Suporte na língua portuguesa a partir de setembro / Portuguese-speaking support now available

Good news for Pipedrive users in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking markets – Pipedrive is offering Portuguese-speaking support from the 1st of September. 

Boas novas para quem fala português no Brasil e no mundo: suporte na língua portuguesa a partir de setembro

O Brasil foi um dos mercados que mais surpreendeu positivamente o Pipedrive – o crescimento foi constante e rápido. Como resposta, agora oferecemos suporte ao idioma português, o segundo idioma de suporte oficial além do inglês.

E para servir aos mercados de língua portuguesa, temos dois caras sensacionais para vocês – conheçam Joel e Jason!

Jay and Joel

Joel é de Portugal e é um excelente e recente reforço no nosso time, e o Jason passou anos morando no Rio e também é a voz de nossos vídeos de suporte em língua portuguesa. Ambos estão muito animados de passar para o português e ajudá-los em sua língua materna. Eles estarão à disposição entre as 3 e 18h, horário do Rio (estamos na Europa) nos dias úteis.

Você pode falar com eles escrevendo para ou ligando para +55 41 3907-5403.

Além de oferecer suporte ativo, também traduzimos os artigos e vídeos mais importantes para português. Eles contêm as respostas à maioria das perguntas que possam existir, então dê uma olhada nelas aqui.

Esse é só o primeiro passo para o Pipedrive na busca de servir melhor nossos clientes no Brasil e em outros mercados que falam português. Vocês vão ver nossa base de conhecimento em português continuar crescendo e outras medidas do nosso lado para atender às necessidades dos mercados brasileiro e outros que também falam português!

P.S. Um cofundador do Pipedrive estará no Brasil em novembro e ficará feliz de se encontrar com clientes atuais e potenciais. Entre em contato via

Boa caça aos negócios!

Scheduled maintenance on August 23, 2014

UPDATE 3: As of 12:00 am PDT (7:00 am GMT) the maintenance window has been closed and all work has completed successfully. Search performance may be degraded temporarily as our elastic shard indexes are automatically rebuilt, but the system is otherwise stable and all services are online.

UPDATE 2: As of 11:15 pm PDT (6:15 am GMT) our datacenter partners have corrected the issue that was preventing our validation and services are being restarted accordingly. We estimate a further testing period of approximately 30m as we measure performance across the network before we close the maintenance window.

UPDATE 1: As of 10:35 pm PDT (5:35 am GMT) the scheduled work has been completed by our datacenter partners however it has not yet passed validation with the Pipedrive operations team. We are continuing to test and validate until we are satisfied with the internode connectivity this maintenance was meant to address.

We will update this post with more information as we have it, but currently we must extend the maintenance window to ensure proper validation of the new components.

Scheduled maintenance window:

  • Saturday, 8/23/2014 @ 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm PDT  (Sunday, 8/24/2014 @ 3:30 am –  5:30 am GMT)

To enhance stability we’ll be working with our datacenter partners to perform a scheduled maintenance of various network components comprising the Pipedrive infrastructure on Saturday, Aug 23, 2014 between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM PDT. The Pipedrive application should be generally available throughout the maintenance window but performance may suffer and some services may be delayed temporarily. Following the completion of work some services may need to be restarted which could disrupt active sessions temporarily for a brief period of a few minutes at a time. We recommend you plan accordingly and apologize for the short notice.

We will update this blog post again once the maintenance has been completed successfully.

Aug 20th degraded search functionality (FIXED)

UPDATE #2: As of 1:39 PM PDT (8:39 PM GMT) mailbox beta has completed syncing and mail should be back to real-time delivery again.

UPDATE: As of 1:12 PM PDT (8:12 PM GMT) the impacted shard’s elastic index has been successfully rebuilt and search should be functioning again. Search speed/performance may be slightly degraded for some users while our replicas are synced but will speed up throughout the day as these tasks are completed automatically. Mailbox beta users should begin seeing mail again though there may be a slight delay as a large batch of messages needs to be processed now.

