Google Calendar Integration and E-mail Updates in Pipedrive

It’s been a while since the last Pipedrive improvements post. We’ve been working hard to get it even faster, prettier and more comfortable to use. Last week we quietly introduced two new features that we definitely must write about.

Google Calendar integration has been one of the most requested feature both from our customers and our own people alike. So now we finally released it.

Every user can link one of their Google Calendars to their Pipedrive account and all new Activities added in Pipedrive for that user will start appearing in that calendar automatically.

Editing and deleting such Activity will then also populate to the calendar. It’s still only 1-way, so changes made in the Google Calendar side will not reflect in Pipedrive, so please be careful with that.

Pipedrive already creates Updates about the Deals you Follow when your co-workers change of update something. But it still required you to log into Pipedrive to check if anything had changed. Not any more. 

You can now get these updates sent to your e-mail. You can choose to get these Updates in almost realtime whenever something happens in Pipedrive or you can let us group them together and send you an overview.

We are very excited about those new features and we’re sure these will make using Pipedrive even more useful for our users. You can turn on both new features for your company in the Settings->Features section.

Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management