7 Steps to Becoming the Sales Manager Everyone Wants to Work For

how to become a sales manager

Sales is an art and a science. And if you’re going to lead a team of salespeople, it’s key that you master both.

Today’s sales managers are experts at managing time — they ensure that their team is spending time on activities that lead to closing as many deals as possible. A manager can make a sizable impact by influencing the specific activities that ultimately lead to a completed sale. Understanding this process and supporting a team to optimize it is integral to becoming a sales manager.

So whether you’re just starting out or on your way to becoming vice president of sales for a high-flying startup, here are seven steps to jump-start your journey: (more…)

Why Hardly No One Considers a Sales Career as a First Choice and Why You Should

The Lure of a Sales Career

Everybody has to sell something. When you want to marry someone, you need to sell yourself as the most eligible partner around. When looking for a job, you’re selling your skills. Even serious artists — who cringe at being accused of “selling out” — must somehow compel patrons, critics and their intended audience to “buy” the core aesthetics of their craft. Ultimately, success (in and out of business) depends on how well you have sold a product, a service, a brand, a person or an idea.

So why does a sales career rarely get the respect it deserves? (more…)

Pipedrive Is Opening an Office in Tartu

Tartu University Main Building

University of Tartu main building

Pipedrive is growing. We are adding to our offices in the United States and Estonia, with our new office in the second-largest city of Tartu. With one office in the United States and two now in Estonia, we are better positioned to attract new talent as we expand. Oh yeah, and we just won the Best Employer Award in the private sector in Estonia. (more…)

Don’t Vomit On the Receptionist (And Other Bogus Sales Tactics)

Ineffective sales techniques

You’ve heard it before: If you only use one sales technique, use this one. Or: This closes every deal.

And then those techniques didn’t work.

Sales is a learned skill, but because learning sales can be an uncomfortable, myths about “tried and true” or “legendary” tactics spring up. The problem with that? Many of these techniques won’t work for everyone, and a few of them — threatening to throw up on a receptionist, for example (but more on that later) — don’t work at all. (more…)

Give Your Sales Pipeline a Boost with Zapier’s Multi-Step Workflows

Pipedrive workflow automation

We want to ensure our customers have the best tools to focus on their sales without having to worry about admin work. You need to know whom to focus on, what deals deserve immediate attention, how they affect your projects and sales pipeline and where that information needs to go.
We see our customers putting Pipedrive to work through their entire sales cycle, from lead management to project tasking and marketing outreach. We know hundreds of apps are out there to capture data you need in Pipedrive, or to which you want to send items at various stages of your deals. That’s why, among our many app integrations, we integrated with Zapier, enabling you to connect Pipedrive with more than 500 business apps quickly and without any programming knowledge. (more…)