Learn to manage your sales pipeline in 4 minutes [video]

Many of our customers say that the main reason why they’ve started to use Pipedrive was that our software helps to improve their sales processes.That it helps people understand the basics of sales pipeline management without having to read a book about it or taking a costly course.

Which is great, but we have a feeling that if we explained the principles of sales pipeline management better, our software would be even more useful. And by the same token, if more people knew about the power of sales pipeline management, more people would want to use tools like ours. So we’ve created our first ever piece of video advice which gives you the basics of sales pipeline management in 4 minutes. Feel free to pass it on to any colleagues or friends that need to sell more, but that could use a solid methodology like this.

We’ll make more videos about sales pipeline management soon, and we’d love to get your input. Please let me know in comments if you (or any of your team members) have any questions relating to sales and/or sales pipeline management. We’ve worked in sales for more than 15 years, and we can answer by replying to your comment or even shooting a whole video in reply.

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Timo Rein

CEO and Co-Founder of Pipedrive

  • Great post and video. By far the best and easiest explanation of a sales pipeline.

  • alimz


  • alimz


  • nicholasyeap

    There are many times that we should treat deals that yet to make it to the proposal stage as lost deal. We need to continue to follow up. I think it should stay in the deal stages instead of lost. Kindly feedback.

    • Sighthound

      Absolutely. It’s never lost until you are given a very clear NO. We call that “chasing the no”. You run the risk of irritating people, but you simply must find a way to qualify every lead as being an opportunity or not. Almost all leads can still represent an ongoing relationship, but it’s only the ones that represent an opportunity to sell that get put into the pipe. And there are those that are lost for reasons other than a “no” as well. Something may have killed the deal that was outside of the saleperson’s control, or they may have over-qualified and marked something as an opportunity that wasn’t. Avoiding the former is hard to control, but avoiding the latter comes with experience.

  • nicholasyeap

    Where can I get the 2nd video?

  • Fayez Abed Al Razeq

    I like it, I’m a new user of Pipedrive, and I expect to close great deals.

  • Robert Walker

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  • Robin Singh


  • Sathish Kumar V

    you can also validate y out of 8 prospect only 1 conversion ? . also validate are you picking up the right prospect ? you can home work before picking up a prospect. you can also take the reference form the conversion prospect.

  • Thomas Crotty

    Simply and effective explaination. Thank you.

  • K Man

    I want to sell Pipedrive, offer it to companies around me in NYC …..

  • Nice simple explanation Timo. I’m enjoying trialling Pipedrive very much.

    • still a year later I’m loving Pipedrive and have recommended it to quite a few people already. Awesome stuff. Thanks!

  • Asa Leveaux

    Thank you for the content!