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Private Filters aka How to Reduce Noise in Your Filters List

Filters in Pipedrive let you create various types of reports about deals, organizations, people and products. They’re helpful for finding specific data like “Deals closed last month” fast.

Historically, all Pipedrive filters have been publicly shared across all users in a company.  This works perfectly fine in a small team where the number of filters is low and they’re easy to find. In large teams, however, it means trouble – if everyone’s filters are visible to everyone then there’s a lot of noise, and finding either your personal filters or the filters you need to use becomes slow and cumbersome.

To rectify this, we created Private Filters that allow you to find your personal filters with ease without having to create “named filters” anymore. With Private Filters, it’s easy to view the filters you’ve created without needing to scroll through a list containing dozens or hundreds of irrelevant ones. You can easily create new filters without littering everyone else’s view. (more…)

How to Define a Sales Pipeline? SeamlessDocs Tracks Cold, Warm and Hot Leads in Separate Pipelines

seamlessdocs logo

All leads are not created equal – some are hot, some are cold, and some are in between. To close them, you need to take different approaches for each one.

A company that has this figured out is SeamlessDocs, which helps organizations convert any PDF into a smarter online documents and provides them with e-signature software. They have 3 different and highly detailed sales pipelines for hot, cold and warm leads, which their Analysts and Associates use once they take over from Sales Development Reps.

We talked to VP of Business Development Marc Ende, who told us about their extremely detailed approach and about the importance of calling their prospects.


Seamlessly Call Your Customers from Pipedrive with the Kixie Integration

kixie pipedrive integration

The importance of calling your prospects can’t be overstated. It’s a surefire way to find out their needs and close deals.

How important exactly? For SeamlessDocs, 90% of the conversations that take place right before a sale happen on the phone.

Their reps live in Pipedrive, so it made sense for them to use a phone service that centralized their team’s activity in one place.

Kixie is a better business phone service for sales teams, and you can call customers directly from Pipedrive by using the Kixie integration.  The company allows you to automatically create new contacts in Pipedrive, and sync all your Pipedrive call records and recordings from your desk phone and cell phone. (more…)

Powerful Filtering of Contacts and Deals With the New List Views

Here’s the video about what’s changed in Pipedrive’s List views


We Won the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup Award

It's clear that we're far better at building software than taking pictures

It’s clear that we’re far better at building software than taking pictures

Last night, Pipedrive won the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup award at The Europas.

Needless to say (but we want to anyway), we couldn’t have done it without our great customers. Nor without such a strong team behind the product. So, thank you!

Congratulations to our friends at TransferWise, and to all the other winners and nominees.