As of 10:05 AM PDT (5:05 PM GMT) we are aware of degraded search functionality for some select customers. We are very sorry for the impact this may have on your use of Pipedrive today. This morning it appears one of our elasticsearch shards failed and the automatic recovery did not function properly. We are investigating why to mitigate this in the future and we have manually restarted the service – it is running again but rebuilding the index will take several hours today.

In the meantime users that were connected to this shard may continue to experience degraded search functionality. Closed beta testers in our Gmail Mailbox Beta are also affected as mail may be delayed today. We recommended defaulting back to your normal inbox for the remainder of the day if you are a beta tester of Pipedrive mailbox.

Fortunately, for those of you that need to make use of search today we do have a proposed workaround while the index is rebuilding. You can actually use Pipedrive Filters as a form of advanced search, and this is a best practice we often recommend for people trying to search deeper than the search bar allows them to normally.

To take advantage of this all you need to do is create a Filter that you can then edit later each time you want to search for something different. An example screenshot is provided below:

Using filters for advanced search

Using filters for advanced search

Below is our support center documentation on Filters as well, in case you wanted to brush up on the power of searching cross-item records easily.

This blog post will be updated again later today when the index is successfully rebuilt and all functionality is restored.


Scheduled maintenance on Aug 9, 2014

Update 9:15 AM GMT: This maintenance is completed by now. During the maintenance we were able to have an important piece of configuration of a storage mount patched that had previously caused some trouble during moments of higher system load. Thank you for your patience.

Original info, posted yesterday: To increase stability, we’ll be doing a scheduled maintenance to one of the database hosts on Saturday, Aug 9, 2014 between 7 AM and 9 AM GMT time. A portion of our users will be seeing the maintenance notice for up to 30 minutes. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and the short notice. We’ll keep this post updated with details as the maintenance happens.

August 7th connectivity issues (FIXED)

As of 7:15 pm Pacific Daylight Time we are aware of network problems within our datacenter. Pipedrive users may encounter yellow error screens or 502 gateway errors intermittently. We’re very sorry for the interruption to your work but we’re on it and working toward an expedient resolution. We will update this post every 30 minutes whether we have new information to report or not.

Update 3:00 GMT (8:00 PM PST): Access to the application is now restored. We will continue to monitor Pipedrive performance closely throughout the night.

Search functionality degraded — we are on it

On Mon, July 28th 2014 between 5:00 and 7:15 PM GMT/UTC, the search functionality and access to certain email functionality was degraded for a segment of customers due to failure of part of the data center network. We resolved the issue together with our data center network provider.

UPDATE: By 7:15 PM GMT/UTC, the services have been restored and everything should be up and running without any more issues.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. We constantly monitor the performance of Pipedrive so we were aware of this situation as it was developing and did everything we could to restore it ASAP.

Close the feedback loop with daPulse

daPulse is a collaboration tool that “gets everyone in sync by showing them the big picture. Instead of separating people by giving each a separate to-do list, daPulse shows a unified view, groups people together and helps them move fast in the same direction”. If this sounds interesting, you’ll be pleased to learn daPulse have recently added a Pipedrive integration.

The integration takes Deals that have been moved to the next stage and Notes sales people write in Pipedrive and turns them into updates pushed into the daPulse Sales feed. And you can comment and give “thumbs up” to each activity.


The way “Won” deals are displayed is especially nice:


When Notes in Pipedrive are visible to everyone, sales people have an easy way to share customer insights. According Iden Hershko from daPulse’s Customer Success team: the loop is closed when Product, R&D and Marketing act on these insights, and then watch improved results coming back from Sales. It also helps a lot to keep our Sales team happy and motivated. Anyone in our company who follows the Sales news feed, whether from Management, Product or Marketing, sees each successful sale. This gives the people in Sales company-wide recognition for their efforts and a celebration of their success.

daPulse has made a generous 50% discount to anyone that signs up to a free 30-day trial via clicking on this link. Alternatively, see how daPulse team uses the Pipedrive-daPulse combo.

Take Pipedrive with you – new apps available for iOS and Android phones

pipedrive mobile appsOur new iOS and Android apps are now available to download as some of you have already noticed. You can keep an eye on your various pipelines, see deal and contact details, manage your sales activities, create new deals on the fly and access or create call and meeting notes.

