Drumroll.. we’ve released our new shiny API

Almost all software gets better with an API. This lets users link up the different tools they use and build quite complex customizations with relative ease. We’ve had a closed beta API out for some time already, and today we’re making it publicly available for everyone. If you want Pipedrive to integrate with one of your other tools, head to Pipedrive API documentation and check it out.


Early uses of Pipedrive API

The fact that the first version of our API wasn’t perfect didn’t stop our users from developing some smart uses for it:

  • Call centre platform Natural Contact has integrated Pipedrive with their call centre software. Call lists are pulled to dialler based on filters in Pipedrive and made available for agents making calls. After each call, a closed call activity is created and associated with the person dialled, and sent back to Pipedrive.
  • Fairsetup is Harvard Innovation Lab based company that links employee compensation to their impact. Email is an important marketing channel to them, and they’re using our API to remove contacts that already exist in Pipedrive as leads from new email campaigns to prospects.
  • wi2be is a brazil-based developer and merchant of microwave point-to-point radio solutions. If a prospect asks for a quote via their website, our email API sends out a notification that creates a new deal in Pipedrive, available for the sales team to follow up.


For the technologically minded

We aim to keep this blog readable for most of our users, so I won’t get into too much technical detail here. I’ll just mention that the Pipedrive API has a very standardized RESTful URL scheme, and PUT and DELETE methods are supported for various operations in addition to POST and GET.

Also, the API comes with our official API client for NodeJS based apps – it helps you get started with using our API right away without having the need to start from scratch. See more information about the NodeJS client.

Got a good use case or a question?

Last but not least, this is just the start and we’ll be improving the API in the future. We’d like to get your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Also, we’d love to hear about creative uses for our API and share these on this blog in the future. Please get in touch via “Help and feedback” button in the app or add a comment below, and let’s talk.

Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • http://plumbr.eu/ Priit Potter

    Love the opening remark – “Almost all software gets better with an API”. Is that someone’s quote or simply your observation? :) I agree, by the way :)

    Good job with the API and the announcement – thumbs up!

  • Jos Jonkeren

    Hi! So, I could now add new companies, contacts etc. automatically from a form on my website?

    • http://www.facebook.com/martin.henk Martin Henk

      Sure. You could have done that before with the e-mail API as well, but with the REST API you have a lot more power in the details. 

  • http://twitter.com/philipsim philipsim

    Its great to get data out of the platform but would be even better if we could set up triggers within the platform to call other APIs as well. We’d like to use Pipedrive to automate a whole bunch of workflow processes and perhaps if you had a CHANGES method that we could poll so as that we knew when a deal moved to one stage of the pipeline to another we could kick off a workflow action.

    Of course if Pipeline had a workflow automation engine we wouldn’t need to do it all via API 😉 It’s the only thing I miss about our previous CRM system

    • http://www.facebook.com/martin.henk Martin Henk

      Sorry for the late reply! We don’t yet have push notifications, but you can actually create a filter in Pipedrive to include only things that have very recently changed. For example filter out deals with Update time later than yesterday.

      You can then poll the deals list and include the filter id and get the latest changes this way. Not a perfect solution, but it works.

      • sandeepbhaskar

        Do we’ve any updates on this? On having a push notification for certain event triggers.

        • Martin Henk

          Sorry, still no push notifications. But you can still use the trick with the filters. We now have more sorting options that make this a bit easier to implement.

          • sandeepbhaskar

            Oh hope to have it soon on the system, we totally love the pipedrive system and this could drastically improve it further.

          • Martin Henk

            But why not use the system with polling the list with the filter id and sorting? It works perfectly well and we know of a lot of people that have built things on top of our API like this.

  • Jos Jonkeren

    Anyone for using the API to enter sales leads in Pipedrive from a Wufoo webform?

  • Keval Shah

    Anyone used the API with Cisco Unified Communication? Also anyone used the API to connect to a google form?

  • Russ Perry

    Guys, I honestly was just thinking about this, very cool!

    Now only if I knew a developer to help me out…

  • Anonymous

    Just started using Pipedrive for networking etc and I was wondering if you have a library of what folks are doing with the API?  Or are they all listed above?

    That’s always something I appreciate with over services I use.  It helps me be creative about how I’ll use Pipedrive.