Send your emails to Pipedrive, it’s simplest with Yesware

Whether we like it or not, a substantial part of work is done via email. Things like setting a time for a meeting or a call, asking for introductions and sending proposals simply can’t be done without it. The tools you use every day should therefore talk to your email client or service and eliminate as much unnecessary copy-pasting and searching as possible.

Here at Pipedrive we’ve tried to make working with email easy for you. If you want the emails you send your customers copied into Pipedrive you can use our email drop-box feature. If you’re using Gmail and Google Chrome you can automate this process even further.

I’m a big fan of Yesware that sends your correspondence to said drop-box, provides useful information like when your customers read your emails and lets you use email templates very easily. Their basic plan is free and premium plan affordable.

It’s simple and straightforward to get started with Yesware. First, download and install Yesware Gmail widget and sign up to the service, free or paid*.

Then, go to Pipedrive > Settings > Drop-box, and copy your personal e-mail drop-box address (the one inside the green rectangle) from there.

Third, click on ‘Yesware’ in the top right hand corner of your Gmail, then select ‘preferences’, and then select ‘BCC to CRM’ and paste this e-mail address into the field named ‘CRM Email Address’. Now click on ‘Save and Reload Gmail’ to save changes.

Finally, click to compose a new message in Gmail. There will be a Yesware panel underneath the message body, click on the ‘CRM’ button there. You’re done! From now on, every e-mail you send gets immediately sent to Pipedrive as well. And when you send something that you don’t want to appear in Pipedrive, clicking the green ‘CRM’ button will toggle this function off.

Yesware Gmail compose window

Now, when you send a message to someone that has already been added to your Pipedrive contacts, emails will be saved under the person with the relevant email address. In case you have an open deal going with someone, email will be saved under the deal as well. In case you send an email to an address that is not yet in Pipedrive, a new ‘Person’ entry will be created. You can edit the name later as emails addresses don’t usually contain full names.

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you use both Pipedrive and email smarter. If I’ve missed any tricks, please let me know in comments.

* For the record, we are not affiliated with Yesware and don’t earn a commission when you sign up. It’s just that they’ve built a great tool which might be useful for our users.

Timo Rein

President and Co-Founder of Pipedrive

  • Yesware

    Thanks for the kind words, Timo! We’re so glad to hear that an awesome product/customer focused company like yours is digging Yesware.

    • Rauno Rüngas

      I don’t know how many customer you need to list Pipedrive under your supported CRM’s –  I’m just here to say that I’m one who heard about Yesware through this an installed it 😉

      • Liina Tettermann

        Me too! Thanks Timo!

      • philipsim

        +1. Now what would be awesome is if the integration went a step further and you could see the opens and clicks within the CRM record.

  • Andrey Kovalev

    Timo, thanks for useful add-on to your system.

  • Steve Binos

    Cool idea. I’m still looking forward to a more elegant solution to forwarding/capturing clients’ return incoming email replies in Pipedrive. Loving the tool though!

  • Scot Smith

    I am interested in a better solution for Outlook integration. I love Google products, but it’s an unfortunate reality Corporate America is still stuck on Outlook. 

    • Josh@itelecom

      I’m in the same boat, but I’ve found Postbox to be an amazing alternative to Outlook.

  • Otavio Welle

    What happens if I have one person has more than one deal? Where the email will be attached in my Pipedrive?

  • Glen Womble


    What would make it even sweeter is if tracking/read reports could show up in the Pipedrive stream. Possible?

  • Alex Cook

    Would be awesome if YesWare events were recorded in pipeddrive (open, clicked, etc…)

    • omarus


    • Omarimous


    • Felipe Xavier – Axado


      • Diogo Moreira


  • Łukasz Rysiak

    well, i was expecting a built-in solution, rather than button to auto-fill bcc email. Do you plan to add full gmail integrafion, like streak etc.?

    • Martin Henk

      Sadly we don’t really promise or comment on future features. But of course a full Gmail integration would make a lot of sense.

  • Arne Wauters

    Switched from Insightly to Pipedrive and loving it all except for the email integration. Something like Insightly’s widget for Pipedrive would IMHO be an awesome addition to Pipedrive!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback! We are aware that the current state of the email integration in Pipedrive is not the best and I really hope we can improve this greatly in the near future.

      • Immodating

        We could already BCC the Pipedrive inbox when sending an OUTGOING email to prospects. But what’s key is the customer’s response! Unfortunately, Yesware is not 2-way integration and therefore is only a half good solution to a clearly defined problem (managing customer communication in one place). Any plan on developing a plugin, dear Pipedrive team?

      • Gabe Zichermann

        Add me to the list of folks that really want 2-way gmail integration.

        • Martin Henk

          Sure. Can you please send this in from the Help and Feedback section in the app? We get all your credentials this way.

          • Pawel

            Any updates regarding 2-way email (gmail) integration? I started using Pipedrive but I’m considering giving up because of this problem.

          • Martin Henk

            Hey! It would be a good idea to send us a line through the Help & Feedback box about this. We could discuss the matter in a bit more detail and would be able to list you for the beta

          • René Højgaard Frederiksen

            Hello Martin,
            how far from going live with an Insightly-like email integration?

          • Martin Henk

            Hey! Can you please send us a link about this through the Help & Feedback section in the app? We might have something to show you.

