How to Keep Customers Happy By Using the Pipedrive+Yesware Combo

Yesware Pipedrive integrationPipedrive can be used for tons of reasons. Not least, Pipedrive can be used for managing customer success and its communications like they do at Falcon Social. For us, customer success gets fired up and supercharged when we combine Pipedrive with Yesware – and, man, does that combo make customer success communication easy.

My job as the customer success manager here at Pipedrive is to ensure that our clients are happy. I approach customers, introduce different available Pipedrive features and solutions that could prove to be useful for them and help them make the most of Pipedrive.

Much of this communication with customers takes place over email – it’s one of my main tools, and I send out hundreds every week. To keep track of what works and what doesn’t (which emails people open and which they don’t), I use Yesware. And to have an overview of all open deals and details, I use Pipedrive.

This combo gets me organized, and makes sure I get to keep our customers happy.

How Pipedrive and Yesware work together:

Since I work a lot from Gmail, Pipedrive’s email feature syncs information across Yesware and Pipedrive. Essentially, the forwarding feature connects my emails with specific contacts in Pipedrive. I simply forward my emails to Pipedrive by using the bcc line. You can find your smart bcc email address under the Email integration settings in Pipedrive. If I have an open deal with the contact, the whole email thread will be visible under deal details.

Pipedrive and Yesware

Having customer details and the related deal history all in one place keeps everyone on my team on the same page, since we can always check the contact’s history before contacting them.

My favorite Yesware features:

  • The opportunity to save template answers and emails, and categorize them appropriately for easy access later.
  • Tracking the customers’ email openings.
  • The visual graph for the last 30-day email opening tracking report.
  • Reminder notifications, which help me to remember when I last sent an email to a customer, and when I should ping them next for a response.

To keep track of where I am with every customer and help me manage customer success, the second part to my combo is Pipedrive. Even though I don’t use Pipedrive for sales, the pipeline is great for managing customer success, since I can get a really good overview of who requires my urgent attention.

My favorite Pipedrive features:

  • The pipeline view, which is my main working view gives me a bird’s-eye view of all processes.

Deal “rotting” feature, which highlights the deals that need my urgent attention, coloring them red. This indicates the deals I should work on first.

Customer Success Pipeline

One final tip for managing success

One final and really cool way I organize my work is using Zapier trigger actions within different pipelines in Pipedrive. For example, whenever someone from the sales team closes a deal, a new deal gets automatically added to my customer success pipeline into the “Ready for approach” stage.

This nifty automation option saves me a lot of time and helps me stay on top of everything.

That’s it – that’s how I manage customer success communications. If you like it, why not give Pipedrive a go – you can try it for free for 30 days. 

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Maarika Susi

Maarika is the Head of Customer Success at Pipedrive.

  • Art

    Is there a similar PipeDrive+YesWare+Outlook integration or only when using a gmail email accouont?

  • JB

    @Art I just read this article hoping for answer to that same question. And I see you posted that question 5 months ago without a response so I guess that’s an answer in itself.

  • hi, is there a way to see in Pipedrive for each message if it was opened or not (by yesware)?

    • Martin Henk

      Unfortunately this is not yet possible as the integration is only one way and taking advantage of the SmartBCC solution which can generate emails in Pipedrive, but can’t send any additional information back.

      • Theo Dee

        will you consider it in the future, that would be a deal changer for me as I am still on a trial

        • Martin Henk

          A deeper integration with Yesware is definitely something to consider for the future. It’s not coming in the very near future though. And we can’t really promise anything at the moment.

          • Ryan Begy

            Have you considered providing this as pipedrive feature similar to hubspot? I’m currently between you and them and the email tracking feature is a distinct advantage. If they are able to provide it independently, than the potential is there for your company as well.

          • RR

            I am also on pipedrive trial and this is the one feature I have found seriously lacking in pipedrive. It is really critical to know who’s opening what so you can prioritize who to followup with. I don’t want to pay for Yesware too (which would double the price of Pipedrive).

            Pretty please add this feature.

          • I agree with Ryan, this is a Must Have necessity, even AgileCRM which is a great product has their own E-mail tracking with Chrome notifications. Please move this to the Urgent, front of the line in upgrade development.

        • Cédric


      • Greg

        I am confused. Above it states: “To keep track of what works and what doesn’t (which emails people open and which they don’t), I use Yesware.” Yet, then you state “this is not yet possible as the integration is only one way”. What am I not understanding? Can emails be tracked (i.e. which are opened and which are not?)

  • Marcus711

    @martinhenk:disqus Is there a plan for a two way email communication sync with Yesware? Similar to the inbound and outbound email tracking that is enabled with yesware and salesforce?

    • Martin Henk

      This is currently not planned

  • When I saw Yesware integration as an option for Pipedrive, I thought perfect, because this is a must have. After digging in, I see it’s not actually an integration where users can see the data from Yesware related to contacts in Pipedrive. I’m on a 45 day trial, hopefully it can be added in that timeframe. 😉

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Aaron,
      Yes, the integration is simply helping to copy sent emails to Pipedrive. It does not sync any open and click metrics into Pipedrive. We don’t have this improvement in the road map so it’s definitely not going to happen in the next 45 days I’m afraid.

      • when can we see direct integration or Pipedrive with its own open e-mail notification? This is a very important feature, especially for a CRM that is all about Sales.

  • Paoli

    Hi @martinhenk:disqus If I bcc all my email list when I send a mail merge with Yesware, does it directly create all the contacts in my Pipedrive account or do I need to create (or upload) all my list before sending? Thank you

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Paoli,
      The SmartBCC will create these contacts for you by default. So no need to upload them beforehand.

  • Matthew N Martin

    Our company is implementing Yesware this quarter. Would be nice to have Pipedrive work with it so we do not have to change.

  • Vee

    Has there been any development or discussion around incorporating Yesware metrics into Pipedrive? While the sync feature is nice, to be able to access that info within Pipedrive and about emails sent from within Pipedrive is the ultimate goal here. Otherwise it’s constant flipping between the two.

    • Christopher

      Hi Vee,

      There is nothing coming up for that soon but we can think about that moving forward.


      • Vee

        So essentially if you want email tracking you’d need to use Gmail (or whatever) to email contacts and ensure that your integration is set up so that those emails are recorded in Pipedrive? It’s a bit disjointed. What is your definition of soon and moving forward?

        • Christopher

          You can use our Gold plan to have an automatic email sync but you need to use Yesware to track emails. We are looking at having tracking within Pipedrive but we have no ETA for that at the moment.