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A Closed Deal Is Just the Beginning: How Falcon Social Uses Pipedrive for Managing Customer Success

Falcon Social ScreenshotMost companies use Pipedrive for managing sales, but many have found other clever uses for it. When we found out our software is used for managing customer success, we wanted to find out more — especially since this was coming from Falcon Social, a fast-growing tech company with more than 100 Pipedrive users. We chatted with May Laursen, the company’s marketing operations manager.


Close the feedback loop with daPulse

daPulse is a collaboration tool that gets everyone in sync by showing them the big picture. Instead of separating people by giving each a separate to-do list, daPulse shows a unified view, groups people together and helps them move fast in the same direction. If this sounds interesting, you’ll be pleased to learn daPulse recently added a Pipedrive integration.


How to get media coverage, using Pipedrive

Lessonly LogoMedia coverage? Isn’t Pipedrive sales management software?, you may ask. Well, Pipedrive is deal management software and lots of smart companies are using our tool to manage their hiring, fundraising, partnership or even media outreach pipelines, as is the case with, maker of slick teaching and learning software. have a well-oiled process for getting the word out, which Pipedrive is a small part of, so we had a chat with Conner Burt to find out more.


Step by step: how Sols fixes our feet and closes deals with the Pipedrive+Yesware combo

Meet SOLS, the young tech company that is about to change the way we walk. SOLS solves foot pain and uncomfortable shoes with custom 3D-printed insoles which promise a perfect fit and better performance. As Wired puts it:

Sols creates kinetic orthotics using a stack of technology similar to what Tony Stark might have invented if he were a foot fetishist.

sols soles


We were thrilled when we caught the company co-founder Joel Wishkovsky tweeting:

So we reached out to find out more on what Sols is doing, and how they go about closing deals.


Let Torpio handle your small repetitive tasks

We often get questions along the lines of:

We have lots of standard “admin” tasks that need to be completed when we set up a new client. Is there a way to automate this?

We haven’t built IF … THEN … logic into Pipedrive because no good software can include all good feature ideas. Luckily the good people over at Torpio have built a service that lets you add automation tasks in Pipedrive, and in other software.