Shh… we have updated our iOS and Android apps

We’re always improving our iOS and Android mobile apps. Here are some of the things that got done over the last months:

iOS updates: Android and iOS phones feature

  • Global search
  • Deal and contact custom fields in read-only mode
  • Contact list filters – you can now filter your contacts based on the same filters as in the web app
  • Delete deals, contacts, activities

Android updates:

  • Google Sign-in
  • Notes for deals and contacts – you can now see the notes added in the web, as well as add new notes directly from the mobile app
  • Custom fields now available, currently read-only
  • Add and edit organizations

Coming soon on iOS:

  • Google Sign-in
  • Custom fields editing for deals and contacts
  • New activity scheduler

Coming soon on Android:

  • Global search

And as the ancient app store saying goes: “if you don’t have it, now’s the perfect time to get it”.

appstore googleplay

Sept 17th degraded search functionality (FIXED)

UPDATE #3: As of 4:05 PM PDT (11:05 PM GMT) all replica shards for the affected elasticsearch cluster have been synced and search performance is back to normal. There will be no further updates to this blog post as this issue has been resolved.


UPDATE #2: As of 1:05 PM PDT (8:05 PM GMT) the primary shard index for the affected elasticsearch cluster has been rebuilt successfully. Search is functioning normally again and search performance will continue to improve throughout the day as our replicas are synced back to the primary shard.


UPDATE #1: As of 12:39 PM PDT (7:39 PM GMT) we have manually restarted the service and the index is being rebuilt. Search functionality for affected customers will be restored once the index is rebuilt which we estimate within the next 15-20 minutes. Search performance will continue to improve throughout the day as our replicas are synced back to the primary shards.

As of 10:15 AM PDT (5:15 PM GMT) we are aware of degraded search functionality for some select customers. This morning a few of our elasticsearch shards failed leaving one elastic cluster with a suboptimal number of active shards to handle incoming requests. We are very sorry for the impact this may have on your use of Pipedrive today but our operations team is on it and actively investigating a recovery plan.

In the meantime users that were connected to this cluster may continue to experience some degraded search functionality. Closed beta testers in our Gmail Mailbox Beta are also affected as mail may be delayed today. We recommended defaulting back to your normal inbox for the remainder of the day if you are a beta tester of Pipedrive mailbox.

Fortunately, for those of you that need to make use of search today we do have a proposed workaround. You can actually use Pipedrive Filters as a form of advanced search, and this is a best practice we often recommend for people trying to search deeper than the search bar allows them to normally.

To take advantage of this all you need to do is create a Filter that you can then edit later each time you want to search for something different. An example screenshot is below:

Using filters for advanced search
Using filters for advanced search

Below is our support center documentation on Filters as well, in case you wanted to brush up on the power of searching cross-item records easily.

This blog post will be updated again later today when the index is successfully rebuilt and all functionality is restored.


We’re hiring: Digital Marketing Manager, come join our team

Digital marketing toolkit2

We at Pipedrive build great sales software. So much so that our most important marketing channel by far is our customers telling their co-workers and friends about us. This has helped us grow to more than 50,000 paying users around the world and we’re growing fast.

Good old digital marketing has also worked well for us, and we’re looking for a superstar Digital Marketing Manager to take our performance marketing to the next level.

Here’s the to do list:

  • Testing and scaling paid media channels, including (but not limited to) PPC, retargeting, social ads, paid listings and referral programs. You’ll have a lot of freedom to execute your own ideas
  • Implementing campaign tracking prior to every campaign launch and tracking relevant KPI’s.
  • Constant data analysis to identify areas for improvement and improving our analytics stack, where necessary.
  • Working with our content marketers to optimize distribution of our content and helping to measure ROI.
  • Communicate you progress to the rest of the team via weekly and monthly digital marketing reports. Rest assured, not too much paperwork.

Experience and skills we’re looking for:

  • A proven track record in running successful online acquisition campaigns for a fast-growing business or within an agency. Previous B2B and SaaS marketing experience is a big plus.
  • Hands-on experience in Paid Search, Facebook Power Editor and other major digital marketing platforms. We expect you to hit the ground running.
  • Technically proficient with configuring analytics tools and building reports.
  • Analytical mindset. You like to test the options and let the numbers guide your decisions.
  • Results-driven. Enough said.
  • Good at building constructive relationships with colleagues, partners, media owners and agencies.

What we have to offer:

  • Competitive base pay + stock options package.
  • No corporate BS.
  • Loads of room for career development as you grow with the company.

The role is ideally based in our Menlo Park, CA office but you’re also welcome to work out of our Tallinn, Estonia office.

