From Spreadsheets to Breaking Records – How This Marketing Agency Manages Active Sales

zeeland-aboutZeeland is a stock-listed marketing communications agency stemming from Finland – the largest and most diverse agency in the region. Zeeland have little in common with the stereotypical agency who sits back and waits for pitch invitations. Quite the contrary – with 30+ people doing sales, they cherish it as an opportunity to get to know more about their market and expand their reach.  

We spoke to the CEO of Zeeland, Tuomas Airisto about how important sales is for marketing agencies, how Zeeland achieved success so far, and how they organize their sales process.


8 Productivity Tools We Love At Pipedrive

Back in 2010 when we launched Pipedrive, we faced tons of different challenges as a small team. How do we speak to our customers? How do we keep track of our emails? How do we know who’s done what? The questions go on and on, which is why we thought it’d be a great idea to list some of the tools that have helped us get organized and grow, so others could get the same benefit with a smaller learning curve.

Here are the 8 productivity tools that have increased productivity at Pipedrive and can help you do the same. (more…)

Pipedrive iOS and Android Apps Are Now Localized

It’s a great feeling when you log into Pipedrive and get to declare a deal “won”, which is exactly what we got to do with this following deal:

iOS and Android Pipedrive screen

The Pipedrive mobile apps are now localized and speak all 9 supported languages.   (more…)

Pipedrive Users’ Tricks and Hacks

Pipedrive Users Tricks and Hacks green bannerForeword: Some Pipedrive users like having extra cards up their sleeves, which is why they’ve come up with a bunch of Pipedrive tricks and hacks on their own. Since they’ve proven to be useful, we wanted to share these tips with everyone.

It’s worth to note that this post is a living and breathing document. It is going to be updated regularly, if and when we receive cool and useful tricks, tips and hacks from our customers about the use of Pipedrive.

If you have any suggestions of your own, let us know by either publishing them in the comments section below, or submitting them to (more…)

How To Do Lead Qualification Right – This Software Company Gets It

paul wander larger profile

The Inviqa Group is a web development and consultancy group from the UK with a large sales team. Being scientific and methodical in their work is at the core of Inviqa, and the same shines through in sales, where the highly analytical process set in place has brought success.

We spoke to Paul Wander, the co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Inviqa, to find out how it defines its sales stages, and why the stage and lead qualification process needs to be rigorous and scientific. For Paul and Inviqa, the question “why” is ubiquitous – no lead gets qualified from stage to stage without very strong reasoning – reasoning which brings clarity and definition – the two most important factors in sales, into the process. Here’s the interview in full.