Rightsignature – Pipedrive Integration: Seal the Deal with an Electronic Signature

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Closing a sale is no easy feat. The last thing you want to do after getting a “yes” is end up waiting for a fax. Some countries, such Estonia (where Pipedrive is co-based along with the United States), have adopted a government-backed standard for digital signatures, but way too much time is spent on printing, scanning and faxing. Fortunately, there’s a solution for Pipedrive users that works globally.

RightSignature, provider of electronic signature software, has just added a Pipedrive integration. As soon as you close a deal, you log in to RightSignature and send the customer your contract as well as any other document they need to fill out and sign, such as a new client form or credit application.

The customer then receives an email with a link to open the document in RightSignature’s intuitive web app, and follows simple, step-by-step navigation to fill out required text fields and sign with a hand-written, legally binding e-signature. Documents can even be completed on an iPhone, iPad or android device. Once your recipient signs the document, the executed copy is returned to you instantly, so you never have to wonder about the status of your contracts again.

Best of all, after you activate the new integration between Pipedrive and RightSignature, your Pipedrive contacts automatically are synced within RightSignature so you can send documents to your contacts for an e-signature with just a few clicks.

Daryl Bernstein, CEO of RightSignature, says:

Just as Pipedrive is a streamlined, efficient CRM for productive businesses, RightSignature is an elegant online solution for getting documents signed quickly, easily and legally. With these shared values in sales productivity and usability, we are excited to have Pipedrive as an integration partner.

Read more on RightSignature blog.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • MJ

    Do you have a special for pipedrive users?

    • Sorry, there’s currently no discount in place for Pipedrive users

  • Shirlee Berman

    Does the signed document update the PipeDrive deal in any way? (Like maybe the stage?)

    • Hi,
      This integration will not automatically update anything in Pipedrive. It can simply auto-complete Pipedrive data on the RS side.

  • We have reps from different affiliates using the same Pipedrive. It is possible to have the RS email generated by our design team but sent from a reps email address (which may not be the address they use to sign in to Pipedrive)?