Update on the Heartbleed Bug

On April 7, the OpenSSL Project released an update to address a vulnerability nicknamed “Heartbleed”.  The vulnerability affects a substantial number of applications and services running on the Internet, and it did include Pipedrive.

However, yesterday evening GMT time, we updated all our SSL endpoints so our servers no longer contain this vulnerability. Furthermore, we also deployed new SSL certificates today across all servers in addition to the updates made yesterday.

Your Pipedrive Password

However, we do encourage all Pipedrive users to reset your Pipedrive account passwords. We do not have any evidence that passwords have been compromised, but any time a large scale vulnerability like this is discovered, the safest thing to do for your account is to rotate your password. In addition, we encourage generating new API tokens.

Share your deal info with the whole company

There’s usually a lot of information flowing through the company and so the question arises – is there a better, more efficient way to organize it?

BCSocial is a collaboration platform that pulls together content and conversations into a workflow that creates more visibility and enables better decision-making across the company.

It’s important that all the people get information relevant to them at the right moment. The new BCSocial integration enables sales teams to share what’s happening with their prospects and collaborate with anyone outside Pipedrive – the marketing department for research info or the CEO for insights that would help close the deal faster.

If you happen to use BCSocial or are looking for a service that enables sharing your deal info with the rest of the company we encourage you to take a closer look at the integration here.

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Marketing intern position available! Limited time offer!

Are we a match made in heaven (or at an important meeting if you don’t believe in that stuff)? Let’s find out.

About us:
We’re a startup building the fastest, easiest and most useful deal and sales management software ever. Pipedrive has grown over a 100% with the last year, gotten over 3 million in funding and received rave reviews from the likes of TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal. We’ve got 40 smiling faces to greet you if you’re the one we’re looking for and that number is growing fast.

About you:
It goes without saying that you’re smart and hardworking with a keen interest in all aspects of marketing. Keep reading if you also have good analytical skills, unstoppable enthusiasm and enviable communication skills. You are fluent in spoken and written English. The cherry on the cake? You can multi-task and solve problems, have great time management, natural attention to detail and some experience of report writing. And you like dogs.

What you’ll be doing:
As you’d imagine, you’ll be assisting our marketing team in every aspect of their work. A lot of the tasks will present themselves on the way, but we can promise you some good-old data collection, analysis, creative writing and preparation work for different projects.

What we offer:
You’ll get a desk and a chair (!) at one of the coolest offices in Estonia. You’ll also get a MacBook Air to work with and as you might have already guessed from the lack of formality in this job description – you will not be dealing with any corporate BS.

If you think we would get along like this bunny and cat, please get in touch via jobs-admin@pipedrive.com. Send your resume (in English) or a link to your LinkedIn profile and please add a few lines on why we should pay extra attention to your application.

Riki, our Chief Happiness Officer, is waiting for your application.

Pipedrive is ready

I have a rather important announcement to make. This morning we released a relatively small feature that many customers had been vocally requesting (now when your rep marks a deal as “lost” a 250 word essay to explain their failure is mandatory). After the release we started planning the next development cycle and realised this had been not only the last outstanding feature request, but also the last item on our roadmap. Furthermore, our developers had managed to fix all outstanding bugs last week.

After some hours of heated discussion our product team declared Pipedrive to be fully complete. There is nothing we can add or improve. We’ve built the world’s first piece of software that doesn’t require, or even doesn’t accommodate, further enhancements.

To be honest, the decision to declare the product ready wasn’t quite unanimous. Our product lead suggested two more improvements to our mobile apps, but these could not be taken seriously, coming from someone who also wished his iPhone 5S had a bigger screen, an NFC chip and a replaceable battery.

The news has been warmly welcomed by our customers. In the words of Nikhil Shah, co-founder of music platform Mixcloud“As a company with a strong product led culture, we’re constantly iterating and improving our platform, and it seems like there’s always a million things to do! This is why I’m astounded with Pipedrive’s recent efforts. They’ve somehow managed to get to product completion, and we’re very happy users. It’s great to know that we are working with a final product and have no surprises to expect.”


Operating the world’s first fully complete software product is not all good news. We’ve had to make the tough decision to let go all staff apart from a part-time accountant. I myself have just accepted a managerial role at Salesforce and others don’t seem to have too difficult of a time finding new jobs either. This is the true benefit of having a great team.

Over the years we’ve raised more than 3.5 million dollars and we’ve decided to pay out the unused funds as dividends to company co-founders. In the words of Jason M. Lemkin, one of our investors: “We always knew there was something special about Pipedrive, apart from the funny accents of founders. More people in the VC world should embrace the view that finalizing a product is a much better exit strategy than an IPO. For one thing, there’s a lot less paperwork.”

When we pre-announced the news to our investors a couple of reasonable questions came up, which we’re re-publishing here with their permission.

Q: Can you really be confident that there is nothing the team can do to improve Pipedrive?

Me: Just look at it.

Q: Have you considered that customer preferences and available technologies change and the product may need improvements in the future?

