How to manage writing a thesis with Pipedrive

Elise Sass Startup Wise GuysIt’s extremely heartwarming to see Pipedrive used for things we could not even have dreamed about. We set out to do a simple sales app but we’ve already seen Pipedrive used in pet sitting, and as project management tool at Simpleshow. And it gets better. Elise Sass who looks after community at Startup Wise Guys recently used Pipedrive to keep the ducks of writing her Master’s thesis in row. In her own words:

Writing a master thesis can be quite difficult and time consuming, to say the least. In addition to all the requirements it’s sometimes hard to keep track what’s done and what still needs to be done. My paper to-do list got messy quickly and didn’t give the overview I needed. But a master’s thesis is a sum of quite similar processes and parts, especially when all the data has been gathered and you are already in the writing phase. This is where I started to use Pipedrive, to keep things in order and understand what parts I had finished and what I still needed to do.

I defined 6 stages in Pipedrive: Needs changes > Writing > For advisor > Sent to advisor > Ready to format > Completed.

At first I thought that it is just good to see how far the things were – especially to remember what parts I had sent to advisor, so I always knew whether I could continue writing or needed to wait for comments. Later I realized that I can use the “Deal value” field to mark how many comments I still had active in writing documents. Of course, my target was not to get the number higher as is the case in sales, but rather get it down to 0.

Pipedrive Pipeline View Masters Thesis

The commenting possibility under each deal allowed me to add some thoughts while the document was with my advisors. The task feature allowed me to add reminders what and when I should do – for example that I had promised to send a new version of Conclusions part to my advisor by a at certain time, or that I needed to add an additional chart to Results.

Pipedrive helped me a lot in having a constant overview of what was happening with my thesis. It may not seem like a lot but it really supported the long writing process. I’d recommend Pipedrive for the same purpose for others as well – maybe even inviting advisor to the same pipeline, so both the writer and the advisor could see what is happening and what to focus on.

Full disclosure: Elise is sister to one of our co-founders. That said, she started using Pipedrive for her thesis work on her own initiative and we didn’t have to force her to write about her experience. (Not too much, anyway.)

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Andrus Purde

Andrus Purde is founder of Outfunnel (previously head of marketing here at Pipedrive) on a mission to unite the worlds of marketing and sales. He’s a Pipedrive user since 2011, a marketer since 1997 and an accomplished marathon runner (that was a short game of “two truths and a lie” by the way). Jokes aside, Outfunnel is a great marketing automation tool for Pipedrive users.

  • S. Belle

    hi, it’s a pretty smart idea to manage your thoughts and writing with a projectmanagement software. i will try to do the same. where do i have to fill in the promo code to get an 6months trial for writing my bachelor-thesis? thx

    • Andrus

      Sorry for the late reply! Enter the promo code when you begin a free trial of Pipedrive – you will then get 6 months instead of the usual 1 month.

  • Karim

    can i add promocode after i add an old one. Meaning, I added a one before and want to exchange STUDENTSOLO

    • Martin Henk

      Hey, officially you can’t have 2 promo codes, but please contact about this and I’m sure we can figure something out.

      • Karim

        Thanks, they managed to add the new code 🙂