The Pipedrive Marketplace: A Theme Park for Salespeople

The Pipedrive Marketplace: A Theme Park for Salespeople

Pipedrive was built to keep things simple. By allowing you to visualize your sales process and follow-up with the right activities, your efforts become more effective and your closing rate starts to climb.

Sales is not just about pipeline management.

To succeed as a salesperson you also need to manage contacts, generate leads, and keep track of contracts, invoices, etc. Until now, Pipedrive supported these extra sales activities with additional tools on our handy integrations page. But we came up with a better solution. (more…)

5 Zaps Pipedrive Users and Teams Can’t Live Without

5 Zaps Pipedrive Users Can’t Live Without

Cutting corners implies that you need to compromise on quality, and that being both quick and effective is unrealistic. Luckily for busy salespeople like yourself, that’s no longer the case.

Thanks to cutting edge automation tools like Zapier, Pipedrive users can now shave hours off their day-to-day activities by eliminating tedious data transferring tasks. Plus, you can now use Zapier Teams to share these simple automation workflows with fellow Pipedrivers. (more…)