Me: It is likely that 3-5 years down the line a small sub-set of customers would like a new feature for our Products module. Several of our developers have expressed interest in adding that on their spare time.

Guess that’s it. This is the last post on this blog. None of us expected to reach product completion in less than 4 years, but we all feel very privileged for having been part of this journey. Thank you for your support, and enjoy using the world’s first complete software product!

PS. This was posted on April 1st :)

See Pipedrive information inside Gmail, using this add-on

Pipedrive rapletRapportive is a tool that shows you everything about your contacts right inside your Gmail inbox. And thanks to a happy customer it can now also display information stored in Pipedrive such as number of open deals and last or next activity.

In the words of Paul Arterburn, creator of the raplet:

The Pipedrive+Brandfolder+Rapportive raplet adds a section to your Rapportive with Pipedrive information, as well as Brandfolder information (it pulls in the logo of the company they work with).

I built the Raplet, because we live in our Google Apps, but are always looking up who we’re emailing with in Pipedrive to get a feel for what the status is with them. The way the raplet works:

  1. If the email you are messaging with is NOT in your Pipedrive it will allow you to “Add user” right from gmail, so that further interactions with them will then be logged.
  2. If they are an existing person in Pipedrive it gives you the following information, if appropriate:
  • Name (with direct link to Person, # of open deals, # of activities)
  • Phone Number
  • Organization Name (with direct link to Organization)
  • Last activity (with direct link to open Deal, if available)
  • Next activity (with direct link to open Deal, if available)

This can be a real timesaver, so if you’re already using Rapportive, do install the raplet. And do check out Paul’s company Brandfolder, a simple way to organize, find and share your brand assets such as logos and product shots.

New mini-feature: now you can use custom ‘currencies’ in Pipedrive

Adding new features is a double-edged sword. Add too few and some customers will leave you in search of a more effective tool. Add too many and your product becomes unnecessarily complex. We read and digest every single feature request but are consciously holding back those that are only asked by a handful of customers.

Pipedrive custom currenciesWe’ve just released a small feature that has come up enough times to reach “escape velocity”. Many of you have asked for a possibility to use a non-monetary value for deals. This could be tons of cocoa, barrels of crude oil, cords of wood or terabytes of data. You can now define your own custom ‘currency’ for such occasions.

How to use custom ‘currencies’:

  • Users with admin rights now see a ‘Currencies’ tab under Settings › Company Settings which is where you can can activate and deactivate currencies.
  • Each custom currency can have a display name and a unit measurement symbol. For example, if we are talking about “data traffic in GB per month”, the symbol would be simply “GB/month”.
  • Users can set any custom currency as their default currency

Other currency-related improvements:

  • Admins can deactivate any default currency that they do not wish to appear in the currency drop-downs across the company account in question.
  • There are two new buttons in the Currencies tab that admins can use: “Deactivate all unused currencies” and “Re-activate all used currencies”, each residing in the relevant section. These enable admins to quickly deactivate all currencies that haven’t been used in any deals or products. Note that custom monetary field values are not taken into consideration for these.
  • When currency conversion is enabled in the pipeline view, custom currencies are ignored from the sums unless a specific custom currency is set as the default currency. This means that 50 USD + 5 GB/traffic would end up 5 GB/traffic if traffic is the default currency, or 50 USD if US Dollar was the default one.

Looking forward to seeing “squirrel skins” in Pipedrive soon!

Head of Support needed

We are building the fastest, easiest and most useful deal and sales management software ever. With our multitalented team, Pipedrive has grown over a 100% with the last year, gotten over 3 million in funding and received rave reviews from the likes of TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal.

We’re loved by tens of thousands of users from more than a hundred countries. To handle this massive amount of love we’re looking for a…

Head of Support

The aim of the job is to develop our customer support team to unseen heights and manage the day-to-day operations to ensure superior customer experience.

We require you to:
• Have a strong sense of responsibility and passion for providing customer support
• Develop as well as drive strategies and programs that exceed customers expectations
• Organize the team’s workflows and work schedules
• Have managerial level work experience
• Be fluent in spoken and written English
• Be based in Estonia

We offer:
• Competitive base pay
• No corporate BS
• MacBook Air to work with
• One of the coolest offices in Estonia
• A chance to be a part of the next success story out of Estonia

If this is something for you, please get in touch via jobs-admin@pipedrive.com. Send your resume (in English) or a link to your LinkedIn profile and please add a few lines on why we should pay extra attention to your application.

Our team with the President of Estonia

Let Torpio handle your small repetitive tasks

We often get questions along the lines of:

We have lots of standard “admin” tasks that need to be completed when we set up a new client. Is there a way to automate this?

We haven’t built IF … THEN … logic into Pipedrive because no good software can include all good feature ideas. Luckily the good people over at Torpio have built a service that lets you add automation tasks in Pipedrive, and in other software.

