We Won the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup Award

It's clear that we're far better at building software than taking pictures

It’s clear that we’re far better at building software than taking pictures

Last night, Pipedrive won the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup award at The Europas.

Needless to say (but we want to anyway), we couldn’t have done it without our great customers. Nor without such a strong team behind the product. So, thank you!

Congratulations to our friends at TransferWise, and to all the other winners and nominees.

We’re Moving To New York (And We’re Hiring)

Manhattan - Pipedrive New York

Manhattan, New York

Pipedrive is a global SaaS provider to many thousands of small businesses around the world. The majority of our customers are outside of North America and our company started in Tallinn, Estonia where the majority of our employees reside. We’ve localized our application into 10 languages and we have multilingual support and customer success teams. So, with this global footprint and such a talented team managing our diverse customer base, why should it matter where Pipedrive US employees live and work? (more…)

Flip Your Phone – Landscape View Arrives On iOS

Pipedrive was initially born from the need for better, more visual sales pipeline management and as such, the sales pipeline view has been a key feature in Pipedrive’s web application. We’ve built the mobile pipeline view in a different manner, displaying only one stage at a time due to more compact smartphone screens – until now, that is.pipedrive iOS app landscape mode (more…)

How We Run Our Growing Engineering Team at Pipedrive

road driving into sunset

The road ahead

As you may or may not know, we’re hiring. A question that often comes up during interviews is “how does engineering work in Pipedrive?” Here’s my answer in the form of a blog post.

Perhaps it’s useful for deciding whether to apply for a position here, or for fine-tuning the engineering processes in your current organization. (more…)

How To Lose Better In Sales

Neil Patel quote

Like most salespeople, I made a whole lot of mistakes and got slapped around during my rookie years. I was taught a wise truth soon after – “70% of all the deals you’re working on should be winnable.”

By learning to mark deals lost earlier on in the sales process and on my own accord helped me spend more time on deals that were winnable and less on those that weren’t. Thus, I felt that the deals I got to spend time on were genuinely at least 70% winnable, keeping my sales pipeline clean and my sales velocity high.

Here are the 3 key things to learn about losing in sales:

1. Turn reactive losing, signalled by your prospect, into proactive losing based on your judgement of whether they fit in the 70% winnable category or not. This means shifting most of the losing from the end of the sales cycle towards the beginning.

2. Codify, standardize and review your lost reasons, and make your qualification criteria rock-solid. Every week, review all open deals as well as the lost deals from the previous week. Understand your losing and winning categories (on price, on product features, in a specific industry, or other) on-the-go and fine tune your tactics on a weekly basis by learning from this generated knowledge.

3. Know your ideal customer profile, and figure out how to get as many prospects who fit the profile into your pipeline. The ideal customer is one with whom you have the best possible strategic fit across the board – you have great product/need fit, buyer/seller behavior and cycle time fit, and budget/price fit.

Here’s a more thorough overview of the important things in losing. (more…)