Transform Gmail into a Savvy Sales CRM with Pipedrive’s Gmail Extension

Pipedrive Gmail Extension on Google Chrome

In the fast-paced world of sales, time is invaluable. That’s exactly why you need to stop switching tabs and wield the power of Pipedrive directly from Gmail using the new Pipedrive Chrome Extension.

If you’re an avid Gmail user and plan on spending as little time as possible at your desk, then this is the tool for you. This nifty add-on will help you stay focused and spend more time and energy doing what you do best: sales.


Get to Know Your Leads with Smart Contact Data

Big Data has the answers to all your customer questions, the key is sifting through the piles of information for those golden nuggets. But don’t worry about the messy part, because Pipedrive now does all the searching and gathering for you.

Supercharge your leads at the click of a button with Pipedrive’s new Smart Contact Data feature. This awesome feature crawls the web for valuable data about your leads from Google, LinkedIn profiles, web listings, and other public online sources.


The Cold Email: Experts Reveal How to Get Noticed

The Cold Email: What Would Make Companies Open Yours
It’s hard to write cold emails. To contact a complete stranger, make them understand you and want to talk to you. They’re also fraught with traps. If you don’t make a good first impression, those opportunities and targets will slip away.

Hitting delete is often the most common response, yet cold emails are a crucial weapon in a salesperson’s arsenal. And get this, the open rates are between 14%-28% depending on the industry, according to MailChimp. That says a lot about how hard your content needs to work.

To get deeper under the skin of what gets people talking and what gets trashed, we’ve assembled an exclusive panel of buyers – from the biggest global players, midsize companies and startups – to reveal what they like and what they hate. (more…)

Revenue Forecasting Gets an Upgrade

Revenue Forecasting Gets an Upgrade in Time for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, and whether you’ve hit your end of year sales targets or not, there’s always room for improvement. To be able to boost revenue, you need to be able to track and predict progress while there’s still time to change course.

That’s where Pipedrive’s Revenue Forecasting features come in handy. (more…)