Lots going on, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish languages added

Sorry for the hiatus. When a startup hasn’t updated their blog for a couple of months, one of two things has happened. Things are either really bad, people are shouting at each other and no-one wants to publish the blog post about the latest feature because it doesn’t make the product better. Or – things are really going well, lots is going on and no one has time to touch the blog. (Please note people may still shout at each other).

In our case it’s fortunately the latter. Since our last post we’ve almost tripled the number of paying customers, added a reporting view, gotten a new developer aboard, gotten to work with some brilliant mentors in San Francisco and made numerous tweaks and bug fixes. Each item would have deserved a standalone post, but all we can do at this stage is promise that we’ll be better blog updaters in the future.

Starting with right now. We’ve added three languages to Pipedrive: Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Estonian. To change language, go to Settings (where else) and pick a language from the Language dropdown (we really haven’t left you much opportunity for menu surfing, have we).

Boas-vindas Brazil, bienvenida España y América Latina and tere tulemast Eesti!

Timo Rein

President and Co-Founder of Pipedrive