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Join me in welcoming our new CEO

Steve Oriola Pipedrive CEOI’m pleased today to welcome Steve Oriola as our new CEO. Steve has 20 years of experience helping early stage tech companies like ours grow.

I’ll tell you more about Steve and his experience in a second but first let me tell you about what led to this decision.

It’s interesting because we weren’t really looking for a new CEO. And I wasn’t looking to fire myself from the CEO position any time soon. Our paths crossed with Steve some months ago, and it soon became clear to me on many levels that it’s good to have someone on the team who has handled the growing pains we have faced, are facing and will be facing. And what’s more, we all simply just clicked with Steve.

Long story short, there was a mutual pull and we couldn’t resist the temptation to make Steve an offer, and luckily, he couldn’t resist the temptation to accept it.

It’s been a great journey for me helping Pipedrive grow over the last five years. We’ve grown to 70 employees and more than 10,000 paying customers worldwide. And I’ve enjoyed the personal growth that has accompanied this. But increasingly I wished I could spend more time on the areas closest to my heart – building a product that makes the lives of salespeople easier.

In my new role as President, I will work closely with Steve to run the business while getting back to focusing on product as well as support, innovation and infrastructure. I also hope to have time to write about sales management here more often.

So with that, let me tell you a little more about Steve and what he’ll be doing for us at Pipedrive:

Steve will focus on operations, sales and marketing, business development and new markets. His experience includes Constant Contact, the well-known US-based email marketing company, which targets small businesses. There he served for ten years in several roles, including VP of business development, VP of product, and general manager. He joined Constant Contact in its early stage when the company had less than 30 employees and participated in its 2007 IPO.

After Constant Contact, he was also the CEO of Crossboard mobile, a mobile and social ad tech company, as well as served in a variety of senior executive roles at marketing services companies including Balihoo and Brightcove.

And Steve is just as pleased to join Pipedrive as we are to have him:

“I joined the company because it has a great product, team and culture. And I strongly believe that Pipedrive can become the sales tool of choice for small businesses globally. I’m passionate about helping small businesses and excited to bring my broad operating experience and start-up background to help Pipedrive accelerate its growth.”

Steve will start immediately, based at our U.S. headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.

Please join me in welcoming Steve!

How to Set Great Sales Goals That Bring Double Digit Growth

sales tool number one model 302 telephone

Number one sales tool

Every self-help book, motivational seminar and sales training weekend hammers the idea of goal setting into us.

The reason for this is that setting a solid goal adds tremendous power to your efforts. However, we’re not here to convince you to set sales goals. You’ve come to understand that by yourself.

Instead, we are going to focus on how to set the right sales goals – those that will help you manage your sales pipeline in such a way that will help you achieve double digit growth in your sales results. (more…)

How Increasing Sales Velocity Will Radically Improve Your Sales Results

There is one secret to sales improvement seasoned sales pros know and follow. Everyone with years of experience under their belts keep repeating this: you should increase the speed at which you work a deal. Push deals quicker through the sales pipeline. Drop the wrong prospects early. Get to NO faster. That’s the mantra.

There are three lessons to learn about sales velocity.

  1. How does deal velocity affect your sales?
  2. How to increase deal velocity?
  3. When to declare a deal lost?

The outcome of these lessons will teach you an important principle that has received very little attention in sales literature – without any other changes to your habits, increasing your sales velocity is the one thing that will radically improve your sales results.

That’s to say that sales velocity is something you should really learn about. (more…)

The Friday Opportunity: Big Data Shows The Weekday With The Biggest Sales Potential

As once a sales pro and sales coach, I know what a difference having good data can have on sales results. Whenever I looked at things like the amount of deals added, or the number of sales activities completed, there was almost always something that jumped out as an area of improvement. For example that “Fred should make more calls”.

There’s no agreement about the best day to sell or prospect. In an article for Forbes, the sales writer Christine Crandell argues that Wednesday is the best day for prospecting while noting that customers don’t convert well on Mondays or Fridays. Jake Atwood from BuzzBuilder lead generation software has found that the best day for prospecting is Tuesday in their Slideshare. Finally, the sales company Vendere Partners’ statistics say that the best time to call is either on Wednesdays on Thursdays. (more…)

Americans Aren’t The World’s Best Closers And What This Means For You

With customers in more than 150 countries, you really start wondering:

  “How different is sales work around the world?”

With some data and time on our hands, we started looking into it and went on a quest to find the best sales nation in the world.

What we discovered was that we can’t trust stereotypes. For example, Americans simply aren’t the world’s best closers. But that’s not the whole story – we realized that some numbers in isolation can be misleading.

We pulled anonymized meta-data generated by Pipedrive users all across the world about # of deals that were added and closed; # of activities that were initiated and marked complete, and so on – and put it in a really large database. We sliced up the data by country and removed all outliers. What we got was a clean view about the differences in conversion, length of the sales cycle, and levels of activity around the world.

Now come and see how people sell all around the world.  (more…)