If this is something for you, please get in touch via Send your resume (in English) or link to your LinkedIn profile and please add a few lines on why we should pay extra attention to your application.

Bulk-editing for activities: one small step for mankind, a giant leap for some of our customers

Pipedrive have now added a feature for bulk-editing activities. This will relieve headaches for many of you, I’m sure.

When I went through our case-log history this morning, I saw that some of you had already asked bulk-editing a couple of years ago. We have a product development principle of only developing features that are needed by more than just a few. The requests about bulk-editing for activities were few and far apart up until recently. As soon as it became apparent how many of you need it, we quickly built the feature.

bulk-editing activities

An example of bulk-editing activities is having a one person leave work. With bulk-editing you are now able to reassign all the cases that belong to that person to someone else – all in one go.

We know you guys want bulk-delete for activities as well, which is why we’re happy to say it’s coming soon.

Looking for a Support Engineer

We’re a startup building the fastest, easiest and most useful deal and sales management software ever. Pipedrive has grown over a 100% with the last year, gotten over 3 million in funding and received rave reviews from the likes of TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal. We’ve got 40 smiling faces to greet you if you’re the one we’re looking for and that number is growing fast.

salesman's deskSupport Engineer

We’re seeking for a Support Engineer to join our ongoing quest to create the most epic, innovative sales management solution around.

In this role, you’ll be the guardian of our outstanding customer experience. You will be working with customer support, product development and engineering teams on resolving customer requests and issues which require your technical knowledge.

You are our ideal candidate if you want to work on challenging problems with smart people. You have a keen attention to detail and are exceptionally good at identifying inconsistencies and flaws. You can juggle several balls and not lose track of the little things. You’re looking for a role with substantial opportunities to learn, grow, and take on more (the good news is, we have that stuff in spades!).

You also meet most (if not all) of the following requirements:

  • A passion for technology and a knack for details.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Excitement and passion for start-ups. We’re cool; we hope you are too.
  • Excellent with SQL and databases.
  • Knowledge about web software internals, ability to read and understand JavaScript.
  • Experience in a Linux/Unix environment is a plus.

What we have to offer

  • Competitive base pay
  • No corporate BS
  • One of the coolest offices in Estonia
  • A chance to be a part of the next success story out of Estonia

If this is something for you, please get in touch via Send your resume (in English) or link to your LinkedIn profile and please add a few lines on why we should pay extra attention to your application.

A closed deal is just the beginning: how Falcon Social uses Pipedrive for managing customer success

falcon social screenshotMost companies use Pipedrive for managing sales, but many have found other clever uses for it. When we found out our software is used for managing customer success, we wanted to find out more. Especially since this was coming from Falcon Social, a fast-growing tech company with more than 100 Pipedrive users. We chatted to May Laursen, the company’s Marketing Operations Manager.

What is Falcon Social, and what’s the story so far?

Falcon Social is a social media management platform that enables enterprise teams to work together to achieve better business results. With a highly visual, user-friendly approach to workflow management, the Falcon platform includes products to Listen, Engage, Publish, Analyze and Manage—as well as custom onboarding and strategic integrations. Falcon Social is the digital partner of choice for Carlsberg, Pandora, Orangina Schweppes, Mentos, TomTom and many more.

The success of Falcon Social impressive. What has worked well for you in growing sales? 

From the very beginning, the product has basically sold itself – even before it was officially released, we had onboarded major customers like Carlsberg and Pandora. The key to our rapid growth is our unified approach to social media management as well as multi-cultural team representing more than 33 nationalities. We are experiencing a very low churn rate and a customer satisfaction level at 98%.

What kind of tools do you use for sales, marketing and social media management?

Besides our own platform for social media management, we use a variety of tools to manage, optimize and measure our activities across and within departments. To us, the most important features in productivity tools are the ability to collaborate in real-time as well as the possibility to integrate with other tools in our stack.

We have been using Pipedrive from the very beginning, and we now have over 120 active users and are adding more than a hundred new leads a day. In the early stages of the business, Pipedrive was solely used by the sales team, but we have now expanded the CRM to include our customer success, accounts and marketing teams too. Additionally, we use Zapier to connect Pipedrive with our other webapps like Mailchimp, ORBTR and, most importantly, Google Docs, from which we monitor all day-to-day operations.

We hear you recently extended Pipedrive use to your Customer Success team. What led you to this, and how has this worked out?

Pipedrive- Customer-Success_PipelineFor us, it made sense to profile the customer journey right from its inception as a lead/prospect in our sales funnel.