          • David Young

            Martin, Is it just me or do you truly not care about your users? IMHO, to ask someone to ” send us a link about this through the Help & Feedback section in the app?” is a cop out. They have already taken the time to tell you about the issue, can’t you forward their response or is that too much trouble? Either way, I would not use pipedrive because of this attitude. I for one, do not care how much you know, until I know how much you care. Make it easy for your users, they are after all the ones that will give you success.

          • Pipedrive Inc

            Hey David,

            I’m sorry to see this response upset you this much. I don’t really see what’s so terrible about trying to make sure the following communication is with the correct user in Pipedrive. People don’t always sign up with the exact name and email address in both Pipedrive and Discus.

            Asking them to send us a line about it through the Help & Feedback in the app enables us to automatically get their credentials and enable the requested feature instantly without having to go back and forth establishing all of these things first.

            We care about our users and are offering them the best possible route to a better Pipedrive experience

          • David Young

            You are exactly right about people not always giving you the exact name and email and there is a reason for this. You have not given them enough value or a reason to know, like and trust you. Instead you make it abundantly clear that being able to market to them is more important than understanding or caring about their needs.

            Are you building a ‘world class’ product or an ‘also ran’ product. In the words of one of the greatest marketers that ever lived, “in order to get what you want, you must first give people what they want.” Zig Ziglar
            Are you willing to go the ‘extra mile’ or are you expecting everyone to serve you? It’s all about attitude. Are you thankful for suggestions or do you want your clients (notice I did not say customers, you might want to learn the difference) to jump through hoops to get your attention?
            Your whole purpose of comments seems to be ‘Social Proof.’ Proof that you have a ‘world class’ product, but they seem to be telling a different story.

            To be honest, comments can be a gold mine of information and help you refine your product. They also tell you where you are screwing up.

          • Tiago Stutz

            David, thanks for your really premium class of marketing and client care.
            If I were the CEO of Pipedrive I would give you a reward for your contribution here and would ask you for a marketing 3.0 consulting as their attendees are cleary going in another way.

            Again, congrats and hope you are in a recognizable position.

        • Kevin

          Hello. Is there any update as to your implementing 2-way gmail integration? That would be very useful, especially if that information was then available from your API. (Please respond here so that others who are interested can see. Thanks.)

          • Pipedrive Inc

            We have it available as a closed beta. It’s stable and we’re slowly rolling it out. We can enable it on your account if you’re interested. Please contact support about this and they’ll help you out.

          • Andrew Jones

            Any chance you can switch this feature on for me too?? Happy to be a beta tester.

  • Dayson Pais

    Its time pipedrive brought in email tracking as a standard feature in its CRM! Something tightly integrated.. (like Signals by Hubspot)

  • Jon Price

    Sure wish this worked, would be awesome if it did! Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the your published email API code’s “owner” field so every message sent this way receives a response that states:

    Pipedrive 12:37 PM (1 hour ago) to me


    We are sorry, but we could not find a owner for the given object:

    If you want this object to be added to Pipedrive system, please fill or add the “owner” field and send again.

    The people at Pipedrive

    • Pipedrive Inc

      Sorry about the confusion! It seems you’re BCCing the Email API address instead of the drop-box. Please look for the correct address to BCC here

    • Seth Lofgreen

      I’m getting the same error. I’ve looked everywhere to try to solve this, but continue to have the issue.

      • Pipedrive Inc

        Sorry to hear about the trouble! It seems you’re BCCing the Email API address instead of the Smart BCC address. Please look for the correct address to BCC here

        • Seth Lofgreen

          Seems there are two options in your settings:

          1. Use the Smart BCC address to forward all emails into the Pipedrive inbox. (this seems to work just fine.)

          2. Use the Email API to automatically send deals from a lead-gen form into Pipedrive. (this doesn’t seem to work.)

          I’m trying to do #2. I don’t think I’m the only one having issues with the “owner” bug. Please see the attached screenshots of your settings page. I keep getting the owner is missing message.


          • Pipedrive Inc

            Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. From the blog post topic I gathered you were trying to use the Email API for something else.

            The Email API does work, but it is a bit tricky. The email needs to be sent as plain text and the format needs to be just right. There’s a support article about it here

            May I ask what kind of form are you using? It might be easier to set this up over rather than the Email API. Provided that the form you’re using supports Zapier of course.

          • Seth Lofgreen

            Zapier worked great! Very cool, thanks for the suggestion. We had Gravity Forms, so Zapier > Pipedrive worked perfectly.

  • Manu

    Is it possible to replace totally Outlook/Exchange/Lync and the Office suite with Google products ? I am IT manager in a 20 ppl organisation and would be very interested to know.

  • Gabriel Gaspar

    Guys, is this integration still working? Just tried and got and error message from pipedrive saying that the “Owner is missing”..

    • Gabriel Gaspar

      I just read a previous post and it seems that I am using the API address instead of the drop-box.. But I clicked on the link that should lead to the drop-box address and it’s not there. What should I do?

      • Pipedrive Inc

        Hey. Sorry for the confusion! You should now be able to see the new Mail page in the top menu and the email integration settings on this page here:

  • Charlo Barbosa

    Have you contacted Yesware to Integrate directly into Pipedrive? I have the 2-way Gmail set up now, but it doesn’t tell me when emails are opened (I’ve got Yesware installed in Gmail).