What you can do with Torpio

Torpio LogoTorpio lets you easily add functionality and integrate cloud apps such as Pipedrive. For example:

- create a set of Tasks in Pipedrive when a deal reaches a certain stage. So when when a deal is moved to “Verbal YES” stage, tasks “Prepare contract” and “Schedule training” can be created automagically.

- have other software get busy when a deal reaches a certain stage. For example, you can create an invoice in Freshbooks when a deal has reached a certain stage in Pipedrive. (And vice versa eg. create a Pipedrive Task when someone has completed payment)

- create automation tasks in other pieces of software, completely unrelated to Pipedrive. You could collect events from your website and trigger emails in whatever marketing system when the same person visits a page a couple of times. Or send an administrator an email every time an invoice is automatically created, with access to a form to update the line items and then actually send the invoice.

You can do all this wizardry by creating and installing scripts, written in JavaScript. Don’t let the word “script” put you off if you’re not a coder. Torpio offers a growing number of ready-made scripts and if you don’t find what you need, you can hire a developer to write Torpio scripts on sites such as Elance or Freelancer. And if you are a developer, you’ll love the way Torpio handles webhooks.

Check out Torpio

Different tools for different types of connections and automations

Torpio lets you create more elaborate connections, and automate Tasks within Pipedrive.

Many of our users that need more basic connections, love Zapier. This service lets you create connections between different software extremely super easily. For example: if someone signs up to your newsletter via MailChimp, that person can automagically be added to Pipedrive as a new deal. We’ve written about Zapier before.

If you need something completely bespoke, you’re welcome to roll up your sleeves and build your own features and connections, using our sales software API.

Last but not least, we have a growing number of ready-made integrations.

Deal ‘rotting’ – or how to keep your deals moving in Pipedrive

We’ve been hiding a secret from you. Not in the worst kind of way, it’s just that we rolled out a new feature some months back which we haven’t yet told you about. But first a bit of background.

Why do deals sometimes go ‘rotten’

I’ve sold big-ticket trainings for a good chunk of my career. We hadn’t built Pipedrive then, and our “CRM” sucked big time, so I visualized my sales pipeline on my office wall, using orange post-it notes. It was on the wall facing the sun, so in summer the color of the post-its started to fade after about 2-3 weeks. Incidentally, this coincided with the maximum length of a healthy deal. If I hadn’t closed a deal in 3 weeks, I had a very slim chance of closing it at all. The deals on faded post-it notes had gone ‘rotten’.

Deals sometimes go ‘rotten’ when intent and circumstances on the buyer side are weak, but more often than not they go bad when a sales person doesn’t do the job of following up very well. This may mean asking qualifying questions like “do you have all the information to make the decision this week”, or simply failing to pick up the phone at the right time.

‘Rotten’ deals in Pipedrive show the deals you need to work on

The ‘rotting’ feature is designed to keep your sales pipeline lean and healthy. It works essentially as a visual reminder that the deals that have not been touched for a good period of time could use a little attention. Once it’s enabled and configured, your main pipeline will display a red hue over the deals that have remained idle for awhile. So it’s a bit like post-it notes starting to fade.

You can choose the number of days that will trigger deals to be displayed as ‘rotten’ for each stage in your pipeline. For example, you could set up your pipeline to have deals rot in your first stage after 5 days of inactivity, and have your deals rot after only 2 days of inactivity in a different stage of your pipeline.

Learn how to set up deal ‘rotting’ or simply watch the video below.

Wanted: Chief Talent Officer (Update: found!)

*UPDATE: We’re glad to announce that the position has been filled. If you’re curious about our current job openings, please see here.

We are building the fastest, easiest and most useful deal and sales management software ever. We’re already loved by more than 30,000 users from 113 countries and we’re competing with the biggest players out there. With our multitalented team Pipedrive has grown over a 100% with the last year, gotten over 3 million in funding and received rave reviews from the likes of TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal. We believe talented people do grow on trees, but only if those trees are well taken care of. On that note we are looking for a…


The job is to recruit amazing people and increase our employees average blank-to-smiling-face ratio by 30-40%. The science behind it simple – happy people build a better product.

Some of the jobs ingredients:
Establishing a recruiting and interviewing process
Counseling founders and managers on candidate selection
Establishing orientation and training programs
Creating an extremely employee friendly work-environment (we’d like to win at least one award in this category)

We require you to
Be a people person, naturally
Have significant recruitment experience (we really mean significant)
Have a good track record in making people happy (and keeping them happy)
To be based in Estonia, but willing to travel
Be fluent in spoken and written English (speaking Russian is a plus)
Assist VP of Engineering with office surprise breakfast
Love dogs

What we have to offer
A good benefits package: motivational base pay, company’s stock options
MacBook Air to work with
No corporate bureaucracy
To work in one of the coolest offices in Estonia
Be part of the next success story out of Estonia
Lots of test subjects (we’ve got 35 employees already!)

If this is something for you, please get in touch via jobs@pipedrive.com. Send your resume (in English) or link to your LinkedIn profile and please add a few lines on why we should pay extra attention to your application.

Our Chief Happiness Officer Riki (your potential co-worker!)