Rather than build an elaborate CRM system from scratch to map out our customers and engagement strategy, we decided to continue in Pipedrive, taking the ‘won’ deal, with all of the golden nuggets from the sales cycle, and use that to map out each customer’s specific ‘success’ criteria, together with the key financial/invoicing information. The project was concieved and run by Toni Hohlbein, our Special Operations Manager

Since our Customer Success team provides a lot of support to prospects during pre-sales, using Pipedrive helps us speak the same language as our sales colleagues, bringing our teams closer together. In the end, it also brings us closer to the customers, understanding their needs, as well as mapping their relationship with us. Win-Win. It’s early days, but so far, it’s working out really well.

While your social media management platform is for large companies, are there social media strategies or tips you’d recommend to startups and smaller businesses? What can almost anyone do better with social media?

Social media is a great way to interact with your target audience and engage as well as educate existing customers. We believe in original content and honest engagement – here’s a couple of tips from our own Social Engagement Manager, Mary Liebowitz:

  • Define your objectives and how you will measure the performance
  • Use clear and intriguing images in your social posts
  • Implement an editorial calendar for a manageable overview
  • Devise a plan for off hour and holiday social media coverage
  • Practice genuine engagement – have real conversations
  • Approach brands politely when interacting

What’s next for you and Falcon Social – any news to share? 

We’re constantly releasing new features and updates to our platform. At this stage we’re really excited about is the Falcon Priority Inbox that will enable community managers to monitor and prioritize incoming messages even more easily.

The Priority Inbox is designed using a “machine learning” algorithm to recognize patterns and classify new data points. Falcon uses this information to predict social interactions based on a customer’s previous activity.

Once collected they can calculate the probability of a string of words belonging to a specific category—for example, “important” or “influencer.” The category is based on the previous behaviour of the user and does not depend on the output from sentiment analysis which can be inaccurate.

Pro tip: you can get lots of great social media advice on Falcon Social blog, starting with this post about time management

Billing update

We have a slice of news we’d like to share. We are introducing seat quotas to make adding and removing users to your account easier.

In January this year, Pipedrive launched seat-based pricing, giving total control over the seat count to the customer. This was all great and merry, but the separate invoice that was created every time a new user was added to an account meant an awful lot of headache to companies’ accountants. So rather than continue with headache generation, we decided to implement a small change.


We have re-introduced seat quotas, however with the difference that the pricing will remain seat-based. The change is simple – you can now buy seats before adding new users. To reduce the number of seats, remove users from the account first and then click on ‘Remove unused seats’. And when you just want to change users in your account, but keep the same amount of seats, all you need to do is remove one user and add the other – doing this won’t incur any changes to your billing.

The billing page will now show the number of active users / available seats. And the quota progress bar is back in the Settings -> Users page. Otherwise things are pretty similar – you can still buy one seat at a time, but you can also easily buy a large number of seats all in one go.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know in comments or get in touch.



Portuguese and Spanish speaking support specialists wanted!

vikaWe are looking for an addition to our already awesome support team. This superstar should…

  • Possess (at least nearly) perfect command of the English and Portuguese or Spanish languages
  • Have communication skills of a hostage negotiator
  • Be able to solve complex issues like a veteran diplomat

Why it might be a good idea to work at Pipedrive?

We think we know what we’re doing: lots of sales and startup experience, good team. We’ve raised some million dollars of funding, gotten positive reviews from the likes of TechCrunch and Robert Scoble but most importantly – are loved and recommended by tens of thousands of users worldwide. We have paying customers from 115 different countries, and we’re growing fast. Our goal is to build the fastest, simplest and most useful deal and sales management software ever and at the end of the day – make sales people happy.


  • Help with any challenges our customers encounter in English and one other language (Portuguese or Spanish) in written form and over the phone
  • Handle the suggestions they have to improve the software
  • Work in an international team to ensure Pipedrive users stay happy and successful

We hope you are:

  • Fluent in spoken and written English and Portuguese/Spanish
  • Ideally based in Estonia; not a “must”
  • Able to work in both day and night shifts and weekends
  • Able to work remotely at times (i.e. from home, or other settings with decent internet connection)
  • Able to navigate different browsers and operating systems
  • Aware of how a web based software works
  • Big plus if you are familiar with the purpose of Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and know the difference between a load balancer, web server and database server
  • A technical person known for his/her interpersonal skills
  • Naturally interested in customer questions and devoted to solve the problems they have
  • Hungry to get better and better as a professional and as a contributor in a team

What we have to offer:

  • Competitive base pay
  • No corporate BS
  • One of the coolest offices in Estonia
  • A chance to be a part of the next success story

If this is something for you, apply here: Customer Support Specialist role

Upload your resume (in English) or link to your LinkedIn profile and please add a few lines on why we should pay extra attention to your application.

