What’s A Sales Pipeline Anyway? (And How It Impacts Sales Results)

What Is A Sales Pipeline?

Sales pipeline — a term that gets thrown around so much, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s an empty catchphrase that simply makes salespeople who use it look like sales professionals. But your sales management operations can benefit from using a sales pipeline, and it could make a significant difference to your bottom line.

“It’s not a matter of whether you’ll get improvements. It’s just a matter of how much,” said Mark McInnes, who was recognized by LinkedIn as Australia’s No. 1 social seller and serves as an execution coaching partner at Sydney-based SalesITV.

A sales pipeline is a visual and systematic approach to selling a product or service. It allows salespeople to get a grasp of exactly where their money, deals, and other sales efforts are at all times (we’ll dive more into the pipeline below). (more…)

[Feature Release] Pipedrive and Email, Fully Together at Last

Pipedrive email sync feature

Have you ever found yourself looking at a deal in Pipedrive only to get that nagging feeling that you’re missing something? You might have a vivid memory of communicating with the customer and reaching some agreement, or deciding on a plan of action, but because you have 50 other clients you’ve completely forgotten exactly what it was?

“Not a problem,” you think. “I’ll just find the email trail and update everything in a flash.”


Two New Pipedrive Plans, Unlimited Potential

Introducing Tiered Pricing

When we started Pipedrive, one of our key ideas was that we would always aim to keep things as simple as possible.

But as time passed, not only has the program itself grown, but the diversity of our user-base has as well. We’ve often found ourselves surprised at the inventive uses people have found for Pipedrive. This has however meant that our users’ needs have become more complex over time.


Sales Coaching 101: Focus on the Middle

Sales Coaching 101

Spending more than three hours a month on coaching sales staff increased goal attainment 17% compared to two hours or less, a study by the Sales Executive Council found.

Despite the generally accepted idea that sales coaching leads to higher goal attainment, many in sales management and even industry coaches can be unsure where to start. Often, managers make the mistake of directing their sales staff rather than coaching them, which leads away from the desired response.

“When leaders give orders they succeed in conditioning their people to wait for those orders, resulting in a decline in initiative and overall engagement,” writes David Priemer in 4 Killer Tips for Supercharging Your Sales Coaching Sessions. (more…)

[Update] We’ve Made the Web Forms Beta Even Better

Pipedrive, web forms

It’s been just over a month since the launch of web forms and we think it’s high time we updated users on progress, including some key changes.

We’re extremely pleased about all the positive feedback we received on how easy you found the forms to set up and use. Typical of Pipedrive users – and one of the reasons we wouldn’t swap you for any other user group – we received a lot of suggestions for improvements as well. (more…)