I’d like to call out three things in particular in relation to the mobile apps, first of which performance. We want the Pipedrive app to be blazing fast so that you would never have to come across infinite loaders and empty screens.

Secondly, the user experience and design have been significantly improved. It’s been almost 2 years since we launched our first iOS app and we’ve had time to learn the way our customers prefer to use sales software on the go. It’s encouraging that early feedback to both the design and performance of the new apps has been very positive.

And third, a good mobile sales app should be available offline, on a plane, in metro and, last but not least, in the elevator. Already today, our iOS app allows you to access and edit  your data while the device is offline. The Android app will accommodate the same user experience soon.

Download Pipedrive app for iOS

Download Pipedrive app for Android

What’s next – in the next update and further down the line

As you can probably see, we’ve put serious effort into getting the basics right. Next up is where the real fun starts – re-imagining sales software from a mobile-first perspective.  A mobile sales app should make it easy to sell on the go (duh) and record everything that’s happening. Without giving away too much we have big but doable plans for making capturing meeting notes using different media simpler, and we also want to make logging activities more ‘automagical’.

Because we wanted to get these apps out fast we left two small but important features for the next update, due to be out in about 2 weeks. With the updated version you can also access your Custom fields in the mobile app, and you can create and access Notes related to deals and people (in addition to Notes related to activities).

Sign up to beta test our next app versions 

Want to join the crew of our mobile app beta testers? Interested in gaining access to the early versions of the app and trying out the new features? Just email me on and we’ll include you on the list.

New currencies supported

As part of rolling out some updates today, we also introduced support for some new standard currencies. Pipedrive now works with:

  • AZN (Azerbaijan New Manat)
  • GHS (Ghanaian Cedi)
  • MZN (Mozambican Metical)
  • RSD (Serbian Dinar)
  • SDG (Sudanese Pound)
  • TMT (Turkmenistani Manat)
  • VEF (Venezuelan Bolívar)
  • ZMW (Zambian Kwacha)

For all these currencies, we also pull in the latest currency rates for reference so you’ll be able to view your pipeline totals in any of the other standard currencies, such as USD or EUR, and have these be converted for convenience. We update currency rates of all standard currencies automatically once in every 2 hours time.

In addition to standard (ISO 4217) currencies, we also rolled out support for custom currencies earlier this year.

Maintenance notice for Sunday, May 11, 2014 (COMPLETED)

Update Sunday 7:30 PM BST — This maintenance is completed by now. It took quite some time longer than initially planned, and we are very sorry for this. There were various reasons for the delay – the longest delay was caused by a low level startup error on two of our SSD storage devices. While there were no issues with the storage (we also have backups, and backups of backups), the software running and controlling these storage devices came up incorrectly configured after an upgrade to some of the underlying core components. This in turn prevented the devices from booting up normally, and our hosting engineers had to initiate a startup recovery procedure on both of these machines.

We will be publishing a separate update regarding the background of the stability issues we have experienced lately, and what we have done to address them. The bottom line is that we are not satisfied at all with the stability that we have provided lately, and it is our number one priority to first restore our previous track record, and then improve way further. I can assure you have we designed our infrastructure to be well redundant and with proper high availability, both on hardware and software level. However certain components specifically in the OpenStack layer that our hosting provider is using have failed, and even after proper testing of the deployment. There are a few things you need to rely on when designing your application for high availability — these very components that have failed being about the most important ones we had relied on.

However as this maintenance is now completed, we will continue to monitor our infrastructure very carefully, hoping to see it improved, and as said, will provide a more broader update within the following days.

Original blog post: To improve stability of Pipedrive app going forward, we will be performing a maintenance on Sunday, May 11, 2014. Pipedrive will be unavailable for up to 2 hours between 1:30 PM—3:30 PM London time (BST) which is 8:30 AM-10:30 AM in New York, or 5:30 AM—7:30 AM in San Francisco (Pacific Daylight Time).

This maintenance is part of our joint efforts with Rackspace to eliminate the intermittent errors that many of you have seen lately, and to improve overall stability of our infrastructure. I am sorry for leaving a short notice for this maintenance. However due to its level of importance we have to complete this as soon as possible, and we picked these hours based on our usage data track record.