Pipedrive and Google Calendar Integration Receives a Comprehensive Update

pipedrive google calendar integrationThe integration between Pipedrive and Google Calendar has received a hefty and strong overhaul, making the integration far faster and more customizable than before.

Here’s a brief overview of the 3 updates to the Pipedrive-Google Calendar integration: (more…)

How to Set Great Sales Goals That Bring Double Digit Growth

sales tool number one model 302 telephone

Number one sales tool

Every self-help book, motivational seminar and sales training weekend hammers the idea of goal setting into us.

The reason for this is that setting a solid goal adds tremendous power to your efforts. However, we’re not here to convince you to set sales goals. You’ve come to understand that by yourself.

Instead, we are going to focus on how to set the right sales goals – those that will help you manage your sales pipeline in such a way that will help you achieve double digit growth in your sales results. (more…)

CRM for an Agency – How Zeeland Manages Active Sales

zeeland-aboutZeeland is a stock-listed marketing communications agency stemming from Finland – the largest and most diverse agency in the region. Zeeland have little in common with the stereotypical agency who sits back and waits for pitch invitations. Quite the contrary – with 30+ people doing sales, they cherish it as an opportunity to get to know more about their market and expand their reach.  

We spoke to the CEO of Zeeland, Tuomas Airisto about how important sales is for marketing agencies, how Zeeland achieved success so far, and how they organize their sales process.


8 Productivity Tools We Love At Pipedrive

Back in 2010 when we launched Pipedrive, we faced tons of different challenges as a small team. How do we speak to our customers? How do we keep track of our emails? How do we know who’s done what? The questions go on and on, which is why we thought it’d be a great idea to list some of the tools that have helped us get organized and grow, so others could get the same benefit with a smaller learning curve.

Here are the 8 productivity tools that have increased productivity at Pipedrive and can help you do the same. (more…)

Pipedrive iOS and Android Apps Are Now Localized

It’s a great feeling when you log into Pipedrive and get to declare a deal “won”, which is exactly what we got to do with this following deal:

iOS and Android Pipedrive screen

The Pipedrive mobile apps are now localized and speak all 9 supported languages.   (more…)