Suporte em português a partir de setembro / Portuguese-speaking support now available

Good news for Pipedrive users in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking markets – Pipedrive is offering Portuguese-speaking support from the 1st of September. 

Boas novas para quem fala português no Brasil e no mundo: suporte em português a partir de setembro

O Brasil foi um dos mercados que mais surpreendeu positivamente o Pipedrive – o crescimento foi constante e rápido. Como resposta, agora oferecemos suporte ao idioma português, o segundo idioma de suporte oficial além do inglês.

E para servir aos mercados de língua portuguesa, temos dois caras sensacionais para vocês – conheçam Joel e Jei!

Jay and Joel

Joel é de Portugal e é um excelente e recente reforço no nosso time, e o Jei passou anos morando no Rio e também é a voz de nossos vídeos de suporte em língua portuguesa. Ambos estão muito animados de passar para o português e ajudá-los em sua língua materna. Eles estarão à disposição entre as 3 e 18h, horário do Rio (estamos na Europa) nos dias úteis.

Você pode falar com eles escrevendo para ou ligando para +55 41 3907-5403.

Além de oferecer suporte ativo, também traduzimos os artigos e vídeos mais importantes para português. Eles contêm as respostas à maioria das perguntas que possam existir, então dê uma olhada nelas aqui.

Esse é só o primeiro passo para o Pipedrive na busca de servir melhor nossos clientes no Brasil e em outros mercados que falam português. Vocês vão ver nossa base de conhecimento em português continuar crescendo e outras medidas do nosso lado para atender às necessidades dos mercados brasileiro e outros que também falam português!

Para celebrar a ocasião, Nós falamos com o CEO do WTM do Brasil Mr. Lisandro Vieira, longo cliente nosso, em relação á experiência da empresa com o Pipedrive.

Como chegamos a decisar de utilizar o Pipedrive e que diferença isto fez?

Decidimos utilizar o Pipedrive após testarmos vários outros softwares de CRM, decidimos pelo Pipedrive em função da facilidade de uso, possibilidade de personalizar os funis de venda com as fases, período de estagnação, etc. Também levamos em conta o fato de podermos personalizar as atividades e adequá-las a nossa necessidade.

Percebemos no Pipedrive uma ferramenta moderna, dentro dos conceitos atuais de gestão de vendas e relacionamento, com grande capacidade de personalização e integração com outras ferramentas que utilizamos nas demais áreas da empresa.

O que mais gostamos no Pipedrive?

Gostamos muito de sempre termos uma surpresa positiva, da quantidade e da qualidade de atualizações e de novos recursos que estão sendo sempre incorporados a ferramenta. Isto nos faz sentir que não vamos ficar parados no tempo, sentimos que estamos sempre acompanhando o que acontece lá fora. O mundo é dinâmico, nosso CRM também é!

P.S. Um cofundador do Pipedrive estará no Brasil em novembro e ficará feliz de se encontrar com clientes atuais e potenciais. Entre em contato via

Boa caça aos negócios!

Scheduled maintenance on August 23, 2014

UPDATE 3: As of 12:00 am PDT (7:00 am GMT) the maintenance window has been closed and all work has completed successfully. Search performance may be degraded temporarily as our elastic shard indexes are automatically rebuilt, but the system is otherwise stable and all services are online.

UPDATE 2: As of 11:15 pm PDT (6:15 am GMT) our datacenter partners have corrected the issue that was preventing our validation and services are being restarted accordingly. We estimate a further testing period of approximately 30m as we measure performance across the network before we close the maintenance window.

UPDATE 1: As of 10:35 pm PDT (5:35 am GMT) the scheduled work has been completed by our datacenter partners however it has not yet passed validation with the Pipedrive operations team. We are continuing to test and validate until we are satisfied with the internode connectivity this maintenance was meant to address.

We will update this post with more information as we have it, but currently we must extend the maintenance window to ensure proper validation of the new components.

Scheduled maintenance window:

  • Saturday, 8/23/2014 @ 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm PDT  (Sunday, 8/24/2014 @ 3:30 am –  5:30 am GMT)

To enhance stability we’ll be working with our datacenter partners to perform a scheduled maintenance of various network components comprising the Pipedrive infrastructure on Saturday, Aug 23, 2014 between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM PDT. The Pipedrive application should be generally available throughout the maintenance window but performance may suffer and some services may be delayed temporarily. Following the completion of work some services may need to be restarted which could disrupt active sessions temporarily for a brief period of a few minutes at a time. We recommend you plan accordingly and apologize for the short notice.

We will update this blog post again once the maintenance has been completed successfully.