How to Develop an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

Sales Compensation Plan

Deciding on the right plan to compensate your sales team is both critical to your business and one of the biggest challenges you’ll face.

Striking a balance between realism, ambition, motivation and setting achievable targets that are also enough of a stretch to increase revenue is a bit like juggling chainsaws with greasy hands – very tricky and loaded with the potential to go incredibly wrong. (more…)

Creating a Cyber Security Culture That Sticks: ISMS Training Review

Cyber Security

A number of years ago, we here at Pipedrive went from seeing ourselves as a SaaS startup to realizing our responsibility as a medium sized technology enterprise.

It was time, as a leading sales CRM, to invest further in our security credentials to provide peace of mind to our 70,000+ customers that their data is in safe hands. We tested and rolled out various ways of security training our engineers. Here’s what we learnt (the hard way) so you don’t have to. (more…)