New Design for Detail Views

Back in December we announced a new design for detail views in Pipedrive. We’ve now further enhanced the design so if you haven’t done so yet, turn on the new design here.

Why change something that works?

We’re not big fans of changing things just for the sake of it. In this case we feel that the new detail views layout significantly improves the user experience i.e. gets you more useful information in less clicks. And the feedback we’ve gotten so far confirms that we’re on the right path. (more…)

Deprecating HTTP (non-secure) API access from May 11, 2015

It came to our attention recently that certain developers have started to use our REST API over the non-secure HTTP protocol (e.g. not HTTPS). The HTTP access to our REST API was meant for sandboxing and testing purposes only — we have never promoted or encouraged using API endpoints starting with the non-secure http:// protocol.

However, since some integrations and calls do happen on the HTTP protocol without encryption this has become a concern for us. The main reason this approach is not secure and highly discouraged is that it exposes the API tokens (and user credentials, if authorization requests are performed) in transit which in turn could compromise account security.

To address this issue, we are going to drop HTTP (non-secure, e.g. http://) access to our REST API from May 11, 2015 12:00 PM UTC (1 PM in London; 5 AM in San Francisco). This is in the interest of keeping your data secure in Pipedrive. (more…)

Cześć – Pipedrive is Now Available in Polish

We’re happy to announce that Pipedrive is now available in Polish.

Pipedrive in Polish Language

To change your account’s language into Polish, simply go to Settings and choose Polski from the Language drop-down menu, and then click Save.

The Polish language will also arrive to Pipedrive’s iOS and Android apps very soon.

Join me in welcoming our new CEO

Steve Oriola Pipedrive CEOI’m pleased today to welcome Steve Oriola as our new CEO. Steve has 20 years of experience helping early stage tech companies like ours grow.

I’ll tell you more about Steve and his experience in a second but first let me tell you about what led to this decision.

It’s interesting because we weren’t really looking for a new CEO. And I wasn’t looking to fire myself from the CEO position any time soon. Our paths crossed with Steve some months ago, and it soon became clear to me on many levels that it’s good to have someone on the team who has handled the growing pains we have faced, are facing and will be facing. And what’s more, we all simply just clicked with Steve. (more…)

Manage Your Dating Pipeline With the Pipedrive-Tinder Integration

Dating is a lot like sales – to win a deal, you need to handle a lot of contacts and conversations. Seeing that some of our customers use it for date management, like in the tweet below, we decided to develop one more integration to let people like Christina successfully manage the many conversations they have with their prospective matches. So we created an official integration with the dating app Tinder.