Free sales resource: sales pipeline template

We think Pipedrive is the best way to manage a sales pipeline (no surprise there). That said, if you only have half a dozen deals to manage, or if you can’t afford to pay for tools when you’re just starting out, a spreadsheet does the job as well. We’ve therefore created a free sales pipeline template. It’s a spreadsheet you can update with your own data, and see the sales forecast for the next month or quarter.

The template does just a freaction of what you can do with our software, but it’s loads better than having nothing at all, or just your inbox to manage sales. Download the sales pipeline template, and feel free to spread the word.

Urmas Purde

Co-Founder of Pipedrive. 10+ years of sales and sales training experience. These days makes sure feedback from our customers gets built into product.

  • Michael Pardus

    It would be great to export your current pipeline to that template for sharing with your team

  • Andrus P

    Cheers for the idea, Michael! Alas you can’t export to that template because your Pipedrive pipeline may have different stages compared to the spreadsheed we’ve created. That said – you can easily export to Excel and share that – not the prettiest of files but has the necessary information.