Spring brings many Pipedrive improvements

The details pages got a complete overhaul

The biggest change would be the removal of the Edit button from the top of the page. You can now edit everything right there. Just put your mouse over the line you wish to edit and a little pen will appear. Click it and the line goes into edit mode.

After you’re done, the changes will be saved and the background of the line flashes yellow for a second. If you wish to cancel the editing, click the little round X icon.

The right hand side tab bar also went through an upgrade session. In addition to things looking much nicer now, adding new data is a lot more consistent across all different tabs. We think the new Deal details pages look especially fresh now.

Just click in the text field and the additional data fields will emerge. No more confusing buttons of which one will display the comment box and another will submit the comment.

Your activities are now reminded

You will now get e-mail reminders about your activities from Pipedrive. These can be grouped together into a single e-mail or sent separately for each activity. You can also set the arrival time of those e-mails in tour Settings menu.

We are very excited about this new feature and hope this will boost your work efficiency even more. And remember, coffee is for closers 😉

You can now decide who sees what in your company

We added a tiny little option that will probably make a big difference if you need to control the way data is accessed in your company. And if you don’t, it will not get in your way.

By default Deals, Organizations and People are visible to everyone in your company. But now you can also make them visible to the owner or the followers. Administrators will still see everything of course.

Adding new deals is even easier than before

We are constantly working on making the workflow as smooth as possible. One thing that we kept hearing was, that at the time of adding the deal into the Pipeline, you don’t yet know the name of the Person nor the value of the deal. And that the deal title ends up being the name of the Organization in most cases.

We changed the order of the fields in the Deal adding dialog to address those needs. If you now enter the name of the Organization you are planning on doing the deal with and hit the tab button or click in the next field, the deal title will be filled automatically. You can now hit enter if you don’t wish to enter any other information and the deal is added. No more annoying error messages! Enter the data when you get it.

New custom field types to make your data rock

We added 3 new custom data types that enable you to link additional People, Organizations and Users to your Deals, Organizations and People. It might sound confusing at first, but if you think about it, it’s really powerful.

You can add a Technical contact or a Partner Organization to your Deals. A Supervisor field to your People or a Project manager field to your Deals. And these are not just text fields. You can search for actual Organizations, People and select Users from your company into these fields. The data gets linked nicely and of course you can use them in the filters.

So next time you need to see a list of all the Deals with John Reed as the Technical advisor, it’s as easy as adding one line to your custom filter.

The possibilities are almost endless there, we can’t think of all of the use cases, but  we’re sure you will find a way to use them.

You can now edit and delete your comments

We all make mistakes. We made the mistake of not letting you edit and delete your comments earlier.

But finally we heard you and now you can hover your mouse on the comment you made a mistake in, click the Edit or Delete link and here you go:

We’d really like to hear your thoughts on the changes

In the end it all comes down to our lovely users. So if you want to tell us anything, please click the Help and Feedback link in the bottom of the page and share your thoughts. Or go to our Facebook page. Or tweet us about it.

Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management