How to Use Pipedrive for Recruiting

As chief talent officer at Pipedrive, I scan the profiles of prospective candidates daily. My job is to find the crėme de la crėme (or simply the best, as Tina Turner would sing). This blog post is here to show how you can use Pipedrive for recruiting and manage your prospects better.

When I first joined Pipedrive and Ragnar (a company co-founder) gave me the link to start using Pipedrive, I was staggered for a moment – are we really going to be using a sales software for recruitment? Well, yes – it’s brilliant for it. That’s why HubSpot, Iterable and RecruitLoop use Pipedrive for recruiting.

Why I like using Pipedrive as an applicant tracking software

The problem with most recruitment tools I’ve worked with over the years has been their inherent complexity – every tool had a steep learning curve and required comprehensive training. The simplicity of Pipedrive – the bird’s-eye view of a hiring process – makes a difference.

My two favorite features:

  1. The horizontal pipeline view.
    • It gives a visual overview of how many candidates I have at any one stage of the hiring process.
    • I can drag and drop the prospects from stage to stage without having to type in their new status.
    • I can simply book an interview time directly from the app and get reminders, making time management a nonissue.
Recruiting Pipeline Pipedrive

Hiring pipeline example

  1. It’s connected to my email.

When I send an email or receive one from a candidate, the message is automatically displayed in the application – no copy/paste needed. See our support site here to find out how to set up the integration.

Other features that help me find the best candidates

In a broader sense, there’s a couple of other ways I organize my workload:

    • I have a different pipeline for every role – the copywriter, the marketing intern and so on. I can customize the number of stages in a process, as well as their names, so having numerous pipelines is useful and convenient.
    • I can add notes, the CV and previous contact history (calls, interviews) for a prospect. This way, everyone involved with the hiring process can quickly get an understanding of a candidate.

how to use CRM for recruiting detail view Pipedrive

So there you go – a peek into how I organize my work. If you’re a recruitment manager, why not give Pipedrive a go yourself – you can try it for free for 14 days. 

Happy hiring

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Oksana Topor

Oksana is our Chief Talent Officer, always on the lookout for amazing people. Claims her dearest hobby is keeping pipedrivers happy, and we almost believe her.

  • Stefan Klose

    Are there any experiences to monitor and track the progress of Projects with Pipedrive? Once the project is won it must be excecuted..

  • Oksana, looking at how you have set things up. You have the persons name showing. When i try and do this i have the persons name followed by (deal) afterwards. It is a bit annoying having (deal)

    • Hi Gavin,

      There are two ways you could get rid of the ‘deal’ part.

      1) When doing data import from a spreadsheet, you need to have the Company Name and the deal Title columns essentially duplicated (i.e. have the same values inside). If you import the data without the deal titles, they will be presented in the way you have it on your screenshot.

      2) The other option would be manual deal entry, in which case you wouldn’t get the ‘deal’ part either.

      Hope this helps.

  • Ben

    Link is broken. Is this still beta or live? Where can I see / test it?

    >When I send an email or receive one from a candidate, the message is automatically displayed in the application – no copy-paste needed.
    (Please note this feature is still in private beta, you can read more about it here.)

    • Joel Jesus

      Hi Ben,

      The link should be working fine right now. Let me know if it isn’t for you and we will take it from there!

      Kind regards,

      • Roger

        The link is not working again? Maybe it’s out of beta?

  • Peter

    Is there a way to limit who can view the hiring pipedrive- a section where you allow specific users to view the pipeline?

    • Joel Jesus

      Hi Peter,

      There is no way to hide a specific Pipeline from other users but you can hide its content. Simply navigate to Settings by clicking on your portrait on the top right corner and select Company Settings. You can then play around with those options to hide certain items from regular users.

      Please note that every admin will always be able to see everything, no matter what options have been selected.

      Any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

      Kind regards,

      • Peter

        Thanks Joel – this is helpful for now, however, going forwards, it would make sense to allow pipelines to be visible to only specific users. Additionally – are there classes of users – such as sales and HR?

        • Joel Jesus

          Hey Peter,

          You are more than welcome. I totally understand where you’re coming from and it makes sense, I will forward this feedback to our developers and hopefully we will see this feature implemented in the future.

          By default, there is only the ‘admin’ and the ‘regular user’ but we do have a beta version that allows you to assign different roles to these users like sales and HR as you mentioned.

          If you would like to have this enabled on your account send a message to and they will look into it for you.

          Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

          Kind regards,

          • Peter

            Thats good to know – thanks. I prefer to not beta test for now, Pete

          • Barbara Hogan

            Did this feature get approved? How do I enable?

  • I am new to Pipedrive but love it. But i am a bit of a n00b to how it all works. I now want to use Pipedrive to log CVs (job applications) but I don’t want it to clog up our new business pipeline. Can I set up a new Pipeline for a different offering. I am assuming I can but have’t figured it out.

    • Martin Henk

      Great to hear you love it. You can add new pipelines from the Settings, Pipelines page. You can access the Settings page by clicking your name in the top right hand corner in the app.

  • Barbara Hogan

    Great article. Question: On your pipeline, you have “No Fit” or “Not Now” If candidate is hired, do you drag them into WIN? If not, how do you capture the data?

    • Christopher

      Hi Barbara,

      If the candidate is hired, you can drag them into win.
      This means you will be able to track your metrics and also track the following steps.

      You could even move them into a second pipeline 🙂