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Hiring Update: We’ve Got A Spare Seat for a Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analytics GraphsWe at Pipedrive make sales software that ambitious teams in more than 100 countries love to use. Every day hundreds (and soon thousands) of new people start using our software. We know how they have discovered us, what they want to accomplish and how they engage with the product, but we want to tie the different pieces together better. Which is why we’re looking for a kick-ass Marketing Analyst to join our team in Tallinn, Estonia. (more…)

We’re hiring: Digital Marketing Manager, come join our team

Digital marketing toolkit2

We at Pipedrive build great sales software. So much so that our most important marketing channel by far is our customers telling their co-workers and friends about us. This has helped us grow to more than 50,000 paying users around the world and we’re growing fast.


A closed deal is just the beginning: how Falcon Social uses Pipedrive for managing customer success

falcon social screenshotMost companies use Pipedrive for managing sales, but many have found other clever uses for it. When we found out our software is used for managing customer success, we wanted to find out more. Especially since this was coming from Falcon Social, a fast-growing tech company with more than 100 Pipedrive users. We chatted to May Laursen, the company’s Marketing Operations Manager.


Close the feedback loop with daPulse

daPulse is a collaboration tool that “gets everyone in sync by showing them the big picture. Instead of separating people by giving each a separate to-do list, daPulse shows a unified view, groups people together and helps them move fast in the same direction”. If this sounds interesting, you’ll be pleased to learn daPulse have recently added a Pipedrive integration.


World’s best writer/content marketer, please join our team

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People don’t usually tweet about the email notifications they get from companies, but they sometimes shout out about the ones we’ve sent. Our copywriting is far from perfect but we’ve treated all texts as assets rather than liabilities and, within reason, put serious effort into all of our written communication.  Also, our content marketing results are not half bad. We’ve now grown to a stage where we’d like a full-time writer-slash-content marketer to join our team and make our writing even better.