Small but Important New Feature: Always See the Next Step

Pipedrive just got a bit more serious in helping you make sales.

As you go to a detail page of any particular deal, the last and next activity will be shown in the middle of the screen now to put this information right in front of your eyes and help you stay more alert.

In the left box, you see how long it has been since you logged an activity with this deal, and in the right box, the time until the next planned activity is due. As you click on any of these boxes, the activity dialog window will open and you can edit the information, or just take a look at the notes.

Also, in case you have forgotten to schedule the next activity with some deal, this message will appear in the right box.

Sure, by clicking on this box you can schedule the next activity and be in control of the deal again.

Similarly, the same layout pattern can be found there to reveal the last and next activity in detail pages of people and organizations, too. This way you can make sure within a team that whoever is talking to a particular person or contacting an organization, they all can see right away when the last activity was logged, by whom and what is due next.

Stay tuned for more improvements.


Timo Rein

President and Co-Founder of Pipedrive

  • Murray Beer

    Hi Pipedrive team,

    I love the new look. Very clean & yes! it keeps the next action in your face :) Keep making changes like this!!