimate CRM hasn’t been built yet. I have see dozens of them but you are on the right track Ott! There is truth in each comment made by your participants. Make a tool that empowers a closer when its most important, giving us access via a myriad of tools smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and the cloud. I have been making sales calls and presentations for four decades from LA to Berlin typically dealing with clients in multiple time zones. Give us a tool that allows us to load competitors data, auto populates call sheets, imports electronic receipts into expense report forms, stores sent letters, has a library of sample letters, communications allows texting, email, whats app connections, access bid forms and generic offer letters etc.

    Enjoyed your blog


    • Ott Ilves

      Hey John,

      You make some great points, so thanks for weighing in.

      I appreciate the feedback on the product, too – it’s great to see input like this and I’ve passed it on to the product team.


    • Victor Diali

      John, thanks for these tips. very very helpful reminder!

  • john

    Lastly the best day to sell is when the client is ready! And as professionals sales representatives we should be ready 24/7/365 to fill that customers need!

  • Phillip Longley

    What day in New Zealand is the best day